Chasing Chads. Women are slowly realizing the dating mess is their fault.


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print um i’m gonna do two articles both
are by rotten wildflower
what a creative name but um what I like
about it
is that it’s another example and i
you know i’m trolling through this stuff
i’m crawling through these articles
every day to find
interesting news stories and things to
talk about and sometimes they’re kind of
fluff silly but
it gives me something like oh that’s a
good idea maybe i’ll talk about this
and so I read the article so at least
doubters or haters can go well it’s not
his word that’s saying this this is
actually a woman that’s saying horrible
things about guys
and so when I say something back they
can’t just say that i’m i’m
being a bad guy and I kind of like that
these two articles and and many more
that i’m seeing and I just posted up
another video here i’ll leave a link
a little icon up over here if you want
to watch it about a woman that’s saying
hey these guys go in their own way these
are good guys or a lot of them are good
and we’re starting to notice like we
need to to start fighting the good fight
because they’re not angry at us good
they’re angry at these awful women over
here now that doesn’t absolve every
woman of
you know what we know women do which
like I talked about in the other video
video which is hypergamy and chasing you
know mr
captain america when you’re you know
like second best or makes you feel like
second best
and all of a sudden you come home and
you say where’d she go and she goes i’m
out because the
the guy down the street has more money
and is better looking than you or
that’s not to say that any of that’s
changing but what’s what’s important is
that we
that our you know our talking about this
stuff and our
making light of what we want to happen
is making some difference now how much
of it
i don’t know but I do know that as i’m
reading these articles
the articles yes there are the crazy
blue haired
you know twitter check mark people that
are are writing horrible things
but when you look at those stories
they’re getting fewer and fewer likes
and more and more negative comments
saying people saying
hey you’ve you’ve lost the plot man like
you guys are
you’re barking up an empty tree here and
then I see come across articles like
and you start saying okay at least maybe
some people are paying attention it
doesn’t mean anything’s going to change
it doesn’t mean we say well
problem solved i’m going to go out and
get married next week that’s not what
we’re talking about here
i’m not advocating that I still the same
things have always held true
no marriage no cohabitation no extremely
long-term relationships
however by us not participating by us
saying hey
we’ve got problems with these and a lot
of guys saying i’m not even going to
casually date
i’m not even going to give a woman the
time of my day
until some of these things are met and
then if you’re
lucky i’ll take you out to call or you
can take me out to coffee right
well I want to read these articles and
and give you an example or show you
how I think how I think we’re starting
to at least make a difference
and you can be saying negative and say
hey this really isn’t making that big of
a difference
it’s not going to be life changing okay
maybe it’s not going to be life changing
all of us or many of us but
people are at least starting to see what
we talk about
when we say I i don’t like this i
disagree with this you’re being
and i’m not participating at least now
they’re not going to call us a bunch of
well they may still call us some
basement dwelling
you know incels or something like that
but but at least maybe they can start
all right maybe these guys have
something let’s as long as they have a
reasonable voice
and they’re not being angry and hateful
let’s let’s give them
let’s give them an ear and see what they
say so this is by a woman that under the
rotten wildflower she says I hate men do
men of the root of all evil men cause
horrible wars men are liars and pigs
men never commit men cheat men promise
you the world and deliver garbage
the world would be a better place
without men no doubt so many of us
sisters have been duped by a-holes
that promised us the stars but delivered
nothing but disappointment
just like you I thought that this
species cannot possibly be worked with
a hopeless case a disappointment a waste
of time
boy don’t you feel good fellas ah but
it’s sarcasm
she says at least that’s what I thought
until I discovered something small
yet super impactful I am the problem
and so are you ding ding ding what do we
have for
johnny yeah all of us
sorry I got so excited I bumped the
microphone all of a sudden
oh hey maybe if I have a problem in
every relationship i’m
in if if every guy dumps me if every guy
craps on me if every guy treats me
what’s similar in all those
relationships ah yes
i am I am the same person in all these
let’s have a moment of self-reflection
and that’s what she did
and she realized holy uh holy crap i’m
falling for
the the the top 10 or 20 percenters
that are that are they’ll say sweet
nothings and tell you everything they
want to hear
and they get you in the bedroom and they
have their way and then they go thank
come again and off they go and when you
repeat that cycle
all of a sudden you say wow I am really
not doing well here
so she says let us all ask ourselves the
how often did we continue pursuing mr
even after he told us straight to our
face that he wasn’t ready for a
yep yep yep I remember when I was
younger in the military
and and I was not into long-term
the the stronger and the more emphatic i
was about
i don’t want a long term i’m just
looking for some fun and something
casual and the women say oh that’s great
that’s fine
i get it i’m totally the more that they
pursued me the more that they wanted me
to settle down with them
and the angrier they got with me when i
was it on me I told you how I felt
matter of fact I had a nine month
relationship that was like that in the
end she
called me horrible names and said I was
an awful person i’m like
why I told I told you the deal but
she thought she was going to change me
well here she says hey
i keep going for these same guys and he
tells me i’m not ready
and I still chase it next how often did
we consu
continue pursuing this guy even after he
told us that he didn’t believe
in monogamy yep that guy says hey i’m
not going to just
be with you i’ve got other dates I got
other people to see and i’m going to
keep doing that
and the girls go oh he’s wanted by so
many men he must be popular
and obviously he’s a valued catch if so
many other women are also chasing with
so I must try to stay with him and
convince him that he should be with me
oh it didn’t work shocking how often did
we actively choose to continue pursuing
even after he showed us with his actions
that he wasn’t serious about us
there it is all of a sudden this well as
as many of you guys call it the alpha
the girl that gets to bed and have all
this fun with these great guys
great meaning you know attractive and
personality and
and you know whatever all of a sudden
she realizes i’m never going to catch
one of these guys
does that mean that maybe she lowers her
standards or she betters herself I don’t
know she doesn’t get into that
but but she reads down through here and
and uh
there’s a long grocery list i’m not
gonna go through that but basically she
um unintentionally I was regarding
as strict transactions places where i
had to continually learn
to uh places where I had to continuously
earn love by sacrificing myself
and I know myself i’ve been in
relationships like that as well
she says I can recall countless
situations when I wanted to speak my
mind but was fearful of rejection
so yes I indeed am the problem so are
she says i’m a liar and I attracted even
bigger liars into my world
we played fantasyland for some time but
always ended in flames
i didn’t have the courage to be 100
honest with them they didn’t have the
courage or intention to be 100 honest
with me
and again she goes down through more of
it so and then the
second article she had she has which is
again more self-reflection and I love
i love these because this is when people
or especially specifically women are
saying i’ve done some soul searching and
i see i’m screwing up here
now that doesn’t mean that you if you
were to meet her you’d say oh well
this is someone lovely i’d like to date
it doesn’t mean that
but it I cannot be hard on anyone
that is that takes the time to self
analyze and realize
hey these problems are probably me
and I need to do something about that i
think that’s I think that’s great
and I think that this is this is how um
women become advocates for guys because
us guys say hey
we’ve got problems and the louder we are
about it the more we’re hushed
but when other women step up and say
something about it
hey we’ve got some backup now doesn’t
mean we fall in love and get married and
it’s happily ever after
not saying that i’m just saying we now
have a female a
chorus of female voices to come in and
and join ours and if that means that
guys that are married
guys that want to get married and again
that may
not be right for many of us but guys
that want to get married want to have
at least if these voices come in in
joint hours
and we get some laws changed and and the
prison terms are are leveled and
and women are held to the same
accountability as men and divorce court
is now
and custody and all these other things
are truly 50 50 and fair
hey even if i’m never getting married
again even if i’m I don’t get in a
long-term relationship again
i’d still love that to happen I mean
without it society kind of falls apart i
mean if enough men go their own ways
we’re not going to have too many
families left anymore so she says would
you date yourself
we are quick to judge others in height
physique income status
social skills possessions but do we ever
stop to think if we can qualify
in the first place
this is something that this is something
that that we
always talk about and here again she’s
saying it we judge others on their
man cannot change that physique we can
change that
income to some degree status
again some degree social skills yes
is that really what we want to be judged
for I mean are you really
i mean basically she says height which
you can’t control physique which is how
good your body is
income that’s money status that’s
derived usually from a very good job or
social skills being able to talk to
other people and possessions
so basically we’re being judged on how
we look what we own
and if we’re a smooth talker well I can
handle the smooth talking part
but do we really want to be judged on
money and our looks
well I can’t do anything about one of
those at least
so she said would you date yourself heck
even marry yourself do you like the way
you think speak and act you
do you like the amount of negativity
entitlement bitterness and cinema
cynicism that you carry within yourself
we’re drawn to confident positive people
people full of energy and joy we love
people that make us feel good and
but do we make others feel special
valued and heard or do we constantly
compete and assert our superiority
gossiping judging and self-loathing can
hardly be considered
attractive qualities can you even find
nice things to say about people the
people you interact with
do you even truly know what it is or do
you truly
do you even truly know what it is that
you want in a life partner
are you chasing butterflies from the hop
uh guy
or are you actively trying to fix and
lock down and again I think she’s
referring back to her other article
hey and i’ve said this in lots of videos
women chase the butterflies
and when those feelings the butterflies
and the tingly and the excitement that
is not
love that isn’t love that’s infatuation
that’s hormones that’s a lot of
chemicals going on
to make you want to hump and do
have fun in the bedroom but those those
those fade
over time they always fade and
what happens after that is when you get
to know somebody
and you get in a deep meaningful
relationship and you learn their quirks
and their bad habits and everything
about them
and you still choose to be with them and
you still want to
to be intimate with them and be close to
them that
is love and we never get there anymore
no one ever gets there anymore it’s the
phase everybody does everybody let’s
have a good time in the bedroom and done
moving on over and over and until
you can’t anymore and then all of a
sudden you realize you’re a shallow
empty lonely human being so here she’s
at least admitting it like hey this is
what we’re doing
she says or do you actually want a
dependable responsible faithful honest
romantic family-oriented safe self-aware
and generous man
or of course they have to throw in
generous always got to give
something don’t we always got to be
given some
uh one that make an amazing dad and a
reliable partner but her point is well
taken here
how many times on dating apps how many
times when you meet you know you see
these posts where women are like
i want dependable responsible faithful
honest ambitious romantic
family oriented oh I don’t care if you
know as long as he’s I don’t know my
height or
close to it or you know as long as he’s
not unhealthily overweight
no we never hear that money status
physique but what about those lists
she says I mean think about it will x
qualities and I could read that
because it doesn’t go anywhere we make
demands while
we frequently act supremely repelling
partners don’t compete they cooperate
for whatever it is that you request you
offer the same do you want a ripped guy
be fit yourself
you can’t make physical demands if
you’re 80 pounds overweight do you want
a guy with a six-figure income
better be or be interesting yourself
wait a minute
do you want a guy with a six-figure
income be interesting yourself
no you want a guy with a six-figure
income bring your own six figure income
into it
do you want a guy with a top quality
style and cars then you must look the
part too
no you don’t just have to look the part
you need to bring your quality in your
cars too or bring your money for your
cars I don’t want to pay for it
but you get the you get the point here i
thought i’d give this a read because
again I think that now you can say hey
you know what dude she probably just hit
and she’s looking down the the double
barrel of uh
you know not having kids and not finding
a guy to settle with her hey
maybe so maybe maybe she just ran face
first into the wall and she’s like uh
yeah but the point is she’s not
she’s not coming at this from a
complaining and it’s men’s fault and
that men didn’t choose me and she’s at
least saying
hey I screwed up maybe there’s a lot of
us women that are screwing this up
we’re asking too much we’re not bringing
enough to the table and we’re being
and and you know hey maybe it’s too late
for her but you know something if maybe
a younger woman
reads this and sees information like
versus uh love and leave men
all men should be amazing all the sixes
except now I think it’s getting closer
to the sevens
or some sixes and some sevens um when
they read more
information like this at least maybe
maybe some of that sinks into somebody
and to be truthful you know when i’m
going through twitter when i’m looking
through the news stories
it’s not conservative women that are
writing articles like this
not like this one but I mean the guy
bashing and being hard on men
and making all these demands it’s it’s a
lot less of the conservative women it
seems to be
not all but seems to be for the most
part more of the very far
leaning left that are making these than
the ones with the purple hair and the
17 piercings that are making all these
demands on men
now it’s not to say that conservative
women necessarily are any better to date
but I think they come from or they seem
to at least have a stronger
family unit and and are a little bit
more I don’t know
grounded I don’t know what the word is
i’m looking for but
uh they they seem to at least be coming
at this from
what I would say is as a good a better
does that mean that that if you date
them that life is going to be easy
street or it’s going to be any different
no the odds of of of divorce the odds of
of uh losing custody of kids all that
stuff doesn’t change
so this again this isn’t a silver bullet
and we just say oh a problem solved
everything’s great no
but at least it’s getting out there and
at least people are starting or at least
some of these women are starting to
reflect saying
you know maybe this is us maybe because
it seems like there’s a big lack
of good guys available and we need to we
need to figure out this out or else
we’re going to be
alone and for the rest of us guys we
already say well i’m already ready for
i’m already geared up i’m already in
that mode you missed the boat with me
but maybe the younger generation maybe
we can have a turnaround
i don’t know if it makes life i’ll make
take this the hit i’ll make the
sacrifice here if it means the next
generation of young men coming up
when they start getting a little bit
older have an easier time of it they say
women are relatively you know reasonable
now and and i
i can still have casual dates without
fearing for my my life for getting
of something hey you know I i call that
a win even if we don’t solve all the
other problems
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there this is better bachelor i’m joker
and remember
hey this may not fix anything it may not
solve anything but at least
we’re starting to get some voices on the
other side of the fence that are at
least saying hey listen to these guys
they might actually know what they’re
talking about