MILES LONG Food Lines Are Back, Mass Evictions May Drop Soon, I Hope You’re Prepared For The Chaos


Earlier this year when they started announcing this strange, you know, virus was spreading in a bunch of different countries, I was pretty nervous. I was pretty worried. I thought it was very important to take very very seriously, and then it became a pandemic and it was very important to make sure you are prepared for potential economic disruption.

I gotta admit I am not for the most part concerned about covid right now. Not that I think it’s an issue I do. I think the bigger issue is that
politics is getting in the way of accurate of, of, solving the problem itself.

But outside of the politics of it whether or
not you are super concerned and
you’re worried about covid the bigger
issue is and always has been
economics and the threat to you and your
from a lack of resources i’ll tell you
what really does scare me
this photo right here i’m not kidding
this scares me I I mean that
it’s about as scared as you’ll see me be
I suppose unless I don’t know like a
swarm of
gigantic wasps started chasing me but no
I look at this and this is
look when i’ve dealt with conflict
crisis and dangerous situations
you get a kind of fear but it’s more of
like an adrenaline rush
alertness I wouldn’t consider I wouldn’t
call it fear necessarily
it’s something different it’s like
you’re alert in the moment
and you’re you’re laser focused this
photo what you’re seeing
is a miles long a line of cars
of people who need food people who have
have gas and don’t have food this scares
I am worried about what’s going to
happen past this election
what we will what we will have access to
who are these people who can’t afford to
eat that in
uh fair park in dallas have to line up
in this
massive line 1710 families
it’s worrying now there’s some good news
and some bad news uh
in in terms of how we look at this one
thousand seven hundred and ten families
there’s a lot of people
not relative to how many people live in
the dallas area
so maybe it’s not as bad as we think
maybe it’s just a thousand two thousand
people need food and the millions of
other people are totally fine and the
system will be fine
or maybe this is just a sign of things
to come
my biggest fear you know looking at at
these images and looking at stories like
is that we have not yet begun to see the
true disruption
I was browsing a professional camera
website recently
and you know as you know I have you i
have a show here I have a studio we have
a bunch of cameras and we periodically
need to
update upgrade and I needed gear for
the van I started looking at options and
I noticed that they were almost
sold out of of everything there was
there was nothing in stock
and I started thinking to myself i’ve
never seen it this barren
and it sort of started to remind me of
earlier this year when we saw the
shelves disrupted
I saw this story I started thinking
listen you know when when the shelves
were first disrupted this was mostly
people rushing to the store and buying
things up before shipments got in
a lot of people who are hoarding stuff
and toilet paper for instance and they
were mocked for it
what we’re seeing now I think could be
however due to the economic disruption
which has been ongoing for quite some
time and now this
millions of americans at risk of
eviction after moratorium expired
between 30 million to 40 million
americans are at risk of eviction over
the next several months
and I know donald trump is seeking to
stop this he signed the executive order
so we’ll see how it you know we’ll see
what happens but
if we’re looking at people who are going
to be evicted because they can’t pay
their bills
whether there’s a moratorium or not
these are people who have no money
here’s what it comes down to
will there come a point where you are
trapped in a line
with tens of thousands of people
tens of thousands hundreds of thousands
in desperate need of food and you know
you’re not going to get it
that freaks me out man uh most of you
know that i’ve been trying to expand
things we’ve been talking about getting
a new building and moving and
it’s it’s it’s near impossible just to
the way the banks are moving the way
everything is being handled
it is near impossible to get anything
done and this
is uh is absolutely worrying to me i’m
gonna do something I don’t normally do
highlighting the story i’m gonna do
something I I don’t normally do but i
think I need to
check this out
i’ve promoted several times a lot of
people like to laugh at me hahaha tim’s
promoting emergency food and
they make memes about it by all means
you can mock me you can make fun of me
all day and night man
i’m not a perfect person but I will tell
you this I am sincere when I say
I hope you consider preparing in in in
to a certain extent
for yourselves in light of recent
economic information
I don’t know much about gold I don’t
know much about silver I don’t know how
work for the most part i’m not that kind
of guy I mostly dealt with conflict in
crisis and things like this
I recently saw that gold was above 2 000
I saw silver was above like you know 27
or something
and I was like man this is kind of
worrying now we’re looking at 30 to 40
million evictions
and we’re looking at miles long a miles
long line of food
of people who need food so i’ll tell you
safe and ready meals you right now
they’re sold out of their two-week
supply they have an upgraded four-week
emergency supply it is it will be back
ordered by I think
you know uh uh I don’t know how long
but uh it you will eventually get it i
have some emergency food myself I have
in the closet I don’t touch it
it’s uh it’s it stores very very easily
check it out do what you gotta do ignore
agree with me whatever man I just you
know I I rarely do this okay again safe
and ready meal
safe and link is in the
description below it does support the
channel when you buy the stuff
I don’t I mean it sincerely when I say
that I saw this one story and it kind of
broke me out of the traditional news
cycle like we got the riots going on
it’s just worrying enough and we’ve got
you know it’s still coveted economic
issues I just saw this line and i
thought to myself man
i’m really really frustrated because i’m
trying to move all right most of you
we want to do more shows but but mostly
I want to get away from these cities
because I can’t imagine what would
happen I live in a dense
you know suburban area i’m really close
to philly
and i’m not excited about what happens
when these evictions hit they’re going
to be people standing outside of the
begging for food I don’t want to be
there I want to be self-reliant
I want to be off in the middle of
nowhere I want to know that i’m i’m safe
and relatively isolated i’m not really
moving to the middle middle
of nowhere but I wanna I wanna know that
I don’t have to worry about tens of
thousands of people rushing to the local
store and kicking the windows in and
trying to get food
maybe because they’re gonna if they
can’t get food maybe
maybe nothing bad is going to happen i
mean I don’t know I really I can’t tell
what I can say is the economy has
improved a bit you know
the market’s way up that’s not
necessarily a good thing
it it means a lot of things I mean you
know look we got it right here there’s a
dip from the dow jones I don’t know
whatever that’s supposed to mean nasdaq
is up
we’re looking at really great numbers
but i’m more concerned about when people
get evicted
if they can’t live in if they’ve nowhere
to live if they have nothing to eat what
do they do where do they go
and it’s going to pour out of cities the
people who live in cities
right you need to understand it’s really
hard to get resources into
cities because of traffic because of
narrow roads and because of increasing
population density becoming more and
more dense at which point I wonder like
when will new york be fully cut off
I saw this story and then I saw this
story arizona landlord sue
governor doug ducey an effort to end the
eviction moratorium
the arizona multi-housing association
manufactured housing communities of
arizona and several rental housing
owners filed the special action on
they say the arizona state landlords
association is suing governor doug ducey
in an effort to get him to throw out his
moratorium on residential evictions
the landlords are asking the arizona
supreme court to declare the eviction
moratorium as unconstitutional
they say that the moratorium violates
the separation of powers
imposed by the state’s constitution and
violates the constitution’s contract
i’m torn on this one man look
some landlords I believe uh
you can make arguments about whether or
not passive landlording is acceptable
and a lot of people just think it’s fine
people on the left absolutely do not
there are some landlords that are
hands-on and it is their job to maintain
a property to invest in the property to
ensure that everything is working
there are many landlords probably the
majority who live in the buildings
most people don’t realize this they
assume a landlord is like
some business somewhere that owns 50
billion properties
you know i’m obviously exaggerating but
they own a handful of properties they
rent them out
that’s true but these all of these
they’re businesses
they have staff they have on-site
managers they have to pay for repairs
some people are very passive about hire
manager make passive income but
regardless of the income they make on it
if these if people don’t pay rent then
everyone else involved in the building
maintenance profession don’t get paid
either there won’t be repairs
windows will break people won’t leave
and they can’t make money
and it will only get worse on the flip
side what do you do
do you evict everybody you evict all
these people who can’t pay their bills
because the economy has been shut down
and then what do you think happens
people are gonna riot
and if they’re already riding but i’m
telling you man we get 30 40 million
you will see people with nothing left to
and that’s what scares me and that’s why
i’m probably gonna
I I mean this i’m gonna order some more
emergency food
you know my my plan was i’ve never been
a prep or anything like that
but my plan was once we relocated and
got set up I was gonna stock up on a
uh I i’m not horde but just have like a
general pantry
mostly because look I really am going to
live in the middle of nowhere a lot of
people don’t get this
when you live out in the middle of
nowhere you do get like you know a
couple weeks supply of food or more
because this store is actually quite a
way a bit away like
the place we’re looking at the store is
like an hour drive or something so
you might as well get everything you
need so you can make less trips
not spend so much on gas save energy
lower carbon emissions you get the point
I was hoping to do that but man we are
we are getting
uh uh kovid has really made it
impossible to do anything
and that’s been freaking me out when i
see record gun sales
when I see stores just totally sold out
like electronics professional stores
things aren’t getting restocked i’m like
i’ve never seen this before maybe it’s
maybe it’s nothing maybe it’s something
I don’t know man
I just forgot i’m just a little freaked
out I suppose I mean look
you take care of yourself if you’ve got
the skills you do your thing you’ll
probably be okay
but you can you can go to safe and ready
meals if it’s something you’re into i’ll
tell you this
each and every one of you right now
download a standard
survival guide to your phones it’s not
it’s just smart maybe you go camping you
got a little instruction book on how to
start a fire maybe your battery dies you
can’t do anything well I don’t tell you
but I I have an outdoor survival guide i
have a couple actually on my phone
not because I ever expect to have to be
you know strapped in the woods and
surviving because you won’t be able to
charge your phone anyway
I think it’s a safety precaution it’s
useful and also a first aid
manual get these things it knowledge is
really it really is power man
people don’t realize it but we know so
much at
even the layman in today’s society
understands the basic concepts of like
if I told you how to smelt or something
you have a general id
start a fire get a you know hollow out a
rock put you know metals in it they’ll
melt and then you can make a forge
we’ve we have general ideas of things
we’re not going to be pros we’re not
going to be good as amateurs but we have
general ideas it really
really it really helps us so think about
download these things i’ll leave it
there next segment’s coming up in a few
minutes and I will see you all shortly.