“Happy Wife, Happy Life” – A Sign Of A Defeated Man

This idea right here, this mindset when you have the advantage, flips the advantage back to men. The marketplace always favors men, especially today. It favors men.

Women want the relationships. They can’t get it. Okay?

Men want the sex, you can get that.
Easily, easily.

I mean it’s available out there and so
right now there’s an imbalance women
might think they have an advantage but
they’re the ones who designed the most
critical part the relationship okay and
here’s the deal man this mindset right
here kills men
it’s the cheaper to keep her mindset the
happy wife happy life mindset okay of
all the men that we’ve talked about of
all the mindsets that are critical for
you guys to understand or to at least
feel sorry for these men this mindset
these men right here are the saddest
lumps of men out there these are the
provider betas on steroids they bring
90% of the value into the relationship
I’m not talking about intangible I’m not
talking about oh she changed so many
diapers I’m not talking about she was
loyal to him I’m not talking about that
hey I’m talking about the real
measurable value he brings in 90% of the
value in fact if you removed his value
let’s just say for for argument’s sake
if you removed his value immediately
from the equation from the marriage that
he’s in the marriage that he’s being
cooked and baited if you removed his his
his value immediately the relationship
would die in days that means you took
him out of the home if you removed the
value that he brought in it would
crumble in days now the only way it
doesn’t crumble is if he has to still
contribute his value and receive nothing
in return and one of those things called
alimony child support access to his
pension access to his health insurance
his death insurance his house his car
his financial future see when you remove
him you have to
keep what he provides in order to keep
it alive now let’s flip it you remove
the value the intangibles that she says
she brings you remove that how long does
the relationship or how long does what
she left actually maintained itself some
men it could fall apart quick most men
they actually do better the children do
better this less drama just less chaos
this less women running around here
bleeding from their ear nose and eye
there’s less what do you call it dumb a
rationality in the house there’s less
arguments in the house and less disputes
many men can thrive raising their kids
went out the presence of women okay
many women try to raise their kids
without the presence of men but over
time it shows that it is actually
drastic to your community by doing so
when you remove her it actually is a
benefit when you remove hit I’m talking
about you remove her and here’s the
funny thing here’s a funny thing when
you remove her what you will find is
that you were actually paying other
people to do things that she was
supposed to do like the house cleaning
you actually got a cleaner that comes to
clean your house the dishwasher washes
the dishes steal you pay in the dry
cleaner you playing a babysitter the
depth of school daycare the maids the
lawn there’s stuff that you actually are
paying for her that she’s supposed to be
doing and bringing in value and not only
that you’ve been paying her and paying
her paying somebody else to do all of
those things ok now for the women that
say well I bring in a paycheck – ok well
you bring in a paycheck but I guarantee
you the bills aren’t being split down
the down the middle and that’s the
principle that I call the principle that
I call what his is hers and what’s hers
is hers so you might bring in some money
ok and a vet there’s a certain small
amount of women that actually support me
and are a this yeah ok we talked about X
section to the rule but look what you
bring in is not being consumed for the
the rent the mortgage the bills etc
that’s extra money many times you hide
that money and you’re buying high-heeled
shoes clutch bags Oh
stuff okay and you’re saving money on
the side meanwhile you could divorce
rate this guy okay but these men right
here these men right here they’re being
held hostage by this mentality they’re
being held hostage in marriages many
times these marriages aren’t included in
the divorce data when we say 50% 60% 70%
well these aren’t included in here when
you see a monkey sitting around slumped
shoulders his shoulders all around it
he’s running around he’s walking around
with his head down happy wife happy life
it’s cheaper to keep her these women
these men aren’t in the divorce
statistics these are held up as the
marriages that are thriving and there’s
a lot of these guys like this a lot of
these guys okay it’s the proverbial gun
to the head he’s in the messed up spot
he’s a hostage alright if this was
reversed and you had a woman walking
around happy what happy husband happy
life is cheaper to keep him if you had a
woman walking around like that they
would have used commercials they would
have shelters for this woman but he
sticks around just so he doesn’t have to
get bent over in the judges chamber in
divorce cream that’s why he’s sticking
around he’s not sticking around for love
he’s not sticking around to show that he
could beat this divorce statistics he’s
not sticking around because that piece
leaves still piping hot he’s sticking
around because of his mentality and who
has the advantage the woman that’s
bringing in 10% of value that for the
women that were you like well I bring it
more value than that well you did bring
it more value than that but now you’re
40 now you’re 50 now you’re 60 what are
you bringing that okay what possibly are
you bringing out of your kids are out of
the house you guys are empty nesters
what are you doing what are what are you
doing unless you’re the CEO or somebody
you actually taking right now and we all
know about the time they hit that late
50s they done working all right unless
they’re a CEO Dan out there hustling and
grinding you’re got deadweight and it’s
really cheaper to keep her down because
if you divorce Graper or a few divorce
or now you go you got
great divorce you’re done this is why we
tell you and a lot of men don’t
experience these things because their
relationships last maybe a year at tops
two years and I tell you that’s not
where all of these things that I talk
about the marriage will the bait and
switch that stuff doesn’t happen there
where the critical things happen is in
year 6 7 8 15 20 25 all right when
you’ve invested times that’s where the
critical stuff happens not in your one
woman can make women can make herself up
today’s modern woman cake they can’t
last a whole week the water woman today
can last a single week without exposing
herself to who she really is they’ll lie
lie lie
a week later they’ve exposed themselves
to be exactly who they are okay that’s
the that’s the thing that they have to
understand if they were able to lie a
little bit better and just take a break
from the cock carousel for just a little
bit longer you’d actually get them in
and commit but what happens is you guys
hold front as if you’re somebody and
then a week goes by and then you’d be
like you can’t control me all right you
like oh Jesus you a wild horse already
you’ve exposed yourself I’m strong and
independent I don’t need you all right I
got Chad and Tyrone I got a whole bunch
of beta Mel orbiters I got young guys
that want me you already exposed herself
to who you really are so here he figured
out this marry this man in this mindset
he figured out a long time ago that he
found out he found out that he had the
most value in a relationship but now
what happens is he uses a lot of English
verbage to pump her head up with stuff
that he doesn’t even believe that she
doesn’t even believe but now she
believes it cuz you said it in order to
prevent her from divorce raping him and
there are things like this cheaper to
keep her happy wife happy life she wears
the pants she’s the better half she’s
the prettier half all right if you
talking about kids
oh they got all the looks from her okay
where would I be without you you
complete me next
every man is a good woman or a better
woman or whatever it is I make the money
she spends it okay there’s a lot of
things that we say about marriage in
this mindset that always points back to
the woman being the advantage the woman
being the better thing there’s not a lot
of phraseology did I make that up
there’s not a lot of phraseology that
says that men are the king of the castle
they got rid of that oh now he’s not the
king of the castle it’s my house
kevin garnett been playing dunking
basketballs dribbling posting up people
all right hundreds of millions of
dollars he comes homes and retires his
wife divorce Grayson she’s like this is
my house all right sorry what you wasn’t
with me shooting the gym but see what
I’m talking about is there’s a lot of
language now that caters that we’ve been
indoctrinated with and it basically is a
demoralisation of the man by us
continuing to continue to perpetuate
this so people who obviously have
brought less value they brought less
value I don’t care what you said what
did you bring in what okay you push the
baby out between your peace leave listen
there have been women lesser women than
you and better women than you that have
done the exact same thing
for 20,000 plus years all right there’s
a woman that I’ve got a vacuum cleaner
and sucked out one between their peace
leave all right so you need to do
nothing different than the next person
okay that’s not where your value it and
that’s where your value is well then
that’s what you should be doing all
right if I can just gonna put you up a
bribe for just for that thank you
there’s been people doing it for 20,000
years already that’s part of do what you
do biologically that’s like me going in
the toilet well I sat down on the toilet
and I and then I gave myself valium for
that anyway this is the fetus talk this
defeatist talk and when men hear it you
should recognize it for what it is and
what it is guys is a call for help it’s
a cry out for help if women
talk this way about their relationships
they use these phraseology
people would immediately seek help all
right for this person able to take them
to a shelter a monkey simp will come and
cuddle up with them
all of a sudden chatting Tyrone’s going
oh baby you fine alright I know you 42
years old come to monkey double
bachelors on me I got something to make
you feel better
alright then the woman you paid for for
the last 25 years is getting her back
blown out for free you tell me whether
you Vantage’s out here and poor Robert
Robin Williams successful actor somebody
says 7.5 million years and women still
have learned nothing all right look
poor Robin Williams successful actor all
right comedian well-known well-liked he
took himself out over getting divorce
great twice right like he actually took
his own life because it was cheaper to
keeper and he got divorced great twice
he was so defeated as a man I’m not
laughing at him what I’m saying is this
is how critical it is guys a man is so
defeated by a woman by her access to his
funds and his resources after she
disposes of him he was so defeated he
got on the chair and hair he carried
himself bro it’s critical out here this
is why I do what I do I’m trying to save
you guys man I try to save you guys