Putting Women On A Pedestal Just Because They’re Women


Let’s get to the next point here. What
happens? These are the things, this mind
set, this is another mindset that men
cause a flip in the marketplace, the
relationship marketplace we’re talking
about. Is that they put women on a
pedestal or they do the she’s my queen
or just flat-out simple now these men
are easy to recognize you can see these
men coming
I’m Holloway all right they Don their
cape with pride here I come to save the
day all right
they run to the rescue of every woman
who’s a damsel in distress situation
then carrying two money bags of
groceries oh hey hey ma’am let me help
you out here okay
they help them at every single turn
despite the fact that is some at some
point that could go wrong you helped her
with her groceries you carry them
there’s awaiting her boyfriend tyrone
with his hands behind his back watching
his woman supposed to bring in the
groceries but here you are holding the
back okay you run to her when she
a fight she throws some punches and the
guy reels back all right here you come
brother these that’s your Gwaine you
shouldn’t hit it okay you didn’t just
see what she was doing
right meanwhile she was trying to put me
in a piledriver like Paul Orndorff
all right nobody was saying nothing
right or Tito Santana Hughes that got me
in the future four leglock like red
valentine and rich lair nobody saying
all right nobody came to my rescue
nobody Donna Kate everybody laughed no I
said nothing all right
the minute I defend myself here I come
to save the day all right
and all these men get typically good boy
oh you’re such a good man
Oh any woman would want you except me
cuz I like digging my backbone out so
don’t look at me all right maybe when
I’m about 42 43 44 maybe I’ll come come
you know try to scoop you up but
they love these men love their Pat’s on
the head they praise women they praise
women you see him get a queen okay they
get their queen she been ran through
more times than the Holland Tunnel she
got two or three man’s babies oh this is
my queen what Queen Elizabeth took over
she was 16 years old
all right that’s that’s the Queen I’m
talking about all right no I mean I’m
not saying I want the 16 but what I’m
talking about was she was young and
she’s been on the throne for what 70
years all right Queen Elizabeth is not
leaving Prince Charles is going what the
hell’s going on here
the other new Prince William is gonna be
the damn King before Prince Charles get
it but anyway shout out to my people in
the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth was a
young girl when she took the throne and
that might be in one of the other ones
Queen Nefertiti all of these queens they
were young okay now they might have been
doing monkey double backflips on the
carousel but they certainly wouldn’t
know 40 year-old Queen oh great we know
this that’s just not the case
but here’s the guy here he comes he runs
over he puts his cape on just for a
sniff of some smoldering piece of peace
leave that have been around the block
quite a bit now these men come in
multiple forms they come in multiple
forms they just don’t down there Kate
there’s the left over provider sent the
left over provider sim oh this guy he’s
got divorce great one two three times
and he’s still out there all right
trying to give it up his lucky chance oh
man I messed up two or three times I got
a divorce great two or three times so
I’m gonna still give it a shot we got
the Internet Cindy we got the Internet
okay the internet Center he’s putting
like emojis he’s putting the water
spritz emoji the tongue emoji the heart
eye emoji this guy cannot help but
simple online he can’t help but swipe
and put just give it up bro give it up
you put you making her have the
advantage then you get on with these
women they’ve been busting it wide open
on the Internet okay and now you want to
give her the advantage oh you my queen
what how you were used up queen you
dried up like the Sahara Desert green
but you’re not queen we also got the
ADA the guy who don’t know nothing but
bathe in this and to be honest with you
he’s been conditioned okay there’s
nothing else he can do about it
there’s nothing else to do he can get
around a lot of this stuff that he oh
here and let me tell you something the
condition beta it’s like my biggest fan
anytime I get bite back here let me show
you a picture I got I got a picture I
got a picture of the condition I got a
picture of my haters okay and I just you
know it’s a compiled picture there’s an
app that I can put together faces of
what a typical guy a conditioned beta
will come to my channel maybe he’s a
young guy maybe he’s a piece leave
addict all right this is a photo of him
I put it together I listen I spend a lot
of time on it these are the guys that
are typically in my comment section all
right the most let me show you a picture
of what a red pill hater looks like
right there all right they always look
the same all right I’ll be like you look
the same
let me go with the same so I use this
app to compile all of the possible looks
of what the hater looks like okay now
I’ll be looking like why y’all always
look the same did you I have the same
mother did y’all have the same father
what’s going on man so anyway we all
recognize what these people look like
okay what these people do their
condition their internet simps they
can’t help themselves then left over
provider mode guys okay
the P sleeve addict young men with no
experience okay and then they come in
and they come in and hate on me and this
is what their picture always looks like
I’m like can I get y’all one of y’all
haters got to look a little bit
different so anyway I’ll take them down
these are the guys man this is what the
guy looks like bro the Internet’s if
she’s my queen
all right you can’t have queens that you
haven’t got at the peak of the essential
market please value all right again
can’t do it all right here’s the deal
man these men ignore all kind of
statistics think they ignore all kind of
data all kind of information that they
can get
for men like me from the news it’s
available out here but you ignore it
because you lead from your weakest point
of masculinity you lead from emotions
anytime you inject an emotional argument
to a man making a logical argument it’s
an unfair debate okay now we can talk
about it but necessarily you’re trying
to influence me emotionally which is
it’s not fair because I’m trying to give
you real data and you’re saying this is
how I should feel that’s not gonna go
very far but here’s the other thing you
lead from fear you leave of you leave
from fear of losing a woman there was a
rapper just on the internet on Instagram
talking about if you don’t take your
woman shopping somebody else will
wait a minute you double symfon you
scared to lose your woman and you’re
taking a shopping so another man doesn’t
take her shopping I mean this is the guy
I mean and this is supposed to be a
wealthy guy I don’t even know the name
of the rapper but come on that’s fear
that’s emotion that is um scarcity
mindset not only that it’s pride you
have a pride in uplifting someone who
you’ve been told all your life is equal
to you we have to adopt to their
mentality we have to adopt to their
philosophy their philosophy is I don’t
need no man I’m strong and independent I
can do it on my own I don’t need you
okay well you don’t need any uplifting
either you don’t need any help
either you don’t need me to commit and
gonna come down to your level you don’t
need me to argue with you you don’t need
me to spend the night you don’t need me
just provide security and protection you
don’t need my money we have to use what
they’ve been using all right otherwise
you flip the marketplace advantage and
this is what we have we have feminists
mindset individuals who claim they could
do better than us who claim that they
should earn equal to us and then on the
flip side they’re making us symp
and providing us to have a scarcity
mindset and then we’re trying to uplift
an equal person it don’t work like that
see if I’m equal to you and I’m standing
nose-to-nose to you and I uplift you
you’re above me now and that’s not
how you uplift an individual you don’t
uplift an individual to give them an
advantage you all lift them and at least
give them an equal chance but these
women don’t want equality they want
superiority and that’s not my game let’s
give a shout out to our hater oh I did
have a clap I think I did have a clap
let’s give a shout out to our hater
right here this is what they always look
like shout out to you guys I know you
guys want to hide behind something throw
grenades and me I’m sitting here you
guys know me you guys see where I live I
got my face and name out here but the
hater wants to come out here like this