University Leftists Launch “Whites Only Cafe” In The Name Of Social Justice

In the name of equality University of Michigan Dearborn has launched a whites-only cafe. I’m not exaggerating, they quite literally did and people started freaking out. But you know what’s really scary about this is that the people at the university didn’t think twice until critics got a hold of it on the internet and the university panicked and took down the page.

Fortunately I still have
the page saved and I can show you what
it actually said
and yes they didn’t call it whites only
they called it the non-poc
people of color cafe meaning the only
people who could go in there and talk
would be white people
and they would be in there to talk about
white people issues this is why
I think it is imperative donald trump
wins he has banned critical race theory
this is around uh this is part of
critical race theory this racism from
the left
it is reaching a a climax it is getting
and I don’t want to live in that world i
really really don’t
a lot of people like to make jokes when
I uh you know
like it’s like a meme now when tim poole
mentions that tim pool is in fact mixed
and the reason is it’s because i’m
ethnically ambiguous
that’s the way I describe it I guess
because people don’t actually know
what I am when I go to leftist spaces
they sort of tiptoe and go
you have right privilege because you
look kind of white
but then other people are like no he’s
clearly something else I want you to
stop and think for a minute
when many people on the left when i
challenge their narrative
they’ll just tell me i’m white okay when
I agree with them they’ll say
then we recognize you as a person of
color do you think they would allow me
into either of those cafes no
that’s why it’s so freaky to me that
they would even have these exist in the
first place
i’ve experienced this firsthand at
occupy wall street where they told me
I wasn’t welcome at any of their non-poc
caucus groups
because I was clearly a person of color
who needed to be in a special
marginalized caucus
and then there’s also the other side
that said I was too white to go into
their groups
so what’s going to happen when I walk up
and say what do you identify as
say I don’t identify as anything dude an
a regular person who wants to be left
alone this is the world they are
this is the world that freaks me out and
donald trump says I am banning critical
race theory I say
thank you mr president why for that i
I will offer up a vote because this is a
world I do not want
it’s a world that existed in the past
and this is why i’m telling you the left
are reactionaries
what this means is they’re trying to
turn back the clock to recreate
an older society this is not progress
they have discovered these white
supremacists these extremists have
discovered a way to implement
whites only spaces under the guise of
social justice
they are avowed racist they tell us they
are racist
and they’re trying to create segregation
it’s not the first time we’ve seen this
and it will not be the last
but this may be one of the most freakish
and the worst you know why
we already knew what happened when these
lunatics were in college and we all
laughed ha ha college campus is crazy
now we all live on college campuses
because they graduated
now they’re at the new york times what
do you think is going to happen when
these people
graduate it’s only a matter of time
before they get their way
I am warning you now I have talked about
with many progressive friends and they
just don’t seem to get it
some of them get confused by it in
california where they’re trying to
repeal prop 209
their civil rights legislation here’s
what I said to a friend of mine
if this passes referendum in november
and the state
is now granted the right to discriminate
based on race
do you believe that the conservative
areas of california that are mostly
will just agree with you to run things
your way or do you think that there are
certain pockets where
actual white collectives will put up
signs saying whites only
thank you democrats for repealing prop
i’d be willing to bet they exist now
personally I don’t think it’d be
but i’m willing to bet you will see
something like that but the greater
point is
they themselves will create the whites
only spaces
under the guise of social justice
they will say here’s the entrance for
the people of color
here’s the the entrance for the for the
non-people of color
but it’s the exact same thing and what
do we do to stop it
well let me let me show you this so we
have the story from the post millennial
i’ll read a little bit but I want to
show you the actual website this is what
the website actually looked like
before they deleted it it was a special
online and virtual non-poc cafe
tuesday september 8th 2020 from 2 pm to
3 p.m it may be
they took it down because it already
happened I don’t know
they say holding space for students that
do not
identify as people of color what
holding i’ll tell you man
i’ve got to experience the uh uh I get
to experience racism across the board
it’s it’s it’s good fun
this is why I think the an american
identity is the most important identity
I blame the left they’re the ones who
the the the world in which mixed race
communities and peoples could exist
now I see what what the white white
supremacists and white nationalists say
about me they don’t say pretty things
and I see what the leftists say about me
and it’s almost the exact same thing
why would I want to entertain any of
these lunatics here you go
they say the non-people of color cafe is
a space for students that do not
identify as persons of color
to gather and to discuss their
experience as students on campus
and as non-poc in the world feel free to
drop in and discuss your experiences as
non-persons of color
and hopefully brainstorm solutions to
common issues
within the non-poc community I have
warned over and over again what they are
saying is they have created a whites
only space
for whites to come together and talk
about issues the white community faces
what do you think they are trying to do
robin d’angelo white fragility
in the front of all these bookstores
number one bestseller
white supremacists are gaining power in
this country under the guise of opposing
and you know what i’m just i’m going to
be careful cause I don’t I don’t want to
give this guy any credit
but think about it how many people have
you heard of who have pretended to be
high profile millions of followers
grifting making tons of money
profiting off of the death of black
people there are some high profile
activists who are not black but who
claim to be
and they use black and white photos and
sepia tones so you can’t really tell
they’re actually just white people
who cut their hair in a specific way so
they can pretend to be non-white
they will exploit the system these
people don’t care about these issues
they care about power and money and they
have people on their side
who absolutely want racial segregation
they say the cafe will be facilitated by
non-poc faculty staff member to ensure
that discussions are kept safe and
the cafe will be held by monthly
generally to occur on the first tuesday
of every month
at 2 pm and the third wednesday of every
month at 7 pm
dates and times are subject to change
depending on feedback and demand
click the rsvp well they got rid of it
now it says you are not authorized to
access this page uh-oh
they realized what they were doing was
nightmarishly racist
or maybe not maybe they realized that it
was looking bad for them
and so they ended up taking the page
I don’t want to live in that world man i
really don’t so what can I do
when I tell my friends who are lefties i
have no choice
I can’t vote for joe biden he’s
negotiating with these people
the democratic party is going back to
its roots of segregation congratulations
you’ve earned it
there is literally trump could look what
what what should I say to my family when
i’m like this is the future
that they’re trying to create who should
we vote for well there’s one person
saying no to this
and it’s trump it’s there’s one faction
that’s saying we believe in equality
for for for everyone regardless of race
and it’s not the left
there is no I you know i’ve had
conversations with you know like white
conservatives about this
and it’s interesting because they
actually have nothing to they have
nothing to to uh
to gain by challenging this other than
like proving standing on principle you
know what I mean the left wants to
create isolated spaces
for their fringe ideology conservatives
have only to gain
uh the only thing they have to gain is
actually helping people who would be
oppressed by these psychotic policies
here’s what the postmoneal says
there’s a two uh i’m gonna show you this
tweet from abed a iu he says
from um university of michigan dearborn
the non-poc cafe or the white cafe
anyway I wonder what the menu looks like
for the non-poc cafe
if they have chocolate hummus I am
calling for a boycott
it’s so funny it’s so great that they’re
introducing segregation
maybe they have chocolate on this and
we’ll gotta be upset about it
no I think segregation is wrong the
non-poc cafe
will be holding space for students to
not identify this we understand
they say not only are white people who
don’t identify themselves by a melanin
infused skin tone meant to talk about
how they feel about being white people
about not being of color for their uh
their con
their conversation will be facilitated
the cafe will be facilitated as we
to recap the white people who gather to
talk about their whiteness
will be observed by a white person to
make sure the discussion on whiteness
are of the appropriate kind I don’t i
don’t I don’t
I don’t think it’s going to be a lefty
thing I don’t think it was supposed to
be white people having a struggle
you know about how they’re uh bad for
being white
I think it’s going to be a bunch of
white people laughing creating a white
only space
and I believe there’s gonna be a bunch
of racists laughing saying can you
believe we tricked these people into
doing this this is why
looks listen we’ve seen white
nationalists endorse joe biden
clearly they’re more competent yeah i
wonder why that is
could it be that they’ve discovered the
path towards
their goals with white nationalism come
from the identitarian left
and not donald trump I think we’re in
serious trouble there is
there is no way I will ever compromise
with this
there’s no way where I would ever stand
in front of one of these
these white supremacist lunatics and be
like well I think you can have
segregated spaces
for for this many days of the month well
how about we we oh we have whites only
no no no no no no compromise it’s not
happening it’s not going to come from me
and i’m going to stand opposed to this
and i’m glad to see that trump is doing
it too
so I wonder what do you say to people on
the left who want
this they’re they’re they’re white
supremacists man
whatever I got one more segment coming
up in a few minutes stick around and i
will see you all shortly.