Women Should Be At The Bottom Of Your Priorities List


Guys welcome back to Strong Successful Male.
So for today can we talk about why women should be
the absolute bottom of your list of priorities.


Now I get it.

I know i’m preaching to the choir to a
bunch of you guys but to many you
this really needs to be addressed
because let’s be honest here
so many guys particularly younger guys
teens 20s even early 30s
they do the opposite they put women at
the top of their list of priorities
and if you’re being honest you know that
you’ve either
do that right now or you’ve done it in
the past so I want to cover this area
here make up make my point abundantly
about why women they gotta be at the
bottom okay
here’s the thing guys pretty much
between the ages of 15
and 25 years of age what you do then
the choices you make the decisions you
make will pretty much set how the rest
of your life’s gonna go
so you would think it makes a lot of
sense to do the absolute most
important things to focus your attention
but what do most guys do at that point
in time in their lives they focus at all
on chasing ass okay and you know what
guys i’d be lying if I told you that i
didn’t do the same thing because guess
what I did
and I learned the hard way so i’m
telling you younger guys in particular
you don’t want to do this because
between 15 and 25
if you think about it you’re in high
how you do in high school is going to
if you decide to go on to college what
kind of college you get into
if you get shitty grades you have less
you got good grades you got more
opportunities also in high school
if you uh you decide you start driving
which a lot of you guys do I mean some
states you can’t drive until you’re 18
but a lot of places you still can at 16
years old
if you do something stupid you can get
an accident and screw yourself up
or you could start getting you could do
something stupid in the car
get into an accident drink and drive
whatever and then you now have a police
that’s going to determine how things go
that could set you back in so many areas
or let’s just say that
you have a girlfriend and you’re not
careful and she gets pregnant
now you’re a daddy you got to deal with
that you see i’m talking about guys
and then of course when you get to your
teens you go to college determining
focusing on school doing well in school
can help you go further whether you
decide to go into a master’s or
some other kind of professional degree
whatever happens to be okay so
but instead so many guys are focusing on
women they do shitty in school
and they don’t maximize their potential
during those ages you um can determine
if you don’t want to go to college
you want to focus on a trade okay all
these things you do
determine how the rest of your life can
go or also when you’re younger
you’re blown away money on stupid things
when you should be saving it and growing
it because the younger you are
that you invest your money the more it
can grow over decades and decades
instead you’re pissing it away you see
where i’m getting with this guys
so again during that stages that’s so
guys spend it focus on chasing ass now i
get that that time in your life
your hormones are going crazy and you
pretty much want to nail every good
looking thing that moves
but you want to focus on yourself on
your priorities and your goals all those
now putting that aside between the 15
and 25 year
range of the most important things i
just want to address this in general
how women should be at the bottom of
your list okay guys
I have my list of things are the most
important i’m going to go over them
and I think I suggest you guys mirror
them in many ways
so that way you can see where i’m coming
from here because again
when it comes to women guys women are a
dime a dozen
we got 8 million people on the planet
half more men half them are women
does it mean that of that four
potentially four billion
women on the planet that you’re going to
want every one of them no of course not
but the point is
there’s plenty of them so for you guys
new dating and relationships and all
understand that you got unlimited
options get your together
have some um have some take care of
yourself make good money
have good resources take care of
yourself look good
get some game understand how things work
you got plenty of options so you don’t
need to focus all your attention on it
so with me guys i’m going to get right
into it
the number one thing the top of my
priority list
no matter what above everything else is
my purpose
my goals my businesses making money
that’s all
related to purpose okay so that means
it’s my personal training business
it means it’s what i’m doing here on
youtube it’s not what it means
now that I started on patreon this week
i’m sure you guys noticed at this
point that pretty much every day I put
out a video on youtube
every day now i’ve missed some days
because I had something going on i
couldn’t get out of
or had to take down some videos because
of some bs with youtube
that’s a conversation for another day
but generally every day i’m doing a
and I love it guys it’s great i’m having
a great time here and it’s turning into
something and I thank you guys for
following me and
your support when I get one the first
thing I think
when I get up in the morning and the
last thing I think about when I go to
is my goals my businesses my purpose
that is
everything to me okay and through those
it’s obviously making money
okay and I got plenty more things i’m
gonna do with this whole thing as time
goes on you guys
will see but that’s the number one
priority to me that’s beyond anything
okay number two the second most
important thing to me and the list of
priorities in life
is fitness my health yes i’m a personal
and I can’t go walking around with a
giant beer belly and
my my gut hanging over my belt and
looking like that no I need to be in
really good shape
but aside from that because that’s my
job I love it
I love going to the gym I typically go
to the gym four days a week for about
you know about 45 minutes to an hour
i’m in and out I I hit all body parts
I love I love staying in shape keeping
myself strong keep myself healthy
also a couple days a week i’m over at
martial arts training for two to four
hours a week depending on my time
in back-to-back classes and I love that
too got great cardio there I hang out
with my friends
good training now our classes are
obviously modified now because of covid
you know we can’t actually like be each
other up but we’re doing some things so
that’s good
I love it that my health and my fitness
is so important to me
because I want to enjoy my life and once
you get to your 40s
that’s when starts happening to
people so you got to take care of
you know as the saying goes health is
well health is wealth
so you got to take care of yourself and
of course along those lines
eating well I spend time really prepping
my meals cooking good food
keeping healthy I mean a lot of you guys
are always commenting when I say i’m 42
years old
you guys can’t believe it you think i
look like i’m in my late 20s early 30s
there’s a reason for that I take care of
myself i’m always busting my ass in the
i’m eating really well I don’t smoke i
don’t do drugs
I hardly ever touch alcohol anymore it’s
just not my thing
you know maybe I have some good genetics
I can get the from my dad but generally
speaking it’s because I take care of
okay and so I urge you guys if you don’t
do that right now
just get a gym membership or they start
working out in some way or another
eat better be healthy it’ll be so
rewarding in so many levels
okay the third the third the third thing
in my list of priorities
is my friends my brothers guys
you get some really good friends that
are loyal and got your back
that is so valuable and not to mention
rare because most people in life are
assholes and you can’t trust them
but you every once in a while can get
become friends with somebody because
you you know that finding a
really good friend is a rare thing it
doesn’t happen very often someone that
you can absolutely trust
that you know would take a bullet for
you and vice versa
someone that has your back no matter
what there’s no drama
they help you out that’s valuable and
yet so many guys
they have their good buddies but the
second a woman comes along and they
ditch their buddies
for that woman it’s it’s crazy okay
you know the old line about uh bros
before hoes absolutely
okay your buddies are everything and to
me my buddies
are so so important to me these guys are
awesome my brothers got my back
so important okay and I urge the same
thing with you guys
uh next thing after that the fourth and
most important thing
is family now I don’t have any kids
and like my closest family members are
400 miles away so i’m up here because i
love where I live
here in new england okay and i’m not
going to change for anybody unless i
want to move
but even though now normally a lot of
people families higher up on the list
but for me it’s not because at the end
of the day
for a lot of people family is a giant
pain in the ass there’s all sorts of
and rivalries and there’s all sorts of
that you ordinarily wouldn’t deal
with with anybody else
but you deal with it because it’s your
family and everybody’s got
that one way or another I got that my
family it’s just that I love them and
care about them
but they’re not so high on my list i’m
being honest here okay
because again they’re far away I don’t
have kids i’m responsible for
i’m on my own and I certainly would do
anything for them but
there are certain family members that
i’m close to and care about a lot and
these are the ones I don’t
and i’m sure many of you guys are in
that situation but again i’m not gonna
let women come before my family i’m not
gonna let women come before me working
out the gym
i’m not gonna let women come before my
goals and my purpose
and I forgot to mention that in the
first two examples guys you know so many
guys will
give up time at the gym or time working
out or taking care of themselves
just so they can spend more time with
their woman or out chasing women
come on here your your health and your
fitness is so important
and with regards to your purpose your
what you’re trying to achieve for
yourself you know making money and all
so many guys will again put women before
no way okay
the purpose and your goals are more
important than anything and by the way
women for those of you guys that after
women that like dating and hooking up a
lot of women
women love guys are ambitious they’re
chasing after their goals
okay guys there notice that guys are
busy chasing after their goals
and chasing money and all that tend to
have a lot of women after them
but the guys are chasing women don’t the
guys are chasing women
the women are chasing the guys they’re
trying to be successful okay
so don’t spend all your time chasing
women spending your time chasing your
and your ambitions of making money and
they’ll chase you right
okay and finally guys at the bottom of
the list
of things of importance to me yes are
women okay
yes guys i’ve made it clear many times i
do date
I do have a good time with women but
they’re the absolute bottom
okay after all the other stuff comes
then i’ll have room for them I will
never ever
have a say i’m a situation where i’m
busy and I need to shoot some videos to
get out on youtube and now patreon
and it’s either the choice between going
out with a chick
or researching for videos and filming
videos and doing all that
i’m gonna do the videos in a heartbeat
because she doesn’t matter
okay they come and go they’re like i
said there are eight billion people in
the planet and half more women
if it doesn’t work out with one who give
us a move on to somebody else
you if you have your together you
take care of yourself you’re good
you’ve got some money saved up you’ve
got a nice place to live you
have a decent looking car or if you’re
in the city you don’t need a car
you know and you you have good social
you can get women so it doesn’t work out
with one for whatever reason she doesn’t
like that you’re spending time with your
she’s like you’re spending time on your
goals or at the gym
who gives a get rid of her ass and
get somebody else
but the women are the bottom of the list
guys women for me
it’s entertainment that’s it okay
nothing more I don’t need
a woman to make me feel to keep me keep
me company
to make me feel not alone or that
because guys
went back to the whole purpose thing
when you have something that you
truly are you love to do and you can
also make money from it
that’s all you’re gonna you don’t need
as many of those other things
okay the other things are important to
me don’t get me wrong but that purpose
that drives me more than anything in
this world okay I love doing what I do i
love training people with my personal
training business
every day I get up in the morning and
it’s really early for a lot of the early
bird clients
and believe me they’re i’m like oh
it’s five o’clock in the morning I gotta
get up
but driving there to meet with the
clients I feel great because it’s my
okay I I come and go as I please I pick
my hours if I want to go on vacation
I go on vacation if I want to grind it
and work for 30 days straight
I can do that because it’s my choice
okay I wouldn’t advise working 30 days
straight but if I want to I can
okay it feels great and the same thing
goes with youtube and all the things i’m
doing there and and
this is just the beginning guys I got
way other more plans for this channel as
things go along here
you know but purpose is everything so
guys like I said before
women bottom of the list so many of you
put women at the top of your list above
everything else and that’s absolutely
absurd because believe me
you’re not the top of their list okay
not by any means
unless you are a means to an end for
them to have family and kids and all
okay so guys again for me and you guys
if you want to model
things for yourself off my list that’s
fine again for me it’s purpose
then fitness and health that my friends
then my family at the bottom of the list
women and by the way guys if you are a
father and you have kids
bump those kids up to the top of the
list because you gotta take care of your
all right that can be tied with your
purpose and making money no life because
you can’t take care of kids if you don’t
make money and support them but those
kids put them to the top
but don’t put your wife to the top
because you know what happens when you
put your wife on a pedestal and put her
at the top
she’ll put you at the bottom so again
remember this women are the bottom of
the list and for you guys are younger
remember ages 15 to 25 what you do then
the decisions you make will determine
how your life goes
trust me on this mark my words all right
guys that’s it for today
be sure to comment down below let me
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and i’ll catch you next time.