Patrice O’Neal Comments on the NOW Woman


From this show you don’t want to talk to me no
more since Kramer in them Wow
well you had one of them was it on
Hannity that it was John Gibson but yeah
I got it going somebody got you pretty
much wrecked John Gibson’s TV career
because he always tries to make the
black people always got to come in and
be like if you had me off of Michael
Vick he would have fucking had me on to
be the guy that goes I think why don’t
understand we have to play the I am
radio crackdown Patrice O’Neal just fine
where it starts there Danny for me
please this is one of my favorite
Patrice O’Neal things ever this woman
she was the worst in her place so bad
they’re talking about radio crackdown
was this the Imus thing no this is
trying to get rid of Charlie yeah Elvis
Jesus JB noticed her she was sitting
there and this was behind this is for me
watching what she was doing by she
wouldn’t speak to me
Sonya oh sorry oh she won’t speak to me
but she what she’s come down yet
nationalization woman yeah and she was
like fire them and I was like you
fucking bitch and you just like fire
people yeah haven’t fired didn’t even
care just her position was our position
yeah a fuckin ass and she sucks just to
bring everyone to the table homeless
Charlie made some crazy you know
homeless Charlie for Christ’s sake he
never said anything we never go rot he
never said anything towards towards them
no I listened to that fucking thing he
was naturally funny funny homeless guy
funny fucking homeless dudes ain’t stuff
about the first lady and Condoleezza
Rice the bush bitch yeah it was funny
and pretty much we were observers just
water almost trolley do his thing we
fuck the Queen England we’ve never seen
a homeless Charlie since buy though
we used to see him on the streets of New
York we haven’t seen him black a man
hold up and go man I think you gotta
count the food poisoning hard guy in
food it’s somewhere hmm I think we got
orders to nuke all copies of that audio
it’s probably another hundred to two
hundred copies out there lost a few
episodes get I didn’t think anyone
wanted to see this shit 30 40 years
later Court and over stuff right what is
how stupid is that they we had to
destroy all copies and there’s hundreds
of other copies I’ve been selling what
you guys start knocking on listeners
doors get bush bitch under that
accomplishment Charlie made me Florida
I’m just saying there it is yeah there’s
the the Patrice thing so we got Patrice
O’Neal when that whole thing went down
he was invited to go on Fox and listen
to what he does this woman with me now
new city president now new city for
president Sonia oh sorry oh she took
part in a recent protests calling for
radio stations not stopped supporting a
negative language in music and talk
radio and also our favorite stand-up
comic Patrice O’Neal thank you sir
Patrice rona next oh not I hope Davey I
wish David I was it was a job well Imus
it’s funny that this is thing I have I
don’t know her but I’m a I’m assuming
that she has nothing to do with funny so
I must speak as the expert on funny
funny people should just be left to try
to be funny with it what if they’re not
how many listen how many times has
unfunny honey unfunny rape jokes lead to
rape wait I don’t know how many jokes
about rape there are there’s a lot but
yeah no world is not funny
your world is
let’s learn a big story people try to be
you think it’s okay to try to make jokes
about rape I’m diabetic I make fun of
that I’m a victim I might lose a toe I’m
trying to make fun of anything I think I
can make fun of Sonia you know what’s
happening now it’s the marketplace is
deciding what’s appropriate or what’s
not appropriate if I think the nation is
just tired there’s a new damnation women
like this this the marketplace decides
what’s appropriate
so how about the marketplace dictates
that women should make less money you
dopey bitch is that appropriate or
should what is quote unquote
right rise above what the fucking
marketplace dictates and if the
marketplace dictated it it would show in
the ratings and then they would fire you
for low ratings right the marketplace is
is gauged in radio and television by
ratings so if it’s a high rated show but
they’re saying shit you don’t like but
just speaking in logic though yeah yeah
this is what no one does ever it’s it’s
not allowed anywhere is that you make an
illogical point now she’s not being
logical she’s just being the gossip at
the head of New York New York’s
president now would come out and go
I found the comments disgusting but you
know what in a free society you’re gonna
hear things that are unpleasant to hear
as long as they’re not seriously
advocating rape or violence against
women I have no problem god forbid a
fucking liberal would ever never more
conservative for that matter have that
kind of had that take on it don’t be too
upset cuz Patrice really is it true that
Angela Angela Lee ye Angela Yee is
pissed off about our Marion Barry stuff
last week how do you know
Patrice there same as Patrice I was I
don’t want to get in the middle of this
but how I wouldn’t say who she she was
the morning show the the blacks think I
know why she’s red but she she’s um I
told her when I was on the radio the
Marion Barry thing
that was that was a poor issue why it
was an issue that was there scheduled
time and I think it I do apologize for
that I told her that was as simple as as
one two three I thought she was mad
because we had her guest after she did a
comment this is the comment was come
over to here and this is supposedly come
over here
there’s no don’t you want to have more
people listen I said we had I said that
to him all right I said we I didn’t say
blow off any show I said we have the
biggest audience on the platform right
now that you that you can hear and then
he decided to come in from it I a get
that was the truth we did that not
knowing that he he was just on her show
we had no idea what so absolutely Mary
is good that’s what no one knows she’s
hashanah they don’t even know I actually
wasn’t to get a shot her at all I didn’t
know where he was how these people can
come through and I told her come just to
come say something just say you know as
opposed you know it’s not oh it’s not
gonna be a radio war it was like I know
they didn’t and just disrespect the
thing but but the thing is what she’s
upset about is that you know it again
everything is racial racially divided
it’s not you guys it’s that when may or
they have to get people to sign in over
there it has to be four or five days
I’ve been do a record check you know
because it’s possible mass murder
pitches walk up in there that would just
be like somebody’s some things you know
but it could be squad I said that with
immediate potrait said that but it
wasn’t in a vein of fuck shaky like a 45
it simply was won’t can you have the
biggest all the time at least okay
that’s the hammer be the biggest
audience that he would have gone on so
it was like why wouldn’t you come on and
then a minute later he came in
but you there’s this see she wouldn’t
misunderstand it is and then it goes
from top down but I’m like y’all and
neighbors I mean fucking know it
Sharon you like Hamel went from here
right over there it’s just it’s just
fucking is what you went from here to
there that’s how you get and if we took
time away from her time then yeah we’re
wrong so let’s say you know let’s get
back to Patrice giving this this woman a
beating it’s not appropriate if I think
the nation is just tired there’s a new
mood in the nation that nation the
nation you know what we’re tired of
things that his destination is pain you
mom I’m just speaking for me and funny
you’re speaking for the nation or you
speaker for yeah you know why because
yeah I remember six years agos man towel
something against Anthony openiy because
they were just so outrageous and they’re
violent images to the neighborhood out
to women was just uncalled for and now
now I think I think now people and then
we trying to be smart higher you know
what I don’t care if they’re trying to
be funny to your show once and it wasn’t
very funny being a woman it was talked
about why she doesn’t like me I was in
the paper with her and the joke is
hilarious called the angry pirate and
the lady who wrote it in outrage didn’t
even know what it meant and anybody who
read it laugh cuz they know what’s funny
you’re not living in the context of
funny enough I have every right to be as
funny as they want let me go out and try
to be as funny as they want me as much
funny make as much money being as funny
as they want this is what’s happening
there is a change in this country people
are realizing they have a knockout and
advertisers are listening marketplace
for CBS Radio firings they’ve been on
the they’ve been on a tear lately right
are they cleaning house or is this the
PC cops run amok do you know what it is
John you know what it is why you reading
that paper it’s the PC cops run a mob do
you think of course yes
an entire cyclopædia of her stance on it
but it’s no passion involved it’s not a
real this just what she has to say we
are outraged and wired I mean Colin I’m
outraged you should be I am a fool now
if I called you a fool you know what is
people in this country how can you
here’s what here’s my question how can
you justify a bad joke a joke that isn’t
funny oh wait a minute wait attempt that
isn’t funny doesn’t get any laughs and
is about raping a the first black woman
to ever become the secretary the attempt
is what I’m trying to fight for the joke
May or make funny jokes and unfunny
jokes come out of the same birth that
you you don’t know if anything is gonna
be funny you should have to be able to
think a joke about rape that is doomed
to be not funny it’s possible but I’ve
heard them that if you’re having sex
with a woman
doggystyle and if you wrong hit her and
hit her in the head its ejaculate in her
eye and kick her in an act of hitting
her in the back of her head her body
will then you can’t say just anything on
the air say anything you want it might
not be funny you might get in trouble
for it but you should be able to be
attentive and plus when is a crazy bomb
gonna get an opportunity to rape the
present if the president’s wife John are
you trying to be funny alright Patrice
why aren’t i hearing now Sharpton
complain about this thing involving cuz
it wasn’t involving young black women
well this have all been a very prominent
black one well we will
during young black everybody has their
agendas there I was there sorry
right because it doesn’t concern him
it’s not concerning as black is you know
come on now you know al al Sharpton has
his agenda and it was perfect for al
young black women and now she’s
representing just women in general she’s
not representing naffy whole party she’s
representing the just the ho ho so you
know what women have been abused
publicly in the media for too long and
people are tired of it this has been a
beautiful response of just the general
public saying to advertisers
we’re your consumers industry we don’t
want to have to worry about what radio
station we turn on and there is some
really derogatory violent.

You’re gonna get all your information,
ma’am, secondhand from someone making
you aware that someone may have said
something that you should be upset about.
That’s a shame. Your constituency the people
he said he said I have to apologize for
what I did to her and he knew what I was
gonna do – oh really he sees him and I
had to apologize to her for he set her
up enjoying of course he was just how
ridiculous you sound that fucking you
kill just unfunny over the – do you
think I I can never picture a woman like
that with our fucking legs pinned back
just getting
when she’s not a TV that’s exactly what
she laughs a couple of times so she just
she just really fell apart you were
arguing what the angry pirate is all
about day I was I haven’t been on this
sense haven’t seen FoxNews since he
would throw me on a bone every couple of
times it was a wrap after after John
Internet apologized the next day you
would give him great TV man if you don’t
play by their rules you’re out.