Tomi Lahren Goes On Full Feminist Rant, Joe Biden’s ‘Diversity’ Gaffes!


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This week’s biggest and baddest social justice fails include…

I’ll take it from here. Hello and welcome to this week in social justice
i’m progressive intersectional demi genderqueer radical feminist imaging
crow who fights for the rights of women of
all sexes and i’ll be discussing all the best and brightest social justice
triumphs of the past seven days this week we have notorious white
supremacist commentator tommy lahren who for once
did the right thing by women by trashing men america’s next great progressive
hope democratic nominee joe biden and his
beyond nuanced analysis of the black and latinx communities
and depending on how much fun i am having hijacking that
awful daisy cousins channel again we may even have time for a bonus topic
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fox news aka fake news commentator and well-known fascist barbie tommy lahren
is renowned for being a traitor to women everywhere
i mean any woman who says that women should be free to make their own money
based on their own merit and that the government shouldn’t tax
them at least half of it it’s clearly just dog whistling to
misogynists and racists but anyway she’s come out with a bit of
a pleasant surprise last week tommy took off her her
anti-feminist hat and presumably got over her inherent hatred of herself and
her gender because she finally realized that it’s
men not her who are responsible for all her problems
and that the only way to stand up to those men and fight the white sis hetero
patriarchy is to post videos online talking about how trashy men are and how
her inability to find a decent man has nothing to do with her
take a look this is a psa for all the men out there and all the boys who think
they’re men but they’re actually boys this is going to be the summer of
cancelling boys now from my own personal experiences and the experiences of all
of my friends which range in age from 24 to
36. we’ve all got issues now i will also say this all of my
friends are attractive all of my friends are successful all of
my friends have something going on almost every
single one of them have an issue with men and
you have to start looking at that and thinking
if an age range of that many people including myself
living really all over the country and being blonde brunette short hair
long hair i mean tan super white super pet
these women range in every body type and every everything
they’re all successful they’re all intelligent they’re all good people
but if all of these women including myself are having issues
then i have to think it might not be us it might be you it might be men it
might be men now i’ve often talked about the
pussification of america and how men are no longer men i talked
to my mom about this a lot and she says well maybe it’s just the guys in texas
maybe it’s just the guys in los angeles maybe it’s just the guys
just the guy um it is not just the guys in los angeles nashville dallas and it’s
not they’re not any better in the midwest they quite frankly i think
they’re trash all over this country and the age range of about 20 to i think
about 55 maybe even 60. a lot of men are trash
a lot of men don’t know how to treat women a lot of men don’t know how to
really quite frankly pull their heads out of
the stand and pay attention so i am going to help you wow gosh it’s so
refreshing to finally see tommy connecting with her in a feminist
i mean generally i don’t believe in any kind of redemption for trump supporters
but maybe in this case i’ll make an
exception because she’s just so passionate about her feelings and you
know how we progressives feel about feelings
and then just to prove how surprisingly empowered tommy actually is
check out this incredible and totally based in objective fact self-esteem of
hers if you want to date a girl that has
nothing going on then that’s fine but please do not mix
in people like me and my friends who have
something going on with your other girls that have nothing
going on and by nothing going on i mean this
i don’t there is no job that is unimportant there is no job that’s not
valuable or that it’s not worthy it is but if you want to mix in people like me
and people like my friends who are go getters
who work really hard who make their own money who are talented
skilled ambitious please don’t mix us in with the thattianas we don’t want to
be there if that’s what you want find them please
for the love of god do not mix us in with them because we don’t want to
be there and quite frankly we take it as an
insult if we find out that you are also talking
to five tatianas who have nothing going on people like me
and my friends are going to be insulted by that and there’s almost really no
coming back from it so if you want that kind of a girl the kind of girl who’s
just kind of happy going through the motions of life not
really super ambitious hasn’t really found herself yet doesn’t
really have a whole lot going on other than she’s pretty
please just go after them and please do not mix us
in we don’t want to be there i promise you nothing says
empowered fully feminist woman like the ability to talk unashamedly about how
powerful and successful and valuable you are
and how you don’t need to change one bit because you are ideal just the way you
are and men should be so lucky to have you and if they don’t act in exactly the
way you think they should act then there’s
clearly something wrong with them not you because that kind of attitude is a
true and tested recipe for women’s happiness
am i right and then and this is one of the best bits about
this immortal empowered speech tommy proves how little she even cares
about the way men think and feel or about what kinds of
personal issues may be preventing them from being the kind
of ideal man she so richly deserves now if you want to be
inconsistent and you want a ghost and you want to fall off the radar
that’s fine but i’m going to give you a pro tip people like me
and people like my friends we aren’t going to really give it after that we
don’t really care the f’s have been given and we’re kind
of done i’ll tell you this from personal experience
once i’m turned off i am turned off and i don’t care anymore because there
at one point i probably did care at one point my friends they
probably did care they probably did like you because you
expressed interest and maybe you were cool maybe you were kind of fun to hang
out with but if you’re not consistent and you
fall off the radar i give you maybe one to two chances to fix that because i’m a
very direct communicator women this is important i will
communicate to you if your communication isn’t great
i will let you know that i will let you know that more effort is needed but if
you don’t heed that warning and i have to warn you twice
i’m done at that point because i don’t really care anymore now i’m done
now i don’t care and i know my friends who are watching this are thinking and
saying the same thing because we have these conversations
on an almost daily basis once you turn us off
we don’t care anymore gosh i mean tommy is just too genuine at this point i mean
the fact that she took the time and effort to make a 15 minute video
detailing how little she actually cares about men who don’t seem
to want to date her just proves how little she actually cares about men who
don’t seem to want to date her all in all can i just say how proud i am of
tommy lauren for pushing through her internalized misogyny
ceasing to capitulate to the patriarchy and finally joining the sisterhood
and seriously can i just say as a side note to all the women watching this
video even though i’m sure daisy cousins is
fan pace is like 99.99 angry straight white misogynistic mras
but you know whatever to all the women who may be watching
remember the sisterhood is always there for you
so long as you believe everything we believe say only things that we agree
with and associate only with people that we approve of
we’re like one big happy sorority and i especially commend tommy for being so
stunning and brave to come out and make this video detailing how terrible men
are in the dating realm even though she broke up with her fiance
earlier this year and he gave her a 50 000
engagement ring because she said she wasn’t ready to settle down
now if that’s not a good reason to completely end an engagement instead of
maybe sitting down and working through what may
be causing those feelings and well i don’t know what is
so to conclude massive social justice triumph to tommy lahren the newly formed
feminist on this one even though she said in the video that
she’s not a feminist but i’m sure that’s just the leftovers of the patriarchy
okay guys seriously i am holed up in the pantry right now trying to hide from
imogen she’s somehow broke into my house again i’m not sure how she keeps getting
in she was bugging me forever via text to let her host this week in social
justice because of course she thinks she can do a better job because she’s
actually a social justice worker but here i am in the pantry
trying to hide among the tuna and the cat food
so i’ll
democratic presidential hopeful joe biden who is also former vice president
to the literal greatest black you as president ever barack obama
has recently been unfairly attacked by the biased
white supremacist murdoch-dominated mainstream media
over some totally normal comments he made last week
during an interview with npr all joe biden did
was begin with his usual direct lucid completely coherent political commentary
followed by some totally non-controversial comments about
people of color and what he thinks their diversity of opinions are first of all
you are extending tps temporary protected status to
venezuelans um cubans though are now being
deported in unprecedented numbers would you stop those deportations
what i said i’m going to look at entire temporary i’m going to look at every
single country in the in the world that in fact is being and this guy’s
sending them back the reason why i came up with venezuela
is he’s not even allowing it to exist in the first place
and so the tps program is something i will
i will move on the first day i’m in office to make sure that we extend it to
people we know we know we look too you know for too
long uh you know we we didn’t get it right but
here’s the deal i think that we should be extending it
anybody can prove that they are in jeopardy to go back to their country
and the reason they came in the first place they should be
able to stay in the united states of america until
the circumstance changes in their country and that’s why by the way
i put that program together to provide oh go ahead i’m sorry
no no are you going to re-engage with cuba though i mean i’m i’m specifically
wondering about you know the florida communities that are
you know incredibly interested in in the cuba issue
um and see status given to venezuelans while cubans are being deported
the answer is yes yes yes and by the way what you all know but
most people don’t know unlike the african-american community
with notable exceptions the latino community is an incredibly diverse
community with incredibly different attitudes
about different things you go to florida you find a very
different attitude about immigration in certain places than you do when
you’re when you’re in arizona so it’s a very different a very diverse
community now if i’m real joe bioden is not like
my first choice for president i mean my pick if i was american
would have been bernie sanders because he’s a socialist
which means he actually cares about people i mean i know that people keep
saying that socialism killed about a hundred million people in the 20th
century i mean which i don’t actually believe
because it is clearly a rumor spread by literal white
supremacists like tucker carlson but even if that were true bernie
sanders is a democratic socialist which is a totally different thing
democratic socialism just means that everybody is fully taken care of by the
government except for rich people they get like 90
of their income tax and their salaries capped and their savings confiscated by
the state when they die so people who don’t want to work as hard
as they have to get ahead can relax rather than having to go through all the
trauma of working a 40-hour week when they don’t want to
i mean that seems fair enough right anyway on the subject of joe biden like
he’s not my first pick because he’s not you know like radical enough but
as they say a vote blue no matter who now as for those comments he made
at the end about black people not having diverse opinions
i don’t actually see any problem with that at all i mean all black people need
to do to be happy is vote for democrats they don’t even need to ask any
questions about it i mean after all it’s worked really well for them so far so
why shouldn’t they just keep voting for democrats
but so many people got angry with jose biden saying he was racist for implying
that all black people think the same and even when he apologized for it on
twitter people just didn’t seem to care and they kept unfairly attacking him for
it i mean that only happens when right wingers
apologize for something it should never happen when someone like joe biden
apologizes and in any case he totally didn’t even
need to apologize anyway all the black people i know on twitter
have the exact same opinions and twitter is a really accurate gauge of public
opinion i mean that’s how we know the
conservatives have stolen so many elections lately like since 2016 the
results in the uk the usa and australia have all been completely the opposite of
what everyone was saying on twitter so definitely that means that
conservative parties cheated somehow most likely with russia it couldn’t
possibly mean that there are people who aren’t on twitter who have different
opinions to me that’s ridiculous but like i was saying all the black
americans i know from twitter think the exact same way and have the exact same
opinions which must be reflective of all black
people in the usa even though i’ve never actually met one
so great big social justice triumph to joe biden on this one both for his
thoughtful erudite commentary which totally proves
he knows his constituents like so well and for standing firm in the face of
people who so unfairly attacked him unfortunately i have talked for such a
long time about the first two topics that we’ve run out of time for a bonus
topic but tune in next time and again
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