Where Are All The Good Men? (MGTOW)


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to an article that many of you have sent
to me there’s so much here to talk about
and so little time so I’m gonna read the
article to you and I ask that you uh you
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that you pay strict attention is because
I know how people use radio I know that
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this I get a lot I just do that all day
here is the story this from a
publication and I want to make sure we
get this all right this is from a
publication called City Journal and KS
Jaime wits who we’ve mentioned on the
air before is a contributing editor of
city journal and the William e Simon
fellow at the Manhattan Institute says
here her latest book is marriage and
caste in America all right
I want you know what we’re reading here
I want you to know what you’re getting
here is the piece it it appeared in
various places and the Dallas Morning
News is one of the places where it
appeared in many listeners in Dallas
sent this right in so thank you to all
of you it’s called child man in the
promised land the subheading says
today’s single young men hang out in a
hormonal limbo between adolescence and
adulthood here’s the piece
it’s 1965 and you’re a 26 year old white
guy you have a factory job or maybe you
work for an insurance broker either way
you’re married probably have been for a
few years now you met your wife in high
school where she was in your sister’s
class you’ve already got one kid with
another on the way
for now you’re renting an apartment in
your parents two family house but you’re
saving up for a 3-bedroom ranch house in
the next town yep you’re an adult now
meet the 21st century you also 26
you finished college and work in a
cubicle and a large Chicago Financial
Services firm you live in an apartment
with a few single guy friends in your
spare time you play basketball with your
buddies download the latest indie songs
from iTunes have some fun with the Xbox
360 take a leisurely shower massage some
product into your hair and face and then
it’s off to bars and parties where you
meet and often bad girls of varying hues
and sizes they come from everywhere
California Tokyo Alaska Australia wife
kids house are you kidding not so long
ago the average mid 20-something had
achieved most of adulthoods milestones
high school degree financial
independence marriage and children these
days he lingers happily in a new hybrid
state of semi hormonal adolescence and
responsible self-reliance decades and
unfolding this limbo may not seem like
news to many but in fact it is to the
early 21st century what adolescence was
to the early 20th a momentous
sociological development of profound
economic and cultural import some call
this new period emerging adulthood
others extended adolescence David Brooks
recently took a stab calling it The
Odyssey years a decade of wandering but
while we grapple with the name it’s time
to state what is now obvious to legions
of frustrated young women the limbo
doesn’t bring out the best in young men
with women you could argue that
adulthood is in
act emergent single women in their 20s
and early 30s are joining an
international new girl order hyper
achieving in both school and an
increasingly female friendly workplace
while packing leisure hours with
shopping traveling and dining with
friends single young males or sym by
contrast often seem to hang out in a
playground of drinking hooking up
playing Halo 3 and in many cases
underachieving with them adulthood looks
as though it’s receding Freud famously
asked what do women want notice that he
didn’t ask what men wanted perhaps he
thought he’d had that one figured out
but that’s a question that ad people
media execs and cultural entrepreneurs
have pondered a lot in recent years
they’re particularly interested in
single young men for two reasons there
are a lot more of them than before and
they tend to have some extra change
consider in 1970 69% of 25 year olds and
85% of 30 year-old white men were
married in 2000 only 33% and 58% were
respectively and the percentage of young
guys tying the knot is declining as you
read this Census Bureau data show that
the median age of marriage among young
men rose from 26.8 in 2002 27.5 in 2006
a dramatic demographic shift for such a
short time period that adds up to tens
of millions more young men blissfully
free of mortgages wives and child care
bills historically marketers have found
this group an elusive audience the
phrase is permanently affixed to men
between 18 and 34 in AB speak largely
immune to the pleasures
of magazines and television as well as
to shopping expeditions for the products
advertised there but by the mid 1990s as
sym ranks swelled marketers began to get
their number one signal moment came in
April 1997 when Maxim a popular British
lad magazine hit American shores Maxim
strove to be the anti playboy and
Esquire bad-boy owner Felix Dennis
sniffed it celebrity publishes with
their tired formulas instead he later
observed the magazine’s creators adopted
the quote astonishing methodology of
asking our readers what they wanted and
then supplying it and what did those
readers male unmarried median age 26
median household income $60,000 or so
want as the philosophers would say duh
Maxim plastered covers and features with
pouty lips to –sold haired pinups and
lacy underwear and in case that didn’t
do the trick block lettered promises of
sex lust naughty and it worked more than
any men’s magazine before or since Maxim
grabbed that elusive 18 to 34 year old
single college-educated guy market and
soon boasted about 2.5 million readers
for the GQ Esquire and Men’s Journal
combined Victoria’s Secret cover art
doesn’t fully explain the sym attraction
the maximum after all plenty of down
market venues had the sort of bodacious
covers bound to trigger the young males
reptilian brain though it’s set maximum
apart from other men’s mags was its
voice it was the sound of guys hanging
around the animal house living room
where put down to high-five gadgets are
cool rock stars sports heroes and
cyborgs battles are awesome jobs and
Joni Mitchell’s suck and babes are
simply hot or not are there any cool
jobs related to beer a readers letter
asks in a recent issue answer
and manager beard tester and brewmaster
Maxim asked the sym what he wanted and
learned that he didn’t want to grow up
whatever else you might say about
playboy or Esquire they tried to project
the image of a cultured and all current
as Hefner famously and from today’s
cultural vantage point Raisa Blee wrote
in an early playboy his ideal reader
enjoyed quote inviting a female
acquaintance in for a quiet discussion
of Picasso
Nietzsche jazz sex hearing this the
maxim dude of what a hurl he’d like to
forget that he ever went to school Maxim
happily obliges the editors try to keep
readers minds from wandering with
articles like confessions of a strip
club bouncer but they rely heavily on
picture Laden features promoting the
latest skateboards video games
camcorders and other tech products along
with an occasional Q&A will say Kid Rock
all with the bare minimum of print
required to distinguish a magazine from
a shopping catalogue or pinup calendar
Playboy’s philosophy may not have been
Aristotle but it was an attempt of sorts
to define the good life the maxim reader
prefers lists which make up in brevity
what they lose in thought 10 greatest
video game heroes of all time the 5
unsexiest women alive 16 people who look
like they absolutely reek and so on
still Maxim is far from dumb as it
self-mockery proves the maxim child man
prides himself on his lack of pretense
his unapologetic deines the magazine
subtext seems to be we’re just a bunch
of horny insensitive guys so what what
else to make of an article entitled how
to make your girlfriend think her cat’s
death was an accident the only thing
worse than a show about doctors is a
show about sappy chick doctors were
forced to watch or else our girlfriends
won’t have sex with us the editors
grumble about the popular with women
Grey’s Anatomy the maxim child band
voice has gone mainstream which may
explain why the magazine sales were flat
enough for Denis
vii last summer your that 26 year old
who wants sophomoric fun and macho
action now the culture has a groaning
table of entertainment with your name on
start with the many movies available in
every guy friendly genre sci-fi flicks
like transformers action and crime
movies like American gangster comedies
like super bad and the seemingly endless
line of film starring Adam Sandler Jim
Carrey and the frat pack as USA Today
dubbed the group of young male comedians
that includes Will Ferrell Ben Stiller
Vince Vaughn Owen and Luke Wilson Jack
Black and Steve Carell with a talent for
crude physical comedy gleeful juvenility
and self-humiliation
the frat Packers are the child man
counterparts to the more conventional
leads like George Clooney and Brad Pitt
whom women and Esquire editors love in
old school three guys in their 30s
decide to start a college fraternity
Frank the tank the moniker at first his
capacity for alcohol played by Farrell
flashes his saggy white derriere
streaking through the college town the
scene as a child man classic in 2005’s
the 40 year old virgin Carell plays a
middle-aged nerd with a large action
figure collection but no action in one
guy favorite seeing a beautician
painfully waxes curls her suit chest as
Carell pointed out later this was quote
a guide thing this sadistic nature that
men have to see other men in non
life-threatening pain even though the
network’s must be more restrained
television also has plenty of stupid fun
as Maxim calls a regular feature
gross-out humor at even low levels
sadism for child man viewers this state
of affairs is newer than you might think
apart from sports programming and the
Simpsons which came along in the early
1990s there wasn’t a lot to make young
men pick up the remote most primetime
television appealed to women and
families whose sensibilities were as
alien to dudes as finger bones anyone
have a finger bowl today the child man
can find entire networks devoted to his
interests Spike TV Iran’s wrestling
matches star truck read Star Trek
and the high-tech detective drama CSI
black belt TV broadcast martial arts
around the clock sci-fi is everywhere
several years ago the Cartoon Network
spied the potential in the child man
market to an introduced Adult Swim
late-night programming with adult
cartoons like Family Guy and Futurama a
cult favorite co-created by Matt
graining of The Simpsons Fame Adult Swim
has cut into the male Letterman and Leno
audience luring gold-plated advertisers
sob Apple and Taco Bell
child men it should come as no surprise
eat lots of fast food one can also lay
the success of cable giant Comedy
Central at the child man’s snickered
foot in its early 90s infancy Comedy
Central had old movie comedy substantive
backs and few viewers the next several
years brought some buzz with shows like
politically incorrect but it was in 1997
the same year that Maxim arrived in
America by the way the same year the Tom
Micah show arrived at 97.1 three of them
that the network struck gold with a
cartoon series starring a group of thumb
out eight-year-old boys with its cutting
subversion of all that sacred and polite
South Park was like a dog whistle that
only s YMS could hear the show became
the highest-rated cable series in that
age group in 1999 the network followed
up with the man show famous for its
juggies half-naked women with
exceptionally large well juggies
interviews with porn stars drinking
songs and a jingle that advised quit
your job and light a fart yank your
favorite private part it was like Maxim
for TV one Network executive told media
life comedy central’s viewers almost
two-thirds of the mail have made both
The Daily Show and Colbert Report
cultural touchstones and launched the
careers of stars like Bill Maher Jimmy
Kimmel Dave Chappelle and most notably
Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart who has
already hosted the Academy Awards of the
set to do so again a perfect symbol of
the mainstreaming of the sym sensibility
nothing attests more to the sym growing
economic and cultural might than video
games do
once upon a time video games were for
little boys
girls well mostly little boys who love
their Nintendo so much the lament went
that they no longer played ball outside
these boys have grown up to be child man
gamers turning a niche industry into a
12 billion dollar powerhouse men between
the ages of 18 and 34 are now the
biggest gamers according to Nielsen
Media almost half 48.2% of American
males of that age bracket had used a
console during the last quarter of 2006
and did so on average two hours at 43
minutes per day that’s 13 minutes longer
than 12 to 17 year-olds who evidently
have more responsibilities than today’s
20-somethings gaming online games as
well as news and information about games
often registers in the top category and
monthly surveys of Internet usage and
the child bands home sweet media home is
the internet where no meddling sensors
or nervous advertisers deflect his
desires some sites like men’s news daily
calm or edgy news providers others like
askmen.com which claims 5 million
visitors a month post articles like how
to score a green chick in the best
spirit of maximum style self parity how
is an SUV driving to-go cup using
walking environmental catastrophe like
yourself supposed to hook up with them
the article asks answer go to
environmental meetings yoga or
progressive bookstores but watch out for
lesbians other sites like men are better
than women calm Tucker max calm the best
page in the universe calm and drunk
asaurus rex calm walk Maxim’s goofiness
and good-natured women teasing over the
line into nastiness a man hanging out on
these sites take pride in being quote
badasses and view the other half
bitterly a misogynist is quote a man who
hates women as much as women hate each
writes one poster at men are better than
women and another rails about a classic
woman trap question like does this make
me look fat or which one of my friends
would you sleep with if you had to do
you really enjoy strip clubs the fifth
amendment was created because it’s
ex-wives quote drove them to drove them
crazy will say I’m editing here asking
questions that they’d be better off
simply refusing to answer that sound you
hear is women not laughing oh some women
get a kick out of child men and their
frat fart jokes about 20% of Maxim
readers or female for instance of 30% of
our audience was female and presumably
not all are doing research for the
dating scene but for many of the fairer
sex the child band is either an
irritating mystery or a source of
heartbreak in Internet chat rooms in
advice columns and female watercooler
conv and in the pages of Chiclets the
words immature and men’s scene United in
perpetuity women complain about the
Peter Pan syndrome the phrase has been
around since the early 1980s but it is
resurgent the mister not Reddy’s the
mister maybes sex of the city chronicled
the frustrations of for 30-something
women with immature loud ashan
uncommitted men for six popular seasons
naturally women wonder how did this
perverse creature come to be the most
prevalent theory comes from feminist
influence academics and cultural critics
who view Dude media as symptoms of
backlash a masculinity crisis men feel
threatened by female empowerment these
thinkers argue and in their they cling
to outdated roles the hyper masculinity
of maxim at all doesn’t reflect any
genuine male proclivities rather
retrograde media constructed fact that
guys cheer on female heroines like Buffy
the Vampire Slayer as much as they do
Chuck Norris tells against this theory
somewhat but there’s an ounce of truth
to it the men of the new media are in
backlash mode largely because they
believe that feminists have stood in
their way as media gatekeepers that is
agents editors producers and the like
who don’t understand or accept men
acting like men they gleefully stick
their thumbs in the eyes of politically
correct tisk tisk errs in one South Park
episode the sexual harassment Panda a
mascot who teaches school kids the evils
of sexual harassment is fired after his
little taj provoked a flood of inane
lawsuits in Maxim readers can find
articles like how to cure a feminist
of whose recommendation is to quote
pretend you share her beliefs by asking
questions like has Gloria steinem’s
marriage hurt the feminist agenda
insofar as the new guy media reflect a
backlash against feminism they’re part
of the much larger story of men’s long
uneasy relationship with bourgeois order
the sym with a taste for Maksimir South
Park may not like Gloria Steinem but
neither does he care for anyone who
tells them how to behave
teachers nutritionists prohibitionist
vegetarians librarians church ladies
counselors and more or less of all
stripes in fact men have always sought
out an anti-social even anarchic edge of
their popular culture in a renowned
essay The Critic Barbara Ehrenreich
argued that the arrival of Playboy in
1953 represented the beginning of a male
rebellion against the conformity of
mid-century family life and of
middle-class virtues like duty and
self-discipline all woman wants is
security she quotes an early Playboy
article complaining and she is perfectly
willing to crush man’s adventurous
freedom-loving spirit to get it even the
name of the magazine Ehrenreich observed
defied the convention of hard-won
maturity Irene Reich was right about the
seditious impulse behind playboy but
wrong about its novelty male resistance
to bourgeois domesticity have been going
on since the bourgeoisie went domestic
in a man’s place historian John Tosh
locates the rebellions roots in the
early 19th century when middle-class
expectations for men began to shift away
from the patriarchal aloofness of the
bad old days under the newer Bourjois
Rouge regime the home was to be a haven
in a heartless world in which affection
and intimacy were guiding virtues but in
Tasha’s telling it didn’t take long
before men vented frustrations with
bourgeois domestication they went
looking for excitement and male
camaraderie in empire building it
adventure novels by authors like Robert
Louis Stevenson and in going to the club
by the early 20th century the emerging
mass market in the u.s. offered new
outlets for the virile urges that set
awkwardly in the bushwa parlor and
titles like Field & Stream and man’s
adventure as well their steamy affair
like escapades and caper when television
sets came on the market
1940s it was the airing of heavyweight
fights and football games that led dad’s
make the big purchase to this day sports
events the battlefield made civilized
glue him to the Barcalounger but he
should be folding the laundry but this
history suggest an uncomfortable fact
about the new sym he’s immature because
he can be we can argue endlessly about
whether masculinity is natural or
constructed where the men are innately
promiscuous Restless than sloppy or
socialized to be that way but there’s no
denying the lesson of today’s media
marketplace give young men a choice
between serious drama on one hand a
Victoria’s Secret models battling
cyborgs exploding toilets and the NFL on
the other and it’s the models cyborgs
toilets and football by a mile
for whatever reason adolescence appears
to be the young man’s default state
proving what anthropologists have
discovered in cultures everywhere it is
marriage and children that turn boys
into men now that the sym can put family
off into the distant I’m sorry hazely
distant future he can and will try to
stay a child man
yesterday’s Patra familias or Levittown
dad may have sought to escape the duties
of manhood through fantasies fantasies
of adventures at sea pinups or
sublimated war on the football field but
there was considerable social pressure
for him to be a mensch not only is no
one asking that today’s 20 or 30
something become a responsible husband
and father that is grow up but a
freewheeling marketplace gives him
everything that he needs to settle down
and pace heaven indefinitely
and that heaven could get pretty piggish
take Tucker max whose eponymous website
is a great favorite among his peers in a
previous age max would have been what it
was known as a catch good-looking
ambitious he graduated from the
University of Chicago at Duke law but in
a universe where child men can thrive he
has found it more to his liking and
remarkably easy to pursue a different
career path professional a-hole max
writes what he claims are true stories
about my nights out acting like an
average twenty-something binge drinking
urbandictionary.com was Tucker max drunk
or TMD as a synonym for falling down
drunk fighting leaving vomit and fecal
tetrakis for others to clean up
and above all hooking up with random
girls galore sorority sisters Vegas
waitresses Dallas lap dancers and junior
leaguers who are into erotic
asphyxiation throughout his adventures
Mack’s like a toddler stuck somewhere
around the oedipal stage remains fixated
on his penis and his dumps he is utterly
giving without conscious female
insecurities it’s the gift that keeps on
giving he writes about his efforts to
undermine his preys self-esteem in order
to seduce them more easily hmm think of
Max was the final spot of an aging and
chromosomally challenged Hugh Hefner and
his website and best-selling book I hope
they serve beer in hell as evidence of a
male culture and profound decline
Playboy’s aspirations toward refinement
still hinted the call of the ego and a
culture with limits on mail rest of this
match the child man who answers to no
one except his fellow a-holes is all-in
and proud of it now I’m going to leave
the rest of this because it is a long
piece it’s challenging we will link to
it on our website and you’ll be able to
read the entire piece yourself okay but
coming up we’re going to meet the author
of this piece quejaime wits she’s
joining us from Brooklyn New York and
I’m gonna ask her bunch of questions
because the guy she’s talking about this
piece the guy’s sound an awful lot like
us that’s the top like his show
that one 805 a 800 saw my I went to the
better part of this piece it’s a long
piece is challenging the rain and
you can read the whole piece it is
online in any number of places and we’re
like through it through our website to
it as well so you can see it and read it
for yourself but we are joined by the
articles author the article in case you
didn’t hear the very beginning of this
listing a lengthy article and we are
devoting our entire program to some of
the issues discussed in here
it’s called child man in the promised
land and the author is que Jaime wits of
Brooklyn New York and she joins us now
thank you for being with us it’s my
pleasure to be here
what instigated you to write this piece
if I may ask well I can tell you one
thing I’m sort of regretting it now if
you could see the mail that I’ve got and
I have two daughters in my 20s and I’m
wondering whether I’ll ever have a date
again well together your question you
know I’ve been hearing so much from
young women in their 20s so many
complaints about men and it’s how many
complaints about their immaturity about
their failure to commit on and on in
that vein not just my daughter’s in fact
my daughter’s don’t complain as much as
some women I know about it so I’m
curious about that issue and also about
the fact that women do seem to be
beginning at any rate to outperform men
in the workplace or in certain parts of
the workplace then for instance in New
York City young women in their 20s
college age women the college educated
women in their twenties are now making
more earning more than men so it struck
me that something was going right for
women in a way that it wasn’t for men
and as someone who’s very interested in
how we are shaped by the culture around
us I began to look at that culture for
men and was surprised at what I found
now I’ve read your piece in various
forms because I imagine you have
submitted it as an op-ed piece to
various newspapers and so I’ve read it
in various forms of editing and finally
found my entire piece and got to read
the whole thing
and you may not be aware of our radio
program but the guys you described and
your piece are our listeners mm-hmm
and they are our listeners by design our
radio program took this form in 1997
like a lot of the things you described
in your article because there’s a demand
for a radio program like this I know
where you live in New York City they
don’t really have anything like this but
in many cities where our show was heard
there’s a big demand for this kind of
content and I wonder as we get started
here with this conversation I don’t see
anything in here about the perception by
men whether you think it’s fair or not
that divorce is a real deterrent to
marriage when people hear how guys got
taken to the cleaners women got their
pound of flesh man are living in studio
apartments or worse their parents houses
because they got their bank accounts
cleaned out is it possible that might
have something to do with men not
wanting to get married well I’m glad you
brought up that point because I have
gotten a lot of mail from men who are
saying precisely that they believe that
they are got a very raw deal in marriage
and I have seen other people other men
they know who’ve gotten a raw deal and
want to stay away from the whole
institution and I suppose I would say
that you know I do think that that I
actually believe that men are getting a
raw deal in many cases and I expect to
do a follow-up piece a little bit more
sympathetic to the impact that a
feminism I think has had on on young men
and on women’s relationship to men I
mean one thing I ask all the time on
this program and I say this is someone
who’s been divorced more than once
what’s in it for men to get married
anymore well you know divorce culture I
suppose you could say that there’s not
much but the problem is this is a
self-perpetuating phenomenon in other
words you have men who are not appealing
to women as
possible husbands who then if they do
that married are maybe not behaving in
ways that women find very satisfying who
maybe continue to see themselves as as
you youngsters as adolescents and are
not willing to become more grown-up and
take responsibility
hang on one second you talked about not
wanting to take on responsibilities
why create responsibilities where none
exists well why because what’s your
what’s your alternative what kind of
life do you want to have do you want to
have a life where you never have
long-term serious relationships where
you don’t have children I’ll tell you
never live with your children we have
take a break when I come back I’m gonna
talk about my own lifestyle which is the
one I talk about to my listeners and I’m
gonna I’m gonna ask you to tell me where
I’m going wrong if you think I’m going
wrong oh okay my listeners don’t know
what I’m about to tell you but I’ll tell
it to you and then I’ll let you tell me
what’s wrong with my lifestyle okay and
maybe there’s nothing wrong with it in
your opinion but I’ll give you an
opportunity to critique it sound good
okay hang on okay jaimé wits is with us
she is the editor of city journal and
she wrote this piece called child man in
the promised land if you go to blow me
up Tom calm we link right through to her
piece you can read it you can decide for
yourself how you feel about it and we’ll
get to your telephone calls as well
coming up
like it it’s the top like his show
we are joined by Kate I wish there was
the editor of city journal a web address
by the way city – Journal dot org
and we’re talking about her piece which
is linked on our website child band of
the promised land
which I never at least not in the last
many years I’ve never devoted an entire
show to one subject I think the last
time was 9/11 if I recall correctly and
so it is rare but this article seems to
speak directly to the people who
listened to a program like this one now
okay before the break I promise to tell
you a bit about me and and my lifestyle
and I’d like to get your critique on
this I I’ve been married and divorced
more than once I am now divorced and my
attitude is I there’s no incentive for
me to get married I own a house in the
Hollywood Hills with six plasma screens
two jacuzzis one indoor one outdoor a
stripper pole a large collection of DVDs
the top-of-the-line DirecTV subscription
called titanium service where you get
every channel DirecTV has over a
thousand channels I’ve just bought
myself a second home for weekend
partying up in the area where they film
the movie sideways up north of Santa
Barbara this is a 5,000 square foot
house with 20 acres where I’m putting in
a wine cave a swimming pool a spa and a
number of other goodies so that when I’m
not at home I can bring my female
company up there and continue the party
up there this is money that I would not
have had and I stayed married to women
I’ve been with in the past one of whom
has a child that she is supporting not
from me one of whom has had some
problems with disabilities that occurred
after she knew me I don’t have any of
the expense of taking care of another
individual I have been through a couple
of really tough divorces what is my
incentive to get married is there a
problem with living this way well let me
ask you this do you have children
by design I do not and you never want
them then by design yeah okay well you
know that changes a lot
most people including man do want to
have children at some point in their
life I think you should ask these men
you’re writing about whether that’s as
true as you think it is because none of
these guys unwittingly get dragged into
the net because the condom breaks or
because they were drunk and we’re paying
attention I don’t think there are as
many guys who want to have kids you
think well you could look at the survey
data there’s an awful lot out there and
certainly by the time they’re in their
late teens and early twenties most men
the vast majority of men say that they
are looking forward to a family life
with with wife and children so that is a
desire of many many young men then the
question becomes what’s the rush well I
kind of agree with you about that I
think that there is shouldn’t be too
much of a rush because there are all
kinds of reasons to delay marriage these
days for one thing people are not
financially settled into until their
later 20s in many many cases they there
is more time because we live longer so I
don’t you know it’s not so much that I
think people should marry very early we
know that early view very cool early and
your marriage is there not the thing is
I don’t know why men should have to
marry at all but um like his show