Monogamy Is Not For Everyone


Here’s the deal.
Monogamy is just not for everybody. But there’s a benefit when both people are willing to sacrifice for this monogamous model and today you don’t have that. You don’t have both people willing to sacrifice. Now, if I was a woman doing this show right here, I would say, you know and I was presenting this evidence and I said it’s not everybody’s willing to sacrifice what I would say is you guys are so horny
and lustful that you’re going out there
and you got strippers and side pieces
and all this stuff you’re not willing to
sacrifice for a monogamy and I would say
I would agree that’s basically because
how he’s hardwired and designed.
He wants to go out there
and do that but he’s got a vow
he’s got to be threatened he’s got to
put things on the line so he doesn’t
want to go out there
and bang up a stripper bang up a side
piece take a piece of wap
and he has to look at his house he has
to look at his children he has to look
at his
potential grandchildren he has to look
at everything he’s invested and say
you know what that piece of wet piece
leave is not worth it that’s basically
what the guy has to say
I want to do it I want to do it
but i’m going to sacrifice that’s what a
man would have to do to enter into
what would a woman have to do she’d have
to make a great sacrifice
now again her not cheating
is not a sacrifice okay
women shouldn’t like you’re not
hardwired for that yes I know you’re
conditioned to be that way now
you’re not hardwired to go out there and
every now and then your piece of leave
will be itching and you’ll want to go
out there and do it
but not every day like a man
not every day like a man so you that’s
not a sacrifice
women don’t make sacrifices by saying i
didn’t I didn’t cheat on my man that’s
not a sacrifice
your sacrifice is being loyal
being a good PSleeve provider being
there ensuring that that
is the only uh that that man that is his
providing something other value that he
doesn’t provide on himself
like say for instance well I provide
provision and protection and she says i
provide it too
like no I don’t need another provider
i’m the provider of protection and
well I can do it too see that’s not
that’s not what men want I don’t care if
you can thump your chest now listen
there are some women that actually
are the protector and provider and he’s
the beta male
that works but when there’s two that are
saying I provide protect and secure
that’s not something that you’re she’s
making a sacrifice for
because she can say that she does that
then the barbarian comes in then the guy
comes in
with the knife and then she hides behind
and says go get the baseball bat go get
the strap
go out there and protect now if you fail
she can say look at this guy
now if she fails everybody will say well
she’s supposed to fail she was actually
ill-equipped to do that
she shouldn’t be handling that see again
women are women are conditioned now so
much that they believe
that they bring in exactly what I bring
in and that’s a sacrifice for her that’s
not a sacrifice
women you’re not making a sacrifice
you’re not making a sacrifice you not
wanting to cheat it’s not a sacrifice
like you’re not hardwired for that
you’re conditioned for that but you’re
not hardwired
like men are that’s not a sacrifice you
shouldn’t do that you should be loyal to
that man
so there are men out here where monogamy
just doesn’t fit them
all right so for men who are like that
and you want to go out there and you
want to bang these stop bots you want to
bring these
skeezers as we used to say in the 80s
I would tell you stop fronting and
trying to use monogamy to your benefit
to bang these skeezers stop going out
there saying you want to be in a
monogamous relationship
when you just want to bang skeezers
that’s what I would tell me women if you
know you want to be out there
on girls nights out if you want to be
out there on instagram promoting
yourself if you want to be out there
grinding on chad and tyrone
if you want to ultimately praying mantis
a guy
don’t use monogamy to your benefit
whenever man is there willing to make
sacrifices that never going to benefit
him and be
everything that he has for you claiming
to want to be monogamous
I want it to be fair if y’all want to go
out there and do monkey double backflips
on each other
just be honest with each other and say
that unfortunately you can’t trust
either side
when it comes to that and you will have
women that
want to portray the what
the virtue of being monogamous but
they’re out there cheating at the same
rate but we’re the dogs so ultimately
become the victims of this skeezer game
on both sides children become the victim
and men are the victims financially
women become the victims emotionally
when both people aren’t equally yoked
in this pursuit of monogamous
relationships there’s so much deception
out there
that now children are running around
here obese they’re running around here
in single-parent households when
everybody’s out here trying to front
like it’s a good idea and where’s my dog
do I still have them up
I don’t yeah and it’s a bad idea
cities are burning right now because of
this type of uh relationship
they’re burning because we’re out here
like what’s working is actually working
and it’s not
and these are the same people that men
and women both that choose to engage in
relationships that produce children
and debt that was intended to fit a
monogamous model
children were intended to be in a
monogamous model relationship
not out here with single mothers not out
here in co-parenting
not out here in divorce families not out
here in broken homes
not out here in single father household
they were intent tended to be raised
they were intended to be raised that way
our society in the united states is
built off of monogamy
this is the sacrifice the great
sacrifice of monogamy now women will say
well I sacrificed my peace leaving my
time no that ain’t no sacrifice
that’s not a sacrifice
that’s not what you’re hardwired to
the submission is the sacrifice
the willing to be in a patriarchal
household is a sacrifice
the minute to say you be the provider of
security I will raise these individuals
to basically not continue a vicious
that is actually ruining communities
right now that’s how
communities are built through monogamy
not through single household
look most neighborhoods
most neighborhoods are built with
households on the perimeter you will
have apartment complexes and all of that
but the vast majority of neighborhoods
are built with single-family residences
now if you go to the suburbs over well
only the vast majority of the houses
that are built
or the the living units that are built
are single-family residents
that’s because they know most people
that are going to follow this
recipe of success they’re going to come
with a husband-wife children monogamous
now go to the cities the vast majority
of the housing units that are made
are built are apartment complexes not
single-family residences
they tear down all the single-family
residences because they know these fools
are out here believing that one parent
can raise multiple children
and so they continue to build apartments
on top of apartments on top of
uh housing projects on top of housing
projects because they know these people
are so
dumb they don’t get it this is what the
city looks like
ah they ain’t gonna be in a monogamous
relationship it’s gonna just they’re
just gonna mess up
so sure in monogamy there’s gonna be men
that want side pieces
okay they want women for the most part
and they used to go to the whorehouse to
do this
in the city there’s the whorehouse and
the guy with the mayor the sheriff
everybody was there before he went home
he had a drink
he had a tussle and then he went home to
his wife
and women got their side pieces too i
know women are like see
they over there getting it from the
whorehouse but women had their side
pieces too
even in the monogamous relationship the
man was out there hunting fishing
gathering and then she had the milkman
the food delivery man
she had the ups man the mailman any of
these people that came to her door
here’s your milk man
and here’s a roar while your husband’s
so everybody had their little side
everybody understands that
that that happens every now and then
but for the most part there is a model
of guaranteed success
that there’s a recipe for this success
that if you do it right
meaning you have a grandmother
grandfather together you have a husband
and wife together you have your mother
and father still together you will build
you will build your your community will
thrive you can pass on things that i
talked about that people in the
certain communities let me just say like
that they don’t pass on to each other
and then they further get
disenfranchised they further struggle
economically and then what do they do
they blame everybody else they don’t
want to take on
the consequences of not following this
of monogamy or family structure of
they go out there tap this tattooed
their body cut the side of their hair
off paint it purple
tattoo their face put ear piercings all
through their cheeks and eyelids
then they go out there praying man to
somebody then they try to raise the
child by themselves
then when consequences come hitting them
hard to face
it’s everybody else’s fault
when everybody told you probably the
dumbest thing you could do out here
economically is be
a single mother it’s the dumbest move
you can make
I mean there’s no chance there’s very
little chance of success
but this motto has contributed the most
to success
of children stable children now it’s not
it’s not a hundred percent
but it’s damn sure it beats
single-parent households
it damn sure beats what cardI b and
megan the stallion are promoting
but there are sacrifices required on
both however today
men are the only ones making the
sacrifice women refuse
they’re basically trying to sell us they
can do what it is that we are doing
and they want to bring that into the
relationship and if that’s not possible
they go out there
and they try their own model of success
and it doesn’t work
and your community looks like a reverse
nesting community is what I call it you
go out there
you procreate you fornicate
you produce children you provide try to
provide some stability or commitment
after the production of the children
if you’re able to do that you provide
try to provide a nest
and then you try to raise the kids to be
self-sufficient and successful
and go out there and produce that’s the
reverse nesting it’s actually the
dumbest thing that you could do
in society today it’s gonna further
disenfranchise you
in the community that you’re in and if
the vast majority of the communities
that you
you’re in has that model guess what
you’re gonna be poor and broke
because you can’t pass on life insurance
like that
you can’t pass on family wealth like
you can’t pass on real estate property
like that
because you have no nest and you have
nobody to pass it on to
okay so they gave you the recipe for
but it requires it requires
an equal and opposite sacrifice
so you fail in your reverse nesting then
you receive all the praise and uplift
meanwhile your community is burning and
here you are
trying to convince me that it’s fine
see these are why you would get into and
engage in a monogamous relationship
to me in today’s time it’s foolish to do
it’s foolish to do so especially if you
procreate in that particular time
you’ve just put your children at a
disadvantage by doing so and then you
wonder why they get
shot and beat up by the police
you wonder why your kid procreates
soon after he gets out of your household
oh you became a single mother too you
became a single father too
all the while the person who initiated
the cycle
the creator of the cycle is going
what I ain’t making no sacrifice in a
monogamous relationship you can forget
about me cooking for you
oh okay well who’s gonna do the cooking
well I ain’t gonna do it so she goes on
by herself
and does the cooking for herself that
she refused to do for the man
that would have been the protector and
the provider
I was like what are you going to be
cooking for somebody how are you going
to eat
well I ain’t cooking for you um okay
but this kid is over here eating
mcdonald’s happy meals and the mom’s
looking like grimace on the box of the
happy meal
yet it’s men’s fault i’ll do on my damn
this is what is ruining the country
right now but again
they’re not willing to make the
sacrifice on their end or
if you’re a woman watching this you’re a
woman watching this
well I want to be the strong one in the
relationship okay
well by virtue of that you’re gonna have
to protect and provide and secure now by
virtue of that you’re gonna have to also
when there’s a barbarian at the gate
when there’s an enemy when there’s
somebody there to take from us
you’re gonna have to be there to be the
defender you can’t expect me to defend
when you made me a beta
back to it in today’s age monogamy is
foolish it’s foolish
it’s a dumb decision I know your heart’s
in it
monkey simple I know
your church I know your community
your community that has a 70 single
mother rate by
mind you it’s telling you this is how
you should do it
okay and you’re telling me well
this is how it should be done and i
shouldn’t feel this way you feel guilty
about wanting to fornicate
meanwhile your church pastor is
fornicating with the entire
church single mother retreat program
that he goes and takes him on the cruise
we’re gonna take the singles out on the
cruise and then your pastor’s blowing
everybody’s back out but you want to be
like your pastor
listen I don’t hold anything against you
but the reality is the feeling that you
have doesn’t match what
your desires are naturally as a man
and you don’t understand the sacrifice
you’re making you’re making a foolish
decision right now with these
women today who aren’t willing to bring
an equal
and opposite amount of value other than
a piece of peace leaving time
all right and some eggs the available
good eggs that they have left
despite the fact that there’s body been
ran through more times in the holo
tunnel all right listen
the value that they’re bringing in is
not equal and opposite of what i’m
betting against
which is myself and if I fail in this
if I fail to provide if I pick fail to
if I fail to monitor my wife if I fail
to hold her up to a standard
of equal and opposite if I fail
to protect my children if I fail to
educate them and set them up for success
if I fail to keep my
bologna pony in my pants I lose
everything and what does she lose
nothing what does she lose if she fails
to protect and provide what does she
lose if she fails to educate what does
lose when she fails to
keep a stable job what does she lose if
she fails
to keep that itching peace leave off of
somebody else’s salami
what does she lose nothing
she still gains she still makes you
um the individual she still makes you
the individual who failed
and she collects and passes go
and you lose everything you lose your
children you lose time with your
even if you get 50 custody you lose time
with your children you no longer are
there to protect your daughter
because she’s now living in a separate
household from you fifty percent of the
so while you’re in she’s in your home
and you’re telling her daughter don’t go
out there and be a single mother
I know your peace leaves it don’t go out
there and pass it over to the
quarterback of the football team
don’t get caught in the bushes with
darrell tyrone tyrell and all of them
don’t do it when she goes to her mother
house her mother says oh bring tyrell in
because she wants tyrell to give her
monkey double backflips
so she watching she watching tyrell and
the daughter
make the same dumb mistake that she made
meanwhile she want the daughter to go
run to the corner store
and leave terrell there for her to get
sloppy seconds this is happening
I have a story about this one that i’m
gonna make a video about
this is happening young boys are being
manipulated by older women
teachers all of this stuff and they’re
of their daughters their boyfriends of
their daughters
this type of debaucherous stuff is
happening why because there’s no men out
that are that are taking control of
their community
then when I leave the community and i
want to do my own success my own recipe
for success
and somebody said she cooks for tyrol
she does come here tyrell tyrell 16
he on the varsity football team he about
to get a scholarship she does all the
cooking she provides drinks and alcohol
to him
she gives them sloppy toppy shout out to
solo tv
she does exuberant monkey double
backflips on tyrell
then the husband come home from the
plant with his lunchbox hey baby can i
get some uh turkey and gravy tonight
get it to damn self if he’s there
but I leave the community I want to live
the recipe for success
I want to sacrifice and make a
monogamous relationship
and then I want equal and opposite value
I do good for myself for my family i’m a
bad man i’m a uncle tom you should be
out here in the community
struggling with us because we embrace
the struggle we want to be out here
living in apartment complexes
stacked on top of each other and
believing this is how humans should live
we want to be in the community watching
you get shot and not saying the damn
word but when tyrell get beat up by the
police we gonna march
get shot at my own cumulative nobody
says nothing and I was the one actually
doing it right
tyrell gets shot dragged by the police
oh poor tyrell
they marching for him i’m like what the
hell is going on here this brother got
his whole damn family wiped out nobody’s
saying nothing everybody like
and they wonder why I left
they wonder why I don’t build with you
and this ain’t just the people that look
like me this is a lot of people all over
the country
adopting this ideology here’s the chart
might I provide you evidence what you
guys think is a recipe for success is a
recipe for failure
your issues are economic they’re not the
way you look
and they’re reason they’re not only
economic they’re stupid because you guys
won’t enter into traditional monogamous
relationships where both people
so men today there’s no
reason on earth that you should
sacrifice everything on your side
when she only sacrificing time and peace
leave and then making you feel bad
for not being the man that you should be
and you guys get convinced for not being
the man that you should be
and then ultimately when you become the
man that she thinks she wants you to be
she loses respect for you
now you begging her for a piece of peace
you begging your own wife
up for a piece of PSleeve that she
giving tyrell or that she wants to give
man i’m just telling you man
how this works.