Police Caught Lying About Violent ‘Assault’ That Sent Man to Jail


A cop lied about a violent ‘assault’ in this video, and sent an INNOCENT man to jail.

Pedro Barbosa was arrested for trying to hit 2 NYPD officers with his car.

THIS is what actually happened:

Surveillance footage shows Barbosa parking his car in Brooklyn to visit his friend in the area.

An unmarked police SUV pulls up and its lights turn on.

Barbosa drives away, appearing to never take aim at the cops.

Michael Bergman, on of the cops on the scene, lied to a grand jury, falsely claiming Barbosa ‘locked eyes’ with him, put the car in reverse, and ‘floored’ the car backwards about 7 feet, leaving skid marks.

Quote: “As I’m still yelling, the defendant put it in drive, turned the vehicle towards me to the point where I was in between his headlights, and if I didn’t jup out of the way, I would have been under his vehicle.”

– Michael Bergman, Former NYPD Officer to Grand Jury

As a result, Barbosa was charged with multiple felonies, including first-degree attempted assault and 7 othe charges, which could have led to 15 years in prison.

Following the charges, he was held in jail for 6 months.

Barbosa had never been accused of violence, but he’d been arrested before for drug possession, and petty theft to feed his drug addiction, his lawyers said.

Barbosa says he drove away because he recognized the officers and believed they were out to get him, since they’ve stopped him before.

Quote: “It seemed like ever time, 24/7, no matter what, if I’m anywhere, they were there. They would follow me wherever I went. They’d tell me, “We’re going to get you off the streets.””

– Pedro Barbosa to the Washington Post, November 20, 2019

Brooklyn Defender Services’ Scott Hechinger used this footage to get Barbosa’s attempted assault charges dropped.

Office Bergman pleaded guilt to perjury and was fired from the NYPD.

He now faces up to 1 year in jail.

The other officer on the scene still works for the NYPD, despite not reporting Bergman’s false report.

THe NYPD won’t release the identify of Bergman’s partner and won’t reveal any disciplinary action taken against him.

A NY state law know as 50-A shields police disciplinary records.

Criminal justice advocates have launched a #Repeal50A campaign.