Women’s desire for heart, character, morals, ethics & integrity are basically nonexistent.



“How much money can he give me?
How many cars can he buy me?
How many luxurious bags and vacations can he give me?
How good will his status and job reflect upon me?
How jealous can I make my friends with a big rock he gave me?
How can I make everyone want to be me?”

Guys welcome to Better Bachelor this is Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print.

You’ll have to forgive me I am enjoying some libations this evening. I twisted my ankle and uh so needless to say i’m enjoying some some nice whiskey on the rocks to help me get through the pain and suffering.

That being as it as it may, i’ve got tonight a good story. I say that ahead of time so if I stumble over some stuff while I read, you know why.

Tonight I have a another article written by rotten wildflower, who has been sent to me by many of you guys, by a couple of you ladies, and she’s actually become a a favorite of mine. I like that she’s sarcastic and she writes things from a woman’s point of view, but she supports kind of what we guys say oftentimes about relationships and how we’re looked at. And she’s actually been removed from a lot of place yesterday she now has to have a patreon account to get support because a lot of web pages will not purchase her work anymore because they were getting complaints because a woman was writing things that were negative about, shocking, women.

Anyway, let me get recording on this because I don’t want to get all in and then forget.

She says women should regard men as transactions only.
Yes that’s a good thing, never settle for less. Obviously sarcasm.
She says yes ladies it’s 2020 we are all leveled up and will only settle for the top 10 percent of men so obviously the questions we need to ask upon meeting a man of substance are very specific.

Namely, what can he do for me?

How much money can he give me?
How many cars can he buy me?
how many luxurious bags and vacations can he give me?
how good will his status and job reflect upon me?
how jealous can I make my friends with a big rock he gave me?
how can I make everyone want to be me?

um you know if you go and look at the
dating profiles right now
I kind of have to admit that’s what it
certainly seems like that
it’s all about hey here’s what I bring
to the table
me that’s enough right i’m i’m a woman
look I bring various body parts
okay now what are you going to give me
for it and apparently
some losers will step up and say oh okay
but the quality guys are not as a matter
of fact
we’re all here uh enjoying our libations
not um not participating anymore
she says oop time to reveal a big secret
if you view yourself as a parasite
that is trying to leech off a man to
extract maximum resources from him
and then run what do you think you’re
going to uh
who do you think you’re going to attract
and run into do you really think that a
smart enough to reach great heights who
has to had uh who’s had to
overcome lots of saboteurs and obstacles
will not recognize who you truly are
do you really think you can outsmart a
wise man so much
that you’re going to bleed him dry while
he offers you more and more
resources you know if you watched my
videos that I did about tommy
um you know you’ve got after her
supposed plastic surgery and with her
makeup and everything
you would look at a woman like that and
you say she’s attractive
and then when you hear the attitude
and the condescending nature and the
down to you as a man you would say
there’s going to be a ton of guys that
are exactly
what she doesn’t want the only guys that
are going to put up with her
are the guys that she doesn’t want which
is guys that say because some of you
said this in the comments
because I read them i’d smash it and
then i’d never talk to her again
or I might smash it for a weekend and
you know call her names and kick her out
the door right and that’s exactly the
type of person she’s gonna get is
very very low quality men because a good
quality man
knows he has more to offer than just his
and he knows enough not to give away
finances j because really you’re just at
that point you’re
a pro you’re just a pro with more steps
so what’s when a guy uh it looks up
something on the web
finds a pro and makes a financial
contribution and he gets a
physical contribution he gets a little
intimacy out of that
right that’s it and you’re done you’re
out x amount of dollars and you’ve
the the the pleasures that you’re
looking after
well when you think you’re just going to
use a guy for money
and he knows that and so he says
all right if this is going to be that
kind of transaction he’s never going to
respect you
he’s never going to like you he’s never
going to date you long term he’s never
going to marry you
he knows what you are you’re a pro in a
fancy girlfriend package
so smart men know this which is why a
lot of guys say look if
if this is the way it’s going to be in
dating i’ll just go
get a professional because that way i
can have a brunette and a blonde and a
you know and you just go through the
list tall short thick
thin whatever you can change it up
and so um that’s kind of the point that
I think
that she’s hitting here and I think
that’s pretty smart she says listen i
get it people like this have always
uh have always existed exist and will
exist for as
long as humans can survive but it’s
undeniable that we have experienced a
cultural shift
which has set the new attainable goals
for women those attainable goals imply
that any average and severely below
uh average woman should demand and is
by birthright to marry into financial
oh man and this is why I like I like you
know if I didn’t know any better
I would say that she is a he writing
this article but i’ve done as much
research as I can
and it’s a legit not a chameleon it is a
woman and so
and that’s the thing that gets so much
of us uh so many of us guys it’s like
you’re literally bringing nothing
every woman have every woman has
bobs and vagine every single one
barring some very odd circumstances
every single one
so what you and and those of us that
have dated know that there are
but all of it works relatively the same
so what is it that you’re bringing
to the table that would be your
personality your kindness
your intelligence your sense of humor
your hobbies the things that you like to
do the things that make
us want to stay with you because I have
news for you
the fun in the other room at best
even when you’re young and energetic is
maybe half an hour to an hour a day
there’s 23 hours you better be bringing
something more to the table but they
don’t see it that way
she continues on insane female dating
standards have created
herds of miserable women who run around
in circles asking where are the good men
have gone
and why they just can’t find the right
guy for them it’s been drilled into our
brains to never be happy
or satisfied with our current situation
to always go out
hunting for more and more and more
who cares that you have found a funny
and caring man with a heart of gold who
is always there for you
get more go get better go get richer
and it’s not you know we know hypergamy
is a natural
course of action in the dating world we
know this
but now it’s actually being told that
it’s a good thing
and you should be doing it go ahead and
and this is the new norm
and and guys as we see this we’re like
okay here’s the thing
I don’t like the way the rules are
changing but I can
I can navigate it i’m intelligent you
guys are intelligent we can get around
this stuff we know how to to navigate
how you tap out you say nope nope i
won’t get involved at all
that x amount of fun in the other room
is not worth me giving up all these
other areas of my life or my financial
she continues on it’s funny that
standards for a man’s heart character
morals ethics and integrity
are basically non-existent I mean who
cares it’s only the things that create a
happy fulfilling and wholesome
but who pays attention to the fine print
it’s irrelevant no
the modern woman always only cares about
his corporate status
car bank account and house because she’s
a smart
woman I also might throw in on top of
you know tall six-pack attractive
but here’s the thing that until women
come around
and understand this that
they’re going to struggle we’ll be okay
that’s the ironic part about all this
we’ll be okay guys have gone through
military battles we’ve gone through um
the hardships in life we’ve gone through
a lot
a lot of things that are a lot tougher
than uh
having a uh an empty heart so to speak
not having any romance in our life
a lot of guys would like it sure but
again if we don’t have it we’re not
gonna wither and die
we’re more a physical like I like to
work with things
I like to work on math I like to work on
physical tangible things that’s why men
are engineers
and not all men but I mean men are
engineers men work with more tangible
like the stem fields and women are more
into nursing
and health care and child care and
because they’re more nurturing
we’re okay being on our own much more so
than women
are and so the at the end of this the
guys are going to walk out saying
man I wish I had a a relationship at one
my life or I wish I might had a family
but it didn’t work out for me oh well
and women are the ones that are turning
around saying uh oh oh
i’m not happy i’m I feel like i’m
missing out
and with all this independence women are
also realizing oh my gosh i’m going to
have to work the rest of my life
guys we know this already we don’t have
any lifelines we have to work the rest
of our lives
women didn’t they could marry and they
could find a good guy
and they could have a family and they
would be at home with the kids and
and raising a good household which that
most enjoy
and the guy would be out there like
chasing those promotions and doing well
at work
getting those dineros and taking care of
his family which he enjoys
well now it’s all about gals chasing is
here’s the thing if he’s tall man cannot
change that
no i’m not any taller I might have grown
a half inch on my beard with that though
i’m not any taller can I go hit the gym
really hard and get a six pack yeah you
can but your diet has to be on point and
no guy is going to do that
for any extended period of time it’s too
i’ve done it i’ve I got it i’d like to
bring it back every couple of birthdays
to make sure I can still do it
but the diet is miserable you’re
miserable when it comes to foods
and counting calories and all of that or
just working out it’s tough
and then as far as good looking you know
unless he’s going to go place pay some
plastic that may end up making him look
all janky and weird when he’s
55 or 60 or something like that can’t do
anything about the looks
what can we do something about like she
we can do someone that has heart and
character and morals and ethics and
but though they’re not looking at that
anymore so as long as that’s the case
when you’re feeling a little bit dull
about things this is how we’re born
this is what we make of ourselves and
you know I I sent an email to a viewer
that was kind of feeling a little low
about life
and I said you know in the world of the
in the land of the blind the one-eyed
man is king
because he’s the only one one with even
a little bit of sight
and so whenever you feel that you’re
down because you know i’m i’m
i’m not as tall as i’d like to be i’m
not as attractive as i’d like to be
i’m not as athletic which you can’t work
on to
a good degree but i’m I don’t or you
know what
i’m doing my best at my job but I just
haven’t got that next promotion i’m
barely scraping any money together i’m
never going to be
financial well-off financially well-off
there’s someone
always that looks at your advantage or
look at what
looks at what you have and says I wish i
had those advantages
you know when I traveled to thailand and
the philippines and southeast asia
there are many toilets that don’t have
running water there’s a
water barrel there and after you use the
there is no toilet paper so you’re
basically taking a scoop full of water
and pouring it down your backside
and cleaning yourself and
that rain water is what helps flush the
and that rain water is what you use for
toilet paper it’s not really romantic
and you can’t drink water out of the
taps as a matter of fact in a lot of
places there is no water that comes out
of the taps
but if it is you can’t like they use
plastic containers of sanitized water to
even their noodles and their soups with
and that’s what they boil and that’s
what you
and and you can drink that straight away
but they also use that in cooking
so when you say you know what things
aren’t going so well and i’m so
miserable and
i’m i’m unhappy look next to you look
so the county over the country over the
guy over there
everybody’s going to have a disadvantage
and so until women start looking at a
man’s heart
and his integrity and his mind and his
and his sense of humor and and the other
tangibles that he brings to the table
this dating is not going to get better
for anyone
and so you can frustrate yourself over
it you can get angry about it
or you can say hey it is what it is man
but i’m gonna live my best life i’m
going to be a guy with good heart
good character good morals uh good work
ethic and i’m gonna be the best guy that
I can be
in my situation and if that’s not enough
to get yourself a woman
don’t sweat it don’t worry about it
it doesn’t mean that that you’re not
bringing the right thing to the table
it means they’re not looking for the
right thing from you
and as long as that’s the case you can
go to bed at night feeling good about
knowing you’re the you’re the best
person that you could be in this
particular spot in your life
and keep striving to get better and and
I hope that
that helps some of you uh that are are
having some rough days
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