In usual fashion, when guys do it, it’s bad, but when women do it, strong and empowering.


“Somehow all of a sudden an older man dating a younger woman, oh the horrors! It’s only happened for the last several thousand years but apparently now the internet doesn’t like it anymore.”

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um i wanted to talk tonight about brad
and somehow all of a sudden an older man
dating a younger woman
oh the horrors they don’t it’s not like
it’s only happened for the last
several thousand years but apparently
now the internet doesn’t like it anymore
and so we’re gonna have to
we’re gonna have to start shaming men
for doing that now um
let me get recording here and and then
there’s another topic
i wanna talk about which is why it’s
okay for uh making fun of men
that actually show emotions um versus
uh guys keeping it in you know we’re
told oh don’t bottle it up
and real men show their emotions and
then when a real guy shows his emotions
uh he gets made fun of
shocking so let’s uh let’s talk about
brad pitt here first
they said brad pitt’s new relationship
proves the internet will never be happy
for men who date younger women here’s
the great part about that
if you’re a guy that’s an older guy
dating a younger woman
who cares what the internet thinks first
of all i’m sure
brad and this model i forget her name
i’ll look it up nicole something or
i’m pretty sure they didn’t take a poll
to find out if it was okay if they date
and i’m pretty sure they don’t care but
it’s almost like they’re gaslighting
like they’re trying to say oh
you didn’t know older men dating younger
women is bad
you can’t do that nowadays but we’re
going to talk about that then we’re
going to talk about
uh how a woman dating a younger guy all
of a sudden good
all of a sudden it’s good it’s
acceptable oh you go brave stunning and
you go get em grandma whatever they say
when it comes to dating
they say age is just a number and the
love shared between two people
matters more about the connection they
share rather than the age gap that
separates them
or at least that’s the theory if you’re
someone who’s constantly in the public
eye then any age difference between you
and your partner is constantly
the latest jealous commenters social
media trolls
is 56 year old brad pitt and his newest
partner following his divorce from
angelina jolie
27 year old german model nicole
poterowski potarolsky
porolski okay so let’s uh first
first here’s the thing okay um i can’t
i mean mick jagger he’s like 70
something and he’s been married to i
want to say a 30-something year old i
did a story on it way back
uh old dudes like that can still have
kids um guys
easily have as a matter of fact i think
it was tony randall
the old broadway uh actor i think he had
a kid at like 80.
so hey man i mean i don’t know if you
need a little medicine to help things
rise to the occasion but guys can still
you know guys so that’s why guys can be
older and women can be younger
number two she’s a model so i’m it’s not
like she’s broken just like oh please
can i have some of your money i’m sure
it doesn’t hurt that he’s probably worth
several hundred million and number three
it’s brad pitt
so i have to assume most of the people
that are giving him a hard time
um are probably secretly jealous let’s
face it it’s brad pitt now
most of the women that i’m i’ve got a
comment section i’m gonna read
most of the women i looked at some of
their profiles the ones that were
complaining about 56 year old brad pitt
uh choosing a younger woman and they
were saying shame on him and he should
do better
um like 140 year old brad pitt would not
date these women so i think it’s a lot
of jealousy in there
um they go on a little bit more talking
about you know just
like how the two met up and everything
but who cares they say
it seems however that some people just
don’t like it some comments from
a post on notorious celebrity gossip
perez hilton’s instagram proves that the
internet will never be happy for men who
date younger women
i don’t think so i think it’s just
jealousy another old man with a young
woman what can they have in common
please says one disgruntled user here’s
what they can have in common
a his money be her
firm young
good looking body i mean that’s just
that’s the way it goes i mean
now and again i’m going to talk about
the reverse scenario here in just a
others suggest he’s taken up some
pointers from fellow once upon a time
hollywood actor
leonardo dicaprio a man famous for
dating younger women by saying he did
one movie with leo and look what
happened hey good for him
one user goes so far as saying nicole
will need to look at uh
need to look at brad’s earlier years or
pictures of brad’s earlier years
if their relationship is to succeed she
says lmao
when they have intimacy they probably
have to look uh
they probably have to have old school
movies of him in the black
background when he was young so she can
get to her happy place
some however jump to his defense
fortunately brad didn’t ask our opinion
before dating her exactly
so they go down and talk about it a
little bit more so here’s uh here’s brad
and the photo of the young lady
and i’ll read just a couple comments
here and then we’re going to talk about
the reverse scenario because remember
this is bad
older man younger woman bad now uh
apparently only this year or maybe last
because hugh hefner had like six
girlfriends and he was
i think in his 60s or 70s or 80s and
they were all
like hot bunnies that were in their 20s
and he had six of them
all living with him and i don’t remember
too many people coming out against that
but apparently now it’s bad she says um
let’s see what do they have in common
her dad and him are the same age
yawn it’s so boring old guy and a 23
year old
and they go on to say uh um let’s see
she looks like a young angelina maybe he
just upgraded
oh boy lol no one can uh outlook
angelina anyway
27 year old can outlook older angelina
and and then some a woman says if this
was a reversal situation the woman would
be criticized
okay let’s talk about that i don’t have
to rewind my brain very far to remember
hey look at this jada pinkett smith
remember that from
a month ago
jada pinkett smith she’s 48 he’s 27
and remember her son is 21. so the guy
she had this affair with on will
or whether it was a fair or whether it
was just they kind of had an open thing
and he didn’t know about it and then she
decided to drop the bomb
you know on like a live facebook feed or
something or other
um either way it was oh you you go girl
and ha ha
look at will he’s all sad and he’s all
upset and poor will
they’re gonna make fun of him for being
emotional about it
and being upset about it and then
they’re praising her for dating someone
20 years
her younger her junior who’s almost her
kids age
since when like i mean here’s the thing
if you want to clap her on and say hey
you go get it okay fine
uh i’m not okay with them laughing and
and clapping about uh will being hurt
and because now it’s actually a meme
that uh
crying will smith is now a meme but you
can’t have it both ways you can’t be all
stunning and brave good for you girl go
it and then when a guy does it you go oh
god it’s like he’s their dad and
shame and oh how awful and these men
these men have nothing to offer so they
just have to they can’t handle a mature
responsible intelligent woman they must
go get a young woman
well i don’t know if about you but most
of these young models
have to work in several countries and
many of them speak four
five six languages and a lot of them a
lot of women
that go overseas even if they do
modeling a lot of them have
at least degrees so you know that’s not
exactly fair
but remember that will smith and and
jada jaded doing this to will oh you go
brad bad but here’s
here’s what i wanted to bring up not
taken seriously why is will smith crying
meme trending on twitter
photo of will smith crying has gotten
the meme treatment after he and his
wife jada pinkett smith revealed they
were briefly separated
the topic of the 51 year old crying
began trending on twitter as users
outrage at his mental health being
turned into a joke
and this bothered me too but when i
first did the story i didn’t know about
the crime well
because the story just broke but here’s
a follow-up on it yeah they’ve made a
meme of his face when he’s like teared
uh we’ll get to that though they say the
meme began after will and jada revealed
in a table talk
no let me correct that the meme began
after jada
revealed to will on a red table talk in
front of a lot of people
which is really not a good time to break
this to maybe somebody that loves you
and is
married to you even if it is open no one
wants to hear about oh i i
had really strong feelings and i was you
know nailing this guy or letting this
guy nail me
uh that’s almost the age of our kids no
one wants to hear that and you don’t
want to definitely hear it
live on video like having a camera
focused on your face
that’s that to me wasn’t cool but
anyway they say the meme began after
will and jada revealed in the table talk
that the couple were separated briefly
when she began seeing uh 27 year old
singer uh auguste
alcina the revelation came among
long-standing rumors the smiths have
an open marriage for years we’ll admit
in the interview that he wasn’t sure if
he’d be able to rebuild their
following their 2015 split when jaina
had described as an entanglement
with alcena yeah entanglement of arms
and legs
while he was on top of her doing the old
in and out
users began circulating a screenshot of
well as you broke down into tears during
the interview
and it quickly became a meme and here’s
the most popular picture that they use
for that
the fact that will smith crying turned
into a meme is proof of how much men’s
mental health
is a joke to the world and i agree with
this this is why many times i’ll say to
you guys
hey if you’re gonna like express some
emotion and you gotta you gotta break
and you gotta have a moment try to do it
by yourself if you need somebody to talk
talk to a male friend of yours that’s a
good friend that will understand what
you’re going through
have your moment process it and and
and if you do need someone beyond that
you talk to a professional you talk to
like a therapist or you know a family
member mom
dad something like that they’re gonna
understand you do this in front of the
and here like society is making fun of
will smith
so you’re gonna tell me that a girl’s
not gonna make fun of you or she’s not
going to lose attraction
for you because you’re you know even if
you’re just like oh
get a little whoo get a little uh
someone’s cutting onions in here
you can’t do that because they’re going
to make fun of you everybody wants a
strong man
and if you got to be weak you can’t do
it in front of other people or you
or you can but you’re you know you can
see the reaction and this is will smith
like rapper uh actor um
i think he’s done some other stuff i
can’t think of off the top of my head so
if will smith’s getting made fun of
don’t you think you probably would too i
think so someone else says
will smith crying turns into a meme is
proof why men or why people don’t open
up about their issues to others
not people men if a woman were to to cry
they would have it reversed this where
will came out to jada
live on a stream that while they were
separated he had an
entanglement with a 20
what six-year-old 27 year old woman and
them seeing jada cry
oh my gosh they would have roasted will
and and jada wouldn’t be a meme will
would be
like jerk of the year
but again when it’s reversed it’s not
always the same it’s all good strong
good for you jada haha she made him cry
take that men
that’s literally what they’re doing with
this meme according to
and i’m going to read a couple more
comments and then we’ll get to the last
according to society men can’t have
mental health problems nor can they cry
but something that needs to be said is
notice how people like will smith and
many others when they started crying a
meme was made out of them
think about it there’s also one of uh i
think it was michael jordan
um where he’s crying as well the fact
that will smith’s crying turned into a
meme is proof of how much
much mental me how much men’s mental
health is a joke to the world
and the last one the fact that will
smith crying turned into a meme is proof
that mental health
of men is not taking seriously and they
down to explain what happened between
them it doesn’t matter
so i’m you know i’m going to kind of i’m
going to kind of wrap it up there but
the whole point of this
is is that number one
somehow now i’ve i don’t think society’s
like madonna’s dated younger i think she
has like a 22 or 23 year old boyfriend
and she’s like in her 700s now like
she’s 60 something
no one ever really gave her a hard time
for it i don’t remember anybody
mentioning it really
um i’m trying to think of other
actresses that i know that have dated
but they cheered on jada smith for this
they have no problems with that
and the i mean i’ve heard a little bit
of like a couple people crap on
leonardo dicaprio but you know going
back i mean men have always been older
because men as they get older they have
better finances they’re more secure
they can still provide well they can
still pop out those kids if a young girl
wants it
and if you’re a young 23 25 year old and
you date up a little bit or even if
you know 30 or 32 33 you date up a
little bit
all of a sudden if if you say hey i will
provide you my youth
i will provide you my booty my my beauty
and my booty i’ll provide you my beauty
and my booty
and my my good years you provide me
security and uh your intelligence and
strength and your finances that’s an
agreement that’s kind of been made in
i mean if you go back and look at the
1800s it was not
uncommon for men that were in their
late 20s maybe even early 30s to marry a
girl that was
14 15 16 because times were different
back then
and yeah we may find that a little bit
creepy today but again times were
and plus you pretty much died at like
you know the old wise man of the of the
country western town was probably like
55 or
60. so but the whole point is guys have
always been older women always younger
that’s never been a thing but now all of
a sudden they’re trying to turn it into
a thing
but the older women doing it down to men
this is what society is doing man
they’re just trying to take away
everything that every advantage a guy
everything that a guy does is bad but
even if a woman turns around and does it
oh stunning and brave stunning and brave
good for you hey you’re great you’re
strong you’re wonderful
and this is just more ammo in your in
your ammo belt or more
uh quivers or more arrows in your quiver
just kind of keep this in mind that you
you know you may get flack for dating
younger you just can’t listen to these
people anymore
because the internet man the people on
the internet are just
i have i i say this as i sit here on the
internet people on the internet are
are going absolutely crazy and society
is just literally falling off a cliff
and they’re they’re trying to change the
rules they’re trying to gaslight us and
oh it’s always been this way we’re older
women and younger men are okay
and older men and younger women are
gross you didn’t know that
they’re going to do this for for the
next 10 years and the younger guys
growing up will be like
they’re going to buy in they’re going to
be they’re gonna be completely fooled on
this stuff i’m i’m telling you
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guys i’ll leave it there this is a
better bachelor i am joking remember
older men
younger women common everyday acceptable
no matter what the internet says older
woman younger man hey
not quite as common still acceptable who
cares what they say but you watch it
they’re going to try to change the rules
they’re going to try to gaslight it and
before you know it they’re going to
they’re going to
turn it to where older guy and young
woman is somehow creepy i don’t know how
they do it but that’s the internet