Ladies, Men are NOT Coming to Save You!


All right. We got a special one, and uh
I’m gonna try and be as polite as
possible because the lady sent in this
request is very nice very
very kind very intellectually honest
which is the other thing that’s
incredibly aware intellectual honesty
and uh I for what hey guys hey guys
you wanna do charity work you wanna
this is posterity this is all gonna be
for posterity because ain’t no one gonna
listen to it
this woman has a very noble goal but
it’s futile
um so I’m going to try my best not to
curse we’re going to try and make the
it’s not that it’s monetizable it’s just
that it’s not limited
it will also maybe monetize it a little
bit but we have an interesting request
dear cappy I’m a woman I just watched
the video men must accept this reality
there are nearly
zero marriageable women I also read your
post on your blog about the grandfather
who’s trying to get his granddaughter
to understand that she should have her
own children not have a career that
simply worked with children
which she cried over when facing this
conflict if you guys want
basically the grandfather was trying to
his daughter
granddaughter sorry um
was like how she wanted to go into stem
and engineering it was a good thing
but she wanted to work with kids and her
grandfather was trying to say okay
well why don’t you have your own kids
because ticketing talked tickety talk
and man I mean he was being honest with
and she ended up crying because
he she deep down inside she knew that
she wanted to have kids
but on the other hand all this about you
girls gotta go
you gotta work and get a career all that
it was sad but I posted that because i
I’m like okay so a little bit more
evidence into the
into the balance of the skills that
women deep down inside do
want children and a family and kids they
do want tradition again it’s a battle i
don’t know but we’ll get to
theoretically philosophically well i
don’t care
uh i’ll be honest I cried a bit myself
because this is so true and so common
among women
okay another one on the balance of the
skills there
i don’t think you understand just how
much young women are pressured to go to
college have a career and to become
feminist at the expense of everything
ever since I was in school all this
girls heard was how
important it was to get an education and
yes that we could not rely on men
the indoctrination is so consistent and
never ending it prevents any other
message or alternative to get through
it could be school college the work
office women’s media
slash blogs everywhere every day women
have this message hammered into them
if you don’t believe this message or
question it other women will reinforce
it on you so you dare don’t
oh yeah you can’t leave the hive oh
don’t you
don’t you leave the plantation ladies
don’t you have independent thought
oh no do they have enforcers I’m just
picturing like a big mafioso
type you know what that belong here you
wrong think oh no you do not leave the
no you don’t strong independent thinking
critical thinking women
you had an independent thought you must
be punished
how dare you you critically think not
critical thinking thoughts that are
critically thinking
ultimately in its end
other women will reinforce it on you so
you dare don’t admit you want a
traditional life where the little
misspelling here
you dare don’t admit you want a
traditional life where the husband
supports you and you stay at home with
the kids
i am forever grateful my husband showed
me quote the light
i stay at home yes I stay thin I cook
for my man and I get to raise my
i could not imagine a better life but
not all women are as lucky as me as me
now here’s where
the old liar of cappy got up and this is
my good madam I know you’re well
intended I love you death but this
this is where you you poke the hornet’s
nest with a stick
you need to now she didn’t have I’m
putting emphasis on this you need to
understand these girls and where they
are coming from and be patient with them
excuse me me and and by implication us
men and
men here it is men need to know these
girls have been fed and died of feminist
and convinced women all oh man hey we
got a new job hey on top of getting
yourself out of student loan debt making
money staying in shape
trying to find affordable rent maybe
working can you scrimp up a down payment
while all the the the disease is going
and unemployment is what 20 by the way
here’s a new to your to-do list to your
charles guys
you guys now to go now you have to go
unindoctrinate all women
you know that baton death march you on
yeah you gotta do that again no I don’t
no sir I don’t uh
men need to know these girls have been
fed a diet of feminist lies to convince
women otherwise
you try to put on this oh
you try to put on this tough guy image
but I know deep down inside you care no
no I don’t I have no soul my good madam
i traded in my heart for a pump
many years ago but please convey a
message to women that they are being
lied to and don’t give up on them god
bless and and I’m going to keep you
because there’s no reason to do that all
right now
i I’m going to try my best now again I’m
not going to try and get angry
or agitated or ragey
uh but I’m going to and i’ve even taken
notes on this all right
so I apologize if I tangent a little bit
but I’m
going to explain here all right I think
the main
misunderstanding or the thing you fail
understand my good madam
is that men cannot live in two
places at the same time we cannot act
and exist
in two places at the same time we either
act in the real world where there are
or we act in your mind okay and what i
mean by that what’s in your mind
i’ve gone over this concept before it’s
what lurks deep down deep down inside
deep down inside you think I’m a nice
guy you’re wrong I’m not
but we and this is it’s very fascinating
to me where
women cry that the young lady that cried
because her granddad was trying to
get her to understand she had family and
that there’s a cost time to this
women crying themselves to sleep after a
night of partying and rejecting the
advances of men why can’t I find a man
as they drink their box wine and crying
to their cat
the stereotype whether true or not
men can’t live in both worlds we can’t
we gotta choose
either we behave and make choices
in the real world the effective world
the world where women’s
action and behavior is exhibited
and played out or we play guessing games
what is it women want deep down inside
now men have been trying to figure that
out for their entire lives for the
and we’ve come up with nothing all we’ve
done is wasted our times and lives
all right and additionally if we
this might go does she want cake or does
she want donuts well that’s not
there’s no ramifications if we guess
wrong there I guess she wanted cake and
i got her donuts oh well i’ll get her
cake the next time
we’re talking there are causing
consequences if men go into the
what do women really want deep down
inside because if we got a bet
if we gotta operate and act on the
theory the speculation
that what you say is true deep down
inside all women want the traditional
husband to take care of the british army
comes away
they’re taken care of and they’re a kept
woman not in ownership but like
they’re taking care of the finance and
they just want to raise the kids and
being out
if we go that way and we say no no deep
down inside that’s what you want
there is an unrecoverable
amount of damage and punishment we’re
going to get we will be immediately
accused of being sexist
we got to put up with the world’s
greatest bleep test
it’s not bleep test it’s the s word test
to see if that’s true
all right any guys that kind of go i
mean you could get
fired um you could
get reprimanded with the uh
tattletail cancel this guy says
women want a traditional marriage I want
to have kids I wanna
oh my gosh I mean it’s immediate now
deep down inside that may be true maybe
the princess is kept way off in the
after the the thickets of thorn what was
it was it sleeping beauty or was it
snow white where the guy had to go and
hack through the thickets
i just remember this as a little kid i
was scared of the dragon he got then he
threw the sword at the dragon and
because he lost his shield he threw the
sword he got the dragon right in the
heart and then when I think it was
sleeping beauty
deep down inside in that fortress
where the dragon and and the the thorns
and the thickets
and and the moat and everything yeah you
know what that might be true
but at what cost in life and risk and
men got to put their line uh their lives
on the line
to test your theory like
if this was hey kathy she really likes
daffodils instead of carnations oh dang
i got the carnations
i guess i’ll just there’s no I don’t
have to go through thickets
i want to slay a dragon I have to go
through a lava moat
i don’t have to go and and climb or i
don’t know it’s like uh
but because of feminism and because of
groupthink and because of
of seriously uh I don’t know what else
to call it
nazi thought indoctrination but of
course on the communist leftist side but
it’s it’s not to ask we’re not allowed
to have
intellectually honest conversations and
i am
totally sympathetic with the generations
now of poor young ladies maybe not so
young anymore women who I i understand
that group think
where women are you you stay in line
where you got the enforcers
all right but it
it’s what it’s our responsibility and
where I think the main problem I have
with it
is the hypocrisy of women
you all wanted this you wanted equality
it’s sexy look you’re already slamming
on the dizzle oh look at mario and luigi
saving the princess oh that’s
everything sexist any traditional
male female role model you want to be no
we can’t
you yourself said you’re independent now
i know not individually you
my good madam but as a group
very thorough I mean what 80 85 percent
of the young ladies out there are like i
don’t need no man fish bicycle
independent girl boss trademark
and we’re equal fine now there are
consequences to that statement
to subscribing to that philosophy to
adhering to it
if you’re so strong and independent and
equal go be it
free yourselves slay your own damn
dragon unshackle your own chains
the the and again not you individually
but the hypocrisy
that us men have been told said again
i don’t want a lady you’re probably
younger than me I remember
since 82 being a little kid my teacher’s
telling me about how women are equal to
men and they don’t
this was this is a christian parochial
concentration camp school
that’s all we’ve heard now I’m getting
right and I’m sure the only
generation left are the baby boomer men
they were told that too they got that
shoved up their
dirk chute from the 60s on
and we’ve get yeah we’ve treated you as
yes go be equal and now you’re asking
us cadre of guys to say oh
just kidding like it’s the world’s
ultimate bleep test
hey this thing that we said that we
really wanted and we insisted and we’d
sue you
and we’d make life hell for everyone and
we go through all the institutions and
now you got to sit through
training and indoctrination you take
tons of this in school
and you see it in a cacophony a thorough
cook an echo chamber entire globe of
echo chamber
women are women women are just like men
oh well it was a big joke it was just a
test to see if
you would be brave and strong enough to
come say no
no we gotta ruin we have to risk
ruining our lives
you know and men are coming kind of an
uphill battle
oh we get prep we don’t get preferential
hiring treatment we got a ton of student
loan debt
economy is not doing too great rents are
super not super high I mean
what you’re asking us on mazel’s higher
companies we’re just trying to survive
we’re just trying to get by to make ends
meet most guys living at home I’m sure
you ladies have your complaints about
the lack of real men
they don’t have the money oh by the way
did you vote for all these government
programs that increases the tax rates
which lessens the amount of money
individual men can take home pay and buy
you nice things and heavily be
how is a guy supposed to pay for you and
you know keep you in a kept a
traditional sense not a slave owner
if 40 50 of his paycheck is gone
because you needed you know what
universal day care
or more government money for your for
your sociology degree
and so there’s the hypocrisy side it’s
like no go save yourself you’ve been
for half a century at least you’re equal
madam may I suggest the ladies if they
want to be free of feminism or
socialism or anti-male and die whatever
it is if you really want to be
why don’t you go be a why don’t for once
ladies you actually be a strong
independent critically thinking woman
and say f off to feminism
and go be a traditional wife why don’t
you go live
why do you do what you want to do if if
in theory
deep down inside that’s what you want
why don’t why do you care about
i mean my gosh the cow towing the
the group thing now i’ve always known
this you know go on any dating profile
of a young man
if you like trump sweating I’m a liberal
i got a pet dog I mean it’s
so I hate to ladies it’s so sad but
you’re commoditized
you’re nothing special kids someday i
mean it it’s
of course this is me watching chad
elkins do it
but you’re not independent I mean I i’ve
known that you’re all lemmings
wow another hillary supporter really
you’re a feminist too
wow that’s so unique
not that you even have to be a
republican or a ronald reagan trump
it’s just it you’re not you’re not you
know what’s really independent I like
you my good man
you’re you are a strong independent
woman you buck the system
maybe with some help with your husband
or maybe providing you some insights i
didn’t I didn’t follow up on that
but that’s that’s not our responsibility
go save the princess in the castle no
she’s been telling me she could free
herself that’s where she wants to be
she says she wants to be in the dungeon
in the castle with the feminist dragon
that’s what it
and if I go there when I come back the
villagers are all going to ostracize me
and fire me from my blacksmithing job
or my or my grog making facility
saloon what do they call it bar
order I’m trying to go back into the
dragon days
and then not only is it hypocritical
where it’s like well go be free
do what you want you’ve had all you’ve
had agency this entire time
go do it and take no shame and take no
from anybody feminist males not
but then
you make it so it’s impossible what
you’re asking men
to do is impossible
not only because we get ostracized at
that at the you ty you tied our hands
behind our backs
you have to hey go save the princess
from the dragon through the thickets in
the lava moat
and if dragon he died not only does that
dragon breathe fire
it breathes herpegon of civil aids fire
you’re like well I don’t want the
herpegon to syphilis fire no
space ghost only a couple people get
but you you take away the sword you take
away the shield you take away your uh oh
and tie your hand behind your back now
save her because any time
not not only because we we’re busy just
getting by because we’re in the lower
hierarchy of muzzles need just food
clothing shelter that can find a job
but now what we can’t be honest with you
we can’t be blunt and direct we can’t
say hey
two million years you’ve been programmed
to do this men have been programmed to
do that
but the past 50 years some
try not to curse some
starved mentally crippled
angry intellectually dishonest boomer
they came up with a different idea from
generally privileged backgrounds you
know they didn’t have to worry about
they come up with a new
see that 50 those gals in that 50 years
they knew better than the 2 million
years of human evolution
and then if we ever come in and say well
maybe what’s wrong with you staying home
and taking kids
oh the fire of the herpet goddess
syphilis cometh no
oh there’s a corpse her herpegon is
syphillaid infested
pile of ash oh what was I thought that
was aaron does it look like aaron
i don’t know oh yeah look there’s his
hair oh yeah look at all that unruly
hair that’s cappy
what’d he do oh he tried he he he went
you know that nice lady
the one woman out of literally probably
a millionaire where it’s traditional now
he followed her advice and went and
tried to save the women oh
foolish cappy foolish gaffy
so getting back to men can’t live in two
okay and this is where it gets back to
my philosophy I don’t know how much of
of my shows videos whatever podcast you
listen to or watched
um I don’t care
what lurks deep inside the heart of
women or anybody
you you can’t care what anyone deep down
inside wants
it’s only what actions they put forth in
the real world because that’s what you
have to interact with
i don’t care if she is crying herself to
sleep and would love it if you’d ask her
on a date and say let me take you away
from your big time law office firm and
you can help me raise uh
goats on my goat farm I love it
we can’t what did she
i know I have a stereotypical girl boss
lawyer I know I mean like it’s
and I i had a little fancy for we’re
talking 20 years ago I’m like hey she’s
all right I like boy oh yeah
professional okay cool
because this may shock the women out
there I actually do
like professional women I love stem
girls you give me a stem girl you give
me a hustling girl oh I absolutely love
you gals supporting you because you
in one regard you guys actually do
support yourselves all right so I’m a
hat tip
and I did I love gals that were I i
still do it’s like
you’re a professional all right I’m like
hey and
we were equally matched she wouldn’t
i mean herpes got a syphilis corpse
she wouldn’t give me the time of day
uh and now I tried it not one nothing
apparently I probably didn’t make enough
but now oh yeah
she’s partner all right and she ain’t
good looking no more
oh it comes out she wanted a fan wow
too bad lady I tried my hand at
slaying the dragon oh you want nothing
of that
oh and I i and I learned
from that experience you don’t try to
guess what they want all I could
interact with
is what she put forth in terms of
actions and decisions
and statements and policy in the real
world and you girls have put not
all of you I’m talking universally i
know client accepted and some nice
gals like you for the most part all of
you girls put up this united front
this united policy you’re like the
effing borg
you make it very clear come on ladies
have you not said you don’t need a man
have you not said
strong independent don’t need no man
fish bicycle
how many of you girls I don’t stay in
shape for you I do it for myself I mean
how many other ones guys I mean I bet we
could come up put them in the chat room
put them in the chat well how many uh
strong independent women can do anything
men can do I’m not disagreeing
you know except for physical feats where
men obviously have an advantage of
ah what else my career comes first
um we got the mess I mean I remember i
was seven years old maybe I could do
anything mankind all right
fine back off lady
go away
you put up the you you’ve made a policy
and now as things have gotten more
and and I think women have been
weaponized against men
you have been trained to see men as the
uh men dare don’t go anywhere near you
why why would we why would we
no because again I we’re just trying to
get by
a lot of guys are just kind of like
they’ve thrown in the towel
oh here’s another one they saw their old
man get divorced or they maybe you know
I’m old enough now a lot of my friends
i thought foolish me I thought genex
would learn a lesson but apparently they
the guys are watching their dad their
some of them their sons everyone’s
getting divorced no one learned a lesson
from the boomers in the 70s and the 80s
um no I again there are huge
risks and costs and consequences my good
if men operate and go for the
traditional life
or advocate for a traditional life so we
we have to play it safe just to survive
just to get by just to have you know
make rent and eat food
this idea of self-actualization or the
higher love acceptance
no no no no hey did I get enough money
to make rent today
winning I paid off my student loans
at 32 I’m winning wow
i I got a job and i’ll make i’ll be able
to eat today
winning make enough money for wife and
50 divorce rate being yelled at the
entire new
so what happened to my old man
we have to operate in the real world
i guess we could call it I guess there’s
two worlds we can simplify it that way
there’s the world of deep down inside
what women want in the heart of hearts
we go into the heart of ours hey we’re
in the heart of hearts what do women
who cares because it’s moot it’s
academic doesn’t matter
you ladies as a group put forth a very
clear front
a very clear decision that you don’t
need us
a lot of you don’t want us we’re likely
to get divorced
and and it’s sexist and we’re going to
risk career and our
means of financing threatening our
maslow’s hierarchy of needs
if we advocate anything else or
even suggest dennis prager of all people
not that he’s talked about this at
length but he gets
kicked off of youtube breaker
prager or demonic or whatever
you don’t think you don’t think I’m
being serious about the threats to men
if they
don’t tell the line to
and then you go out there you’re the
you’re the nail that’s sticking out that
will get hammered down
it’s too risky for men to go save you
girls and save you for what for what a
five percent chance you have a happy
marriage and a 50
chance you don’t get divorced
no no we have to live in the real world
it’s not the heart of hearts world
nope doesn’t exist what are you
ladies putting forward in the real world
what are you putting forth what
decisions and actions are you taking
because that’s the only thing we can do
and you girls said this I know this may
shock you girls
a lot of guys believed it and followed
they do treat women as equals like well
i will tell you a story now I’m going to
tell you a story
many years ago kathy went from not
liking girls because
didn’t hip here to hit purely like girls
and because
i was told the entire bleeping time
women are equal I’m like oh women will
ask us out and equal because women are
equal I mean I literally thought because
you told us
and you said oh my gosh women
desperately want to be equal and like
why are women asking us out am I ugly am
i disgusting
am I short and it happened to be true on
all accounts in the end
but girls never and then now as you get
older oh they want equal
when it’s when it’s fun yeah when it’s
beneficial but when there’s
responsibility like majoring in stem
again why I have an immense amount of
respect for women
going to real professions or doing you
car work or shoveling the snow or
learning how to fire guns and protect
the home
uh or anything that involves risk or
hurting your feelings like
asking somebody out developing the girl
then they’re then they’re cafeteria
christians well I like this but I don’t
like that I like this and I don’t like
and that is hypocritical
thinking like wait you want to be equal
on some things
but not all things especially when it’s
hard and now men have to make now you
put us in a quandary you put us in a
22. you’re not going to ask us
what we like to what whoa no
no no one’s coming to save you ladies
no I don’t care if they but we don’t
that’s not the world
those aren’t the rules we cannot leave
the real world
we have to treat you women as equals we
have to
right men did what and we did we wanted
like we did
like I said you know like yeah but then
you find home but
we’re like yeah be equals I mean there’s
a philosophical
appeal there yes women and I believe
under the law women should be treated as
people should be treated equally however
men and women are different
see now am I going to lose my job
because I said that because men and
women are different and they complement
other different but equal I guess is the
way to put it
seriously think about that is that
statement going to get me in trouble
you can see you want us to go over there
into that moat
save that gal with that dragon with
those thickets
so we can hands are tied behind our back
we’re not going to go save you
that not only philosophically
do men not want to save you now they’re
like no no no no no I mean especially
here’s the thing if the internet didn’t
exist you could have a group of guy i
the community of men would be relatively
now the internet has made everybody very
couth and aware of what’s going on
for any guy that wants to seek it and
now you have guys like no
no no no no no we got the message loud
and clear messages are getting out from
other men
look they wanted this we got to treat
them as equals because if we don’t
we’re in trouble so they’re going to
have to get out again ladies
you took away our sword oh let’s get rid
of all the guns let’s get rid of all the
get rid of the swords get rid of the
shields get rid of the armor
hey you cappy put on your loin cloth
grab a stick and go save that lady
from the fire-breathing dragon
no so now I do men now want to save you
because basically we’re lied to the
entire time both men and women
but we can’t not without risking our
we have to live in the real world you
ladies have made it very clear what the
real world is
and so I am sorry ladies no one is
coming to save you
you let’s see it let’s see some true
independent stuff ladies
let’s see if it is true that deep down
inside women want to get married and
let’s see it you know there was kind of
an as a little
bit of a uh you saw a little bit of that
with the sex positive feminists like
yeah we like having sex like
okay I could see that well let’s see i
want a traditional house I want
traditional life I want to be a
let’s see it ladies that’s an
independent thing
oh but then you’d be ostracized
and the queen bees wouldn’t like that
now would you well you better get back
in line
and not be independent minded not be a
critical thinker
waste your life but hey at least on the
face of it according to other women
your team f and your strong independent
don’t need no man fish bicycle girl bars
that’s the main one come up with a
couple other points i’ll go over it
why no one’s coming to save you women uh
not only is it impossible because of the
brainwashing both sexes have received uh
men have been outspent traditionalism
has been outspent all right
there’s no i’ve said this many times
before you go to school
for 17 years k through college some of
you gals go to school for almost 20
and they’re hit over the course of time
uh trillions of thousands multiple
trillions of dollars
tens of trillions actually because it’s
about a trillion dollars a year now
spending education
multiple trillions of dollars has in
part been spent on indoctrinating
young women and men to cert to think a
certain way
essentially believe in feminism and that
traditionalism is bigoted and
discriminatory and
outdated no matter how many millions of
years it happened to exist in the past
um and it doesn’t end at college it
continues on as
as uh the client pointed out with media
television and roundhouse kicking chick
cop shows
uh it just continued in the democrat
party I hate to blame a party but
it goes on forever vogue magazine
whatever slate magazine anything owned
by conde nast it just continues on and
and on it doesn’t end uh
there is no counter-spending
anywhere near that anywhere near it i
don’t even think there’s anything like
it you could say well maybe the churches
would advocate true
about the only there’s no churches those
have all become feminized as well
about the only place that’s traditional
might be islam and some of the more
orthodox religions you know orthodox jew
orthodox uh catholic or was it greek
catholic orthodox eastern rome western
roman and
constantinople all that stuff the
byzantium empire
but it doesn’t hold a candle it doesn’t
hold a candle
right and you’re now you’re asking
individual men they got to think on the
micro level they can’t
how many trillions was spent what’s
what’s constantly showing on media
what’s he going to do I mean your
husband must have had an n
or you must have really liked him had
some chemistry because you listen to
what he said that’s about the only way
the only way on the individual level but
no men are not there’s no way
an individual man can overcome
all the k through college indoctrination
education in spain I know there was
reading writing and arithmetic there too
but there was indoctrination it’s a
it’s a machine and it continues to tell
you girls are dead I mean my gosh the
article’s even a woman gave birth at 61
and you all get excited
the couple of videos ago I talked about
the uh egg freezing industry where
corporations are
paying female employees their egg
freezing costs like
think about that
your nature is telling you the sun is
setting on this by a lot it’s not an
corporate don’t worry we need you to
keep working for us
keep working baby pay those taxes buy
those shoes
go into debt don’t worry we got a we got
a cryo chamber over here
you can have a kid whenever you want as
long as you keep working for the
we want your best years
corporations are my friend
my career comes first
so that’s one we’re out spent we’re out
gunned and you know what i
i think frankly most guys are good
they don’t want to indoctrinate you they
don’t want to counter I mean they really
i don’t want to tell a woman what to i
really don’t I don’t it’s not my place
I’m libertarian
please think whatever you want go live
with the consequences but it’s not our
who are we are we your brother’s keeper
this is not our responsibility
especially like telling us you don’t
need us strong independent
independently critical thinkers
another problem you’re going to face a
lot of men themselves are indoctrinated
have you seen the millennial soy boys i
i think the women will agree here
not a lot of george clooney’s huh not a
lot of the rocks or chris pratt’s
running around hey
the anti-fun guys when they put their
hands up they got a mask
and they might have a gloves on but man
they got some
limp wristed wrists don’t they I got
some nice groomed beards do you remember
brown shoes with the blue socks and the
slacks that came up to their calves
i mean if if a slight wind came in the
guy would blow over but he was dressed
real dapper he was very pretty wasn’t he
these guys that the male feminists they
just agree with you because they want to
get laid and they don’t want to go to
the deathly afraid of work labor
toil and suffrage they don’t go to the
gym they don’t run they don’t work out
they’re certainly not they’re they’re
too afraid to ask you girls out because
they they might get shot down and their
fifis might get hurt and they stay at
jerking off the porn and watching video
games or playing video games
so there’s a significant contingent
especially younger and they went through
the same indoctrination
i we were one of them
i mean I didn’t really wake up until i
was like 25
because I dated this gal I’m like well
she wants this that let her do whatever
and then also I realized oh wait you got
to stand up to him you actually got to
be a man
i thought seriously my mommy every woman
but my mind
women like a nice sensitive guy should
be a nice camp yes
your own parents are lying to their sons
about what women want
so there’s a I don’t know what you’re
going to go to the young republic go to
the young republicans they’re no better
than the young democrats they’re all
soy boys so these men are also
indoctrinated they know what
they they will ladies they just want to
get laid
and they’re they all they know is to
agree with you they think agreeing with
you is going to get them
laid and so they become doormats
went deep down inside whatever that
might be today
this minute this hour this afternoon
uh they’re just gonna try what do you
want what do you want what do you want
meanwhile I’m gonna theorize and
speculate women deep down inside
want an independent man who will stand
up for something
even if the women disagree with it he’ll
stand up for something
but that’s theory we don’t know has
anyone gone deep down inside did we send
did we send a probe there you know like
in the jacques cousteau uh
marine biology we sent a deep marine sub
diver drone into the mariana trench
who’s gone did he send the drone what do
they want deep down inside
don’t know the drone got crushed it was
called a sexist
it’s called a a misogynist
the misogynist drone the uss misogyny
so that’s another one I don’t know not a
lot of prince material
here ladies I mentioned this before
men are kind of busy just getting by the
more and more you vote for government
ladies the more more money has to be
taken away
from individuals yourselves included and
then you have
less and less money to pay for rent pay
for food for clothing and shelter
and man in theory you know if you watch
popular culture everyone wants mr big if
you remember the sex and the city show
they want mr pig you all want a rich guy
you girls do based on dating profiles a
hundred thousand dollars or more
well why don’t you make it easier for
guys to make a hundred thousand dollars
and not take half their income
i get a kick out of all these guys in
silicon valley they make six figures
hundred hundred two hundred fifty
their take-home after california taxes
especially it’s like 75
and then after rent maybe forty
you gotta throw in some money for like
you know food clothing shelter
so their actual disposable income is
around 10 to 20 a year which isn’t a lot
but then you wonder why there aren’t no
rich men around but hey you know what
you got government checks
but men are they’re busy
just getting by just getting by
uh another one here’s you know
i understand you ladies lament the
existence of the soy boys
and the lack of real men uh
don’t see a lot of marilyn monroes out
latest trip to walmart admittedly
walmart a lot of
large rotund ladies out there on the
i go out regularly running because they
say don’t go out because of the virus
and I don’t care I go out and I run i
get exercise anyway and it’s so funny
watching these power walking women it’s
like just give it up
you either set down the whole host and
work out or do none of the above
just just don’t uh what instead of the
men have to
to go save the princess
you girls are I’m sorry it’s gonna hurt
as a group you’re physically repulsive
you even and again we go now here here
watch I’m a bad guy
because I stated the mere fact men don’t
like fat tricks which we all
know but the fat acceptance movement and
fatism or whatever word the the
orwellian psychopaths have come up with
i mean the incentive for men is we are
physically attracted to you and if we’re
not physically attracted to you we’re
just friends
that’s the largest driving force for men
in the sexes between those is men like
i want to get with that I think you’re
beautiful you’re wonderful let’s go make
some babies
or practice trying but
the lie you girls are like biggest
beauty are you
kidding me and forget if women actually
but which none of them do uh you just
you’re not physically attracted
admittedly the men are not physically
attractive either I know
but it was it 41 of the female
population is obese 38
of the men’s population is obese the
average woman today
is 5 foot 4 and 160 pounds
uh really oh that’s my princess I get to
again here’s a foreign concept maybe
crazy idea sit down everyone sit down
take everybody go get a drink okay
pause it here go get a drink come back i
don’t wanna I wanna
floor you with this one maybe get a
really sturdy chair
what if we consider what men want
oh I know
aaron go save the average american woman
from the feminist dragon
she’s five four and 160 pounds ah
space ghost terrance pop look him up ah
really porn uh video games
uh anything else anything but
hiking motorcycle riding watching paid
not gonna save that woman from the
feminist dragon
not my job and I don’t want to
and again to disassociate yourself from
the rest of your standard american women
uh my fair madam you said you stay thin
for your husband that’s so rare
that is so rare I mean you you got it
you understand
you know you’re selfless you consider
what the guy wants
but you you want us to go
mount up an army and go save the average
american woman from feminine are you
nuts why you got to give us a better
reason to fight
which is ultimately why I think this
this genera it’s not going to be until
there’s like a war or
famine or great economic collapse is
there gonna be it has to be a reset
but men have no incentive to quote save
i multiple reasons not to
but the lack of physically attractive
women in the population is a maine why
not me
one of the many main ones
and then and and finally it’s the
hypocrisy I talked about before but this
is what you women wanted at least
at least officially okay
and you screamed at us and you
threatened us with
loss of job and this and that and
ostracization and deep platforming and
all right all right what do you want
you want this here you go
and and and now it there’s like kind of
a piece well not really a piece and a
column but like yeah okay you’re equal
yes go
because there’s no no we’re not going to
play we’re not playing the
guessing game of what you wanted deep
down inside you wanted it
you got it and now you know what really
if you want maybe it’s up to you
traditional women to go save your
maybe that’s your job okay
cause you then can’t be accused oh you
might be accused of uh
it came out hulu came out with this
laughably stupid
docu-series on um phyllis schaeffly
schlafly she was a traditionalist woman
a reagant
back in the 80s and was against the uh
women’s movement
and uh you’ll you’ll be ostracized as
her you’ll be
i don’t know like you’ll be called a
traitor and uncle tom of sorts whatever
the female version of that is
but you go do it men don’t have the time
they don’t have the money we don’t have
the incentive
we don’t have the desire some men aren’t
capable of it
and you know a lot of guys i’ll tell you
this again my good madam and any
traditional gals out there
it’s kind of like top gun remember top
maverick wants to get number one he’s
got to go up against iceman
and then they f up somehow they violated
a rule they
they pissed off tom skerritt
and goose comes up to maverick is like
look man
you know forget first place I’m just
worried if we
graduate or not and a lot of men are
kind of at that graduation they don’t
want to be
top gun they just want to get through
this life with a little bit of happiness
a little bit of peace a little bit of
calm a little bit of serenity
they’ve been beaten beleaguered lectured
sermonized about how they have
privileged their
advantage their whole patriarchy
they got an uphill battle when it comes
to work in school uh
they gotta save money if they save money
a lot of them gotta live at home because
of the cost of college because we keep
voting in more money I wonder why
tuition keeps going up that’s a separate
uh then the only real reason that they
exist deliver any human is because they
want to fall in love and find a nice gal
and have kids with but
it’s very apparent the number one thing
in their lives want nothing to do with
at least officially that’s the official
and absolutely no consideration on the
power of women
is given to what men want in their lives
out of women
men are acutely aware of what you women
want we know six six six we got it
not the devil look up the three or five
so I don’t know how many sixes there are
six fig six pack
six feet tall we we’re aware and our our
in our our labs are trying our best to
achieve that
maybe not because there’s so many fat
men soy boys
uh I forgot where I was going um
anyway this is you know we can’t we’re
not gonna we’re not gonna come see it
we’re not
we can’t we’re too busy we uh
we we are too busy just oh that’s what
it was
we just want to get to a point where
it’s like wow I can eat anywhere I want
a lot of guys are coming out of power
broken homes
because single parenting is so amazing
and wonderful a lot of guys just want to
have like a little bit of a happy life
before they die and they just want to
from top gun they don’t want to be top
gun they’re s they’re going to be happy
for second place
there’s no prize for second place fine
does it include food financial stability
a relative peace and calm
that’s what I want because they’ve a lot
of guys
is another sad thing ladies you’ve
convinced a high percentage I don’t know
what exactly it is we have to pull
that of of men that you don’t want them
and a lot of guys are kind of like
i know my biological drive is to go this
but man I watched what happened to my
old man and my buddy bub and I dated
that bipolar girl
no it’s not on the menu anymore
you can watch that other video I did and
and so they’re not in this game
my good madam you want to go save women
from feminism
you want to reinstitute traditionalism
by all means all you traditional ladies
go do it
okay we’re not able to do it and then it
becomes so demoralized disincentive or
they’re just so busy I remember this you
what dating I gotta work
i need to buy my bagels and oscar meyer
ham so I can make bagel and ham
ah the good old days of college living
in basements a lot of guys not even they
don’t even
not only do they not have the money or
time to date what get married in support
of family
they can barely take care of themselves
so there you go madam uh it is not our
ladies no man is coming to save you
it is not our responsibility and even if
it was we don’t have the resources times
frankly we only got ourselves to worry
about a lot of guys a lot of guys
uh and if if
this video is not going to do a thing
it’s not going to do a thing
it’s academic it’s merely for posterity
I’m merely trying to make my client feel
better and I may necessarily feel better
but to understand
the reality on the ground and then for
whatever women that happen to be
yo you’re pi okay deep down inside
whatever that may be
no one is coming to save you
no man no prince charming no mr bake
no uh cinderfella
not one guy is coming to save you
it you’re on your own so if deep down
inside ladies you really want to be
the stay-at-home wife you really want to
have kids it’s just that the entire
you have a choice for once you can be
independent-minded strong independent
with with critical thinking give the
whatever we would call it the matrix the
go find a guy go fall in love I’m sorry
a requirement is you’re probably going
to have to be physically attractive
because that’s what guys want you have
to think about that go have your kids
and go live your life okay in the
meantime if you’re not willing to
actually be a strong independent woman
and make your own decisions no matter
what society or your environment says
around you
well then I guess you’re going to waste
your life I guess you’re going to be
but it meh is not men’s responsibility
your happiness is not our responsibility
your supportation your family life your
not our responsibility we’re out like
you want us
so it’s up to you you have to save
if you want to if that’s what you want
because i
once again I know I got I got the memo
we all got the memo
your career comes first strong
independent don’t need no man
fish bicycle girl boss we we got that
loud and clear we have moved on
all right I apologize for anyone who’s
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um scrolling down
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and girls right what are especially
attractive but have foul men
just saying aren’t especially attractive
yeah I mean
i mean you just gotta be good looking
enough I mean the real
what’s really sad is you guys want to
see how how bad things have gotten
in vegas because I spend a lot of time
in vegas I have some friends
and let’s just say through some of these
key friends
the uh the ladies of the evening
the hot thing now is not mere
prostitution it’s the girlfriend
that’s the big thing women and not women
men are paying women
to be nice to them it’s not even about
the sex
it’s just show up on time and be nice
i’d go into more of it I had a conversa
a buddy of mine was
what I thought was on a date and it
turned out it was a
lady of the evening and uh he kind of
yelled at me because oh how’d you guys
meet I was dumb I was like oh how would
you be like oh that’s nice what do you
do for a living
uh I’m in college oh what are you
just didn’t pick up on like oh my
buddy’s got a sheep’s like a nice girl
she was nice she was paid to be nice
paid to be nice uh josh landrum our good
a regular of the show of five bucks i’d
like to hear you talk about soy boy
and not woman I believe a lot of red
pill guys are in denial
all right guys
at least let us not die hypocrites okay
get in shape do the best you can be to
be the best man you can possibly be
and then that way you know it’s not you
that’s why I knew that a long time ago
I’m short that’s the only disadvantage i
got I made sure I was the most
kept presentable not stinking
reasonably dressed individual there was
the best version of me possible
so if a girl shot me down I did not care
because I knew
it doesn’t get any better I can’t do any
more this is it this is all you get i
can’t I cannot improve
unless we do the gattaca thing with the
with the legs
uh oh before I go too far much longer uh
july june is worthless degree awareness
month july is
don’t become a millennial month all
right I know this sounds cheeky
or condescending it’s not this is a very
important book for all millennials to
get it actually is designed to help you
it’s especially designed for gen zeirs
and ladies there’s several chapters in
here that if you deep down inside
want to get married and have kids if
that’s what you want I strongly
recommend you get this book
because your millennial sisters are all
loaded up with that their financial
they’re approaching the egg going away
and I i don’t know do you want to be as
happy as millennial women
get that book
uh hunter alton bernd solving these
problems is like building a wood
foundation for a concrete castle yeah
it like I said on the onset this is
merely for posterity
adriamo ramos needs to go to kokomo next
to the bermuda triangle
what’s kokomo is that like the beach
boys song
aruba jamaica
alex pantino the little umlaut there’s a
you know
five bucks just go to mexico but you
have to go to villages away from the big
cities to find a real traditional
housewife beware there are always
outliers yeah
i I understand alex but maybe if that’s
maybe a young man’s game all these guys
I’m gonna go to asia I’m gonna go here
you could do that but
after a while guys I mean seriously you
get about
30 35 and you’re just like boy i
i really just want a peaceful life you
the wise man
just wants to run you know the old uh uh
samurai shows or uh this happened in
samurai shampoo a cartoon
to show you how geeky I am and they’re
always cutting their bonsai tree and
they’re all very calm and relaxed that’s
your maybe you don’t understand it now
but when you get older
you’ll get to that point you just want
peace and calm
you just want peace and calm
uh and mark mexico
for f uh 2.79 canadian dollars the
spiritual aspect of all this
that’s serenity happiness the spiritual
aspect to this mark is that you’re gonna
for both men and women and what I like
to do
is even if you are religious just
entertain the idea there is no
afterlife and you’re going to die and
that’s it
it’s over there’s no next level
there’s no puffy clouds in the sky
there’s no guy with a pitchfork with a
funny looking tail
with a funny beard there’s not even you
sentiently consciously there to
recognize the nothing is saying hey what
happened where am I I’m in the
you end there is no you
this like you see me now I see your
picture over there this thing
live happening your brain proceed ah
sentence we recognize
each other done you’re not even able to
have a thought because you no longer
it’s over and so
again you may be religious you may
believe in an afterlife I just want you
to entertain the thought
that this is it now do you all want to
start hating each other because we have
different plumbing downstairs
and this forces a very important
question on men and women
ladies do you want to spend your time
you want to spend your time commuting
getting master’s degrees
or do you want to raise your bleeping
children spend time with the loved ones
while they’re
there give them hugs go play in the park
right you can always work and you guys
are just as dumb in some regards too
what you got to work 80 hours a week
while your family grows up without you
i don’t know about you but sex is pretty
important to me i
presume sex is important for women but
we don’t know
somebody said get get this get the drone
set it down to deep down inside find out
what they really what do they want do
they like sex I don’t know report back
oh the drone got destroyed again the
crushing pressures of deep down inside
i theorize women like having sex I think
they do
well don’t you all think we ought to be
in shaping any on the treadmill then
like 40 of the population is obese huh
ladies put on some bleeping heels guys
hit the bleeping gym
everybody set down the carbs and the
whole hose and we try to become
maybe make our our lives enjoyable here
while we’re here for now huh
no oprah said I’m beautiful the way i
am and you’re all evil racist sexist on
my mind because you don’t let me better
than that
my friends are mad
it’s not hard it’s not difficult
and then I always think like oh this is
this is our team huh team human
team human race right burp gorgle gurgle
gurgle gurgle hey
funny happy wuzzy feelings I love
rumpaments rubles loves me
i like to drink it more than coffee or
tea rumple it’s
me i’ll have a triple three a cup a cup
a cup a cup of cup
so that’s the spiritual at least that’s
my spiritual aspect to it mark i
i don’t know it uh
it’s sad but both sexes are dep their
is roughly dependent upon each other
since women more or less have been
weaponized against men
the greatest thing that could be in
men’s life has been taken away
and so now men are like well what’s on
the menu watch my other video
what was it the zero chance to zero
marriageable women
it we just thought what the other person
want we delivered it
uh and men are doing that pointed this
out in the red pill community
men there’s a huge segment within the
the manosphere red pill community about
working out it’s all about what do women
want and we okay how do we deliver it
on the feminist side it’s those rap
bleeper men
and then they got to be punished and we
don’t need them and we’re building i
there’s no altruism there’s no
selflessness there’s no consideration
what the other team wants
it’s like okay well have fun living from
1945 and dying and 20 20
miss boomer feminist have fun
they’re not happy one man’s course five
bucks if women do not give up their
rights the vote a boy
will dismantle it and then try to save
them there just enabling i
i know uh turd flinging monkey uh
champions this about taking away women’s
rights I’m not for that
because that’s not the problem it’s not
plumbing there are independent there are
good women out there
uh we’re talking monetary policy as long
as you pay taxes you should be able to
that’s it um it and I want women to have
the right to vote I’m actually
uh uh free choice no pro-choice that’s
what they call it I’m against the
distribution of money that’s not gonna
happen for meritocracy
uh no we’re not we’re not amen
men trying to save them no no no no
it’s it’s not that we’re gonna enable
feminism what this is all
the larger point of this video this is a
female affair
it’s up to american and western women in
general and other countries as well
whether that
it’s up to you guys I’m simply giving
women a choice I’m saying you know
there’s another restaurant I know you’re
all lined up at the
you know the feminist restaurant there’s
another restaurant called traditionalism
and if you want to have marriage kids
you can go there and have that that’s on
their menu over there
where’s what’s on the menu of the
feminist restaurant I don’t know career
student loan debt prada shoes proud of
handbags jimmy choo shoes
debt insolvency bankruptcy
poverty loneliness master’s degrees
anger rage crying
again I don’t know what’s deep in the
dark the other one family and kids
supporting husband
you can go over there try it you can
just try it
adriano ramos two australian dollars
beach boys song about romantic fictional
yeah yeah I know I know that yeah I saw
a cocktail that was that was the movie
oh hang on more super chats bear with me
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and send me uh that question i’ll
probably do because I i feel bad when i
oh wait a minute hang on don’t I know a
way to look this up on
on the on the youtubes i’ll put together
another video
and i’ll answer those uh al cortez 173
five bucks I saw him at walmart dealing
with screaming kids arguing with their
wife and penny pitchy with their
groceries I had a full carton what’s
that piece
yeah I mean this is this is about the
second this is the second place this is
about the best you could do
i ran into an experience where
a man failed to be masculine and the
and the costs were great I don’t want
my kids are not going to scream because
i would spank them until they stop
screaming and start crying
and then I’m going to get to the point
where i’ll spank them say you keep
keep crying or keep spraying especially
if it’s the fake crying
people and this is why I don’t have kids
because i’d be a horrible father arguing
with wife there is no arguing with the
we argue it’s over do what I say
i don’t know
uh the competent man hey a company man
back peace and calm agree late 50s
usually make around 80k to 120 000k
where have all the good men gone
competent man do you know any good men
that make six figs constant danger of
dropping to zero okay no time for
anything else yep
it’s set we’re all we’re all gonna
become that samurai who’s just you know
kind of tending to his bonsai tree
you know looking very calm with the
you know they got that water uh like a
little waterfall thing that makes you
hear the flowing water
uh is that it are we done with the super
there we go okay
questions answers
i’d like to thank the client lady
uh who did that that was a very great
question guys send me great questions
because you can have nice good
conversations like this they’re a little
bit more expensive because I had to sit
down and figure it out
make sure I got my points uh links down
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how not to become a millennial it’s just
one of many
but july is how not to become a
millennial month
and if you have any questions go to my
and that’s it we’ll see you guys later