DC Mayor Worried Country Is Descending Into Race War, Leftist Arrested For “Plowing” Van Into Crowd


Recently a video went viral showing a white man walking down the street minding his own business when a black man runs up behind him and bashes him over the back of the head with a rock.

I didn’t initially cover this story
report on it because
to be honest I don’t think it’s
significant that violent crime happened
in this particular instance
we have definitely seen these kinds
these acts of violence notably in new
where hasidic jews were being targeted
beaten in the streets and it
did tend to be black individuals
committing the crimes
i’m not concerned about the race of the
individual I know the media is when it’s
inverted and I think that’s why a lot of
people are sharing the stories
they’re saying hey how come this
happened and the media won’t talk about
but when it happens the other way it’s
like racism being a health crisis
and I think there is a media disparity
because the media
and our culture operates under the far
left’s assumption about race
in fact that’s probably where the far
left definition of racism comes from
the idea that only white people can be
racist is probably fed into or even
created by the fact
that the media does tend to have a
one-sided approach
to the reporting let me make one thing
clear before we get into the reality of
this story and it is about race
relations I don’t I don’t care about the
race of the individuals
for the most part for me it’s somebody
committed a crime
arrest that person they committed a
crime they’re a criminal it’s similar to
like the gun argument
with the guy at the far left guy in in
seattle i’m sorry in portland
my argument is the dude’s a murderer
that’s the focus he used a gun to do it
the rest is you know could theoretically
play a role
especially when you’re doing like
greater data analysis and everything but
I I don’t like playing these games
you know I understand why people are
upset that certain videos
or certain stories get certain attention
and of course let me show you
the cbs baltimore story says video shows
depraved attack of man hit by brick in
police searching for victim and suspect
and of course
the race isn’t an issue in this regard
there was a story a while ago in chicago
a young special needs white man or i
shouldn’t even say man I think he might
have been underage was kidnapped by
three black people
and tortured and insulted and there have
been many stories like this and i’ll
tell you what man I grew up on the south
side of chicago I know
all too well the realities of racism
anybody can be racist
and that’s why my bigger concern is look
if you’re a criminal
you’re a criminal but here’s the real
story the reason I bring this stuff up
dc mayor muriel bowser says she is
worried the u.s is descending into a
race war
as it’s revealed the fbI is
investigating domestic terrorism
and 70 of the people arrested over the
weekend were from other cities
sounds about right but muriel bowser is
wrong-ish we are seeing a lot of chaos
in the streets
the riots are al along racial
are racialized the motivation for many
of these people is race
and it is true that a large portion of
the rioters looters and black lives
matter protesters
are black they’re disproportionately
relative to the national population
but they are still overwhelmingly white
as well and that’s the point I want to
bring up
sort of to push back on this narrative
from muriel bowser
the us is not descending into race war
i’m sorry it’s just not there’s a
racialized component of the conflict
but you had a white dude shoot a white
dude in portland
and there was even a conservative who
made a joke about white on white
violence I thought it was actually
actually really funny it’s a good point
to be made the issue is for me
especially when we’re seeing mass exodus
from cities
for one I think humans do tend to have
a racialized component of their behavior
I don’t necessarily know if I want to
play the game uh play the game of saying
these people are all racist
but the reason why you see you know a
white guy shoot a white guy is because
they were in a white area and
and that’s just a reality of this
country chicago is
very segregated but people segregate by
choice so when you see
one person of one race committing a
crime against a person at the same race
they live in the same areas people
choose to do these things
and when you look at the greater
conflict muriel bowser may be saying
that we’re about to go into a race war
and and I know
we’ll start reading this in a second my
ra the reality is
I just had a black conservative trump
supporter running for congress on my
that race was not a was not an issue
there’s a component but it’s not a race
or maybe i’m wrong maybe my
interpretation of what she’s trying to
say is wrong
because my assumption is that you’re
basically saying people of different
races are gonna take up arms against
different races I don’t see that
I see white people complaining about
racism changing the definition
and targeting people of all races I see
black police officers being attacked by
white progressives
and yeah there are there are white
racists who are ultra traditionalists
you can call them right wing I guess
I I I don’t know you know outside of
if someone’s just a racist if that’s
right or left wing because the left wing
can be racist too
anyway the point is I think this this
kind of conversation from um
muriel bowser is what exacerbates the
problem and I don’t think
that race is the predominant factor in
who will be targeting who
it’s far left it’s it’s it’s extremists
moderate it it’s really where we’re at
right now you’ve got you’ve got centrist
types center right center left
conservatives traditional liberals
mostly disaffected
and then you have the far left and
that’s the real conflict here
and there are people of all different
races in every side of these things well
let’s read and just get to the news
they say bowser a democrat was speaking
at a press conference on monday after a
weekend of chaos in the nation’s capital
which saw demonstrators clash with
police outside of black lives matter
funny name huh what i’m worried about is
this country descending into a race war
she said
adding that intensified police forces in
some cities like portland and seattle
has created more anger among protesters
well too
bad you can’t go out and burn down
people’s buildings too bad look man
I have talked about the issue of you get
a riot protesting police
you send out more police you are giving
them a target that’s true
but there’s a line and it’s a rock and a
hard place you don’t just say well then
we don’t send out anybody
because then they’re just gonna keep
going you gotta shut it down and
prosecute people
that’s really the only way to do it and
you gotta have real conversations if
these people are unwilling to do it
arrest them because violence is not the
they say d.c police chief newsham
also said there were there was evidence
that groups of people are driving to
various protest hot spot cities like
to participate or even provoke the
violence yes
me and other some of my journalist
friends routinely I mean it wasn’t just
among our circle
we call these people the tourists tm
quote the tourists they’re specific
they fly around the world to join
we always have called them the tourists
a lot of people are saying someone’s
funding these people
how are they doing it dude travel is not
these people work at mcdonald’s and
starbucks they save up a couple hundred
they buy a budget bus ticket for 20
bucks and they’re there in your city
smashy smashy
it’s not hard you don’t need a lot of
funds for this
and when you get district district
attorneys that are saying we’re not
going to prosecute these people
then they just get released no your
cashless bail there you go man it is not
he said the same van had been spotted at
the riots in kenosha portland and dc
and that the fbI have now been
investigating potential domestic terror
groups it was driven by
jeremy vajko 27 crossing state lines to
provide supplies and resources to
y’all are going to see a visit from the
according to an incident report he
plowed the van into a crowd of more than
a hundred people
vagco is a rec arrested for reckless
driving but charges are not being
what he claims he was only driving at
five miles per hour
and that he has been in portland and
kenosha to give out medical supplies
he was previously arrested in june and
july in portland for disrupting the
chief news newsome said of him there was
a van that was driving recklessly
potentially could have hit pedestrians
and officers
that vehicle was a van it was registered
on the west coast in washington state
we have intelligence to suggest the van
was also at some of the violence we saw
in portland and kenosha
he said later this isn’t just washington
dc we’ve seen violence in other cities
and to the extent that this is
coordinated us in law enforcement we
have a responsibility to find out if it
there’s there is there’s there’s a
potential that it could be domestic
terrorism i’ll tell you what man
i’d say it is they are driving across
state lines
providing resources medical supplies i
get man
it’s tough I don’t want people to be
hurt and if they do get hurt I want them
to be helped I tell you what even
enemy combatants we provide aid to have
you seen that movie
or is it 1917 I can’t remember the name
where 1911 I don’t know
but one of the guys tries saving the
life of this pilot and he ends up dying
for it
yeah we’re human man even when we fight
we try to save the lives of those we’re
we tend to the wounded so I understand
this man’s desire to go and give
but I gotta question his intent when
he’s driving around
all these different instances and if
he’s really only giving them
medical supplies I gotta say I just i
don’t buy it
I don’t I don’t trust them i’m sorry
they’re being investigated
if all he is is trying to help people
then fine so be it
I just don’t believe it all that means
is there will be an investigation
but what this really means we need
the federal government to step up and
start digging into these people they’re
doing it
74 people facing serious charges in
portland but we got to track down the
the tourists who are going from city to
city and burning and destroying things
here’s what you need to understand we
see this riding across all these cities
there are a lot of people doing it there
are i’d imagine it’s
a hundred plus thousand people who have
been in various cities but guess what
whereas we’re a country of 328 million
or whatever
it is a relatively small group but look
at the destruction and damage they’ve
wrought in all of these different places
now to be fair the bulk of the rioters i
are actually in their home cities these
who are driving around flying around
taking buses
are the professional organizers and
agitators that can turn
a city into chaos you get a couple
hundred people who are angry at the cops
you sprinkle in a few of these tourists
and they know how to foment chaos
they want revolution nothing less
they’ve said it
now I truly believe that the bulk of the
extremists who hold their ideologies
in the low millions we’ve seen that
according to many uh surveys
progressive activists make up about
eight to ten percent of the country
most of these people I mean because
that’s eight to ten was that like 25 to
30 million people
most of these people are not going
around and burning things to the ground
but many are peacefully protesting and i
mean that they are
but they provide the shields and the
barriers for those
that are doing the violence
and and those that would travel from
city to city to destroy our
livelihoods our businesses the people in
kenosha who burned down those
those those businesses in those
buildings well we actually
heard from the police 175 arrests a
hundred plus
were from outside of kenosha so
they’re not from here they’re not from
our towns they say the fbI has not
released any information about the van
or any other potential domestic terror
an incident report by the metro pd
revealed the driver who has not been
plowed the vehicle into crowds of
protesters outside the hay adams hotel
at around 1 15 am the person was
arrested and charged with reckless
newsham went on to say that the police
force’s response in washington over the
weekend was warranted
that the crowds are who are inciting the
violence not law enforcement
yes yes yes I I have been to far too
many of these events
okay I tell you man it’s always
always okay I don’t want to be
hyperbolic I got to be precise in my
90 of the time I have seen cops I got in
this is crazy a cop walked right up
lobbed a flashbang people were just
standing there boom all of a sudden
people went
nuts everyone started running around
going crazy smashing things
that was under obama 90 of the time
i’ll be at a protest march and some
fringe leftists will chuck a water
bottle at a cop hitting him
and then the cops will be like stop stop
get back and the people will start
screaming in the face of the cops and
that’s it
that one spark they go into the middle
of the crowd they crouch down and they
go woof right over their head
they’re trying to start the violence now
the left always goes they’re they’re
provocateurs agent provocateur it’s the
government who did it oh come
on i’ve been to these meetings respect
the diversity of tactics they would say
so when the far left extremists show up
with bricks they say well I know
you know violence is bad but you got to
respect a diversity of tactics could you
imagine any general
in a war and he’s got like a map laid in
front of him he’s like okay
we’re gonna move these troops here
that’s my that’s my unit
for the rest of you I will respect your
diversity of tactics have at it
what you’d lose you need a cohesive
strategy to what you’re doing
and if someone disobeys the order like
nah we’re not gonna do that we’re gonna
throw bricks at people
it’d be like arrest this man and remove
him from relieve him of his duty because
he’s nuts
for these leftist protesters to go out
and claim
that they’re just respecting a diversity
of tactics what they’re really saying is
there’s no plan there’s no strategy and
there’s no goal
and they permit the violence and shield
these people this guy drove his van into
a group of people now
the reason I don’t lead with that i
think they don’t either is because he
wasn’t really going
that fast it would seem quote police
officers are human beings too
when you throw bricks and rocks and
bottles in urine and set fires there is
going to be a police reaction
so folks who want to suggest or paint
the picture that this was somehow
peaceful and the police indiscriminately
used munitions against them they’re not
being honest
since thursday night police in dc have
arrested 69 people
in relation to the protest newsome said
on monday
that 70 of them had come from other
cities but he did not give specifics
trump on sunday told bowser to start
arresting people or have the national
guard sent in
mayor bowser should arrest these
agitators and thugs cleanup dc
or the federal government will do it for
you enough
she complained on monday that even when
the police do arrest people prosecutors
do not bring charges
it came as trump tweeted that democrats
democrat mayors and governors of cities
and states where there is ongoing unrest
have lost uh have lost control and look
at this
even mayor bowser is saying the d.a
won’t prosecute well there you need
come on this is dc trump what are you
get get the federal prosecutors to do
their jobs
here’s a quote the radical left mayors
and governors of cities where this crazy
violence is taking place have lost
control of their quote movement
it wasn’t supposed to be like this but
the anarchists and agitators got carried
and don’t listen anymore even forced
slow joe out of his basement
yup and they’re claiming trump is the
one instigating this
that trump wants this no one is making
the far
left do any of this they could stop
whenever they want
I think it’s funny when the resistance
people are like these far leftist
may as well be wearing you know trump
2020 signs stickers or whatever
because it’s helping trump and i’m like
it’s a great point
they may as well they love it they but
what’s really happening is
when the media defends them and calls it
peaceful protests and shields them
provides cover and blames trump
the more they do this the more
emboldened the far left will be
so yes the riots are helping trump
why the media is shielding them
but we can see the videos on the
internet so the lies aren’t working
the media comes out and says peaceful
protest the media comes out trump’s
actually to blame for all of this
but we can see the videos and we know
trump isn’t to blame
I saw this this video that was trying to
smear trump by showing a bunch of quotes
of him saying
back in the good old days you know we’d
punch people he’d be on a stretcher
and i’m like you think this is bad for
trump showing how he was
saying that if you attack us we’ll punch
in the face and knock you out
that’s exactly what americans want to
hear right now they want to hear that
when these lunatics show up to our
neighborhood trump’s going to walk up
and punch him in the face
I mean this figuratively okay when trump
says it sure he says it
but what people are imagining we need
someone strong to say
you do not hurt people because we will
punch you
we want police to come in and make these
arrests as for the race war
I I think that’s a bit over the top i
did mention you may have seen the video
of the guy getting clubbed over the back
of the head
yeah these issues are real and so i
think there there is something here
and I think I think I need to bring up
there’s a real possibility moving
forward and i’ll tell you why
I grew up on the south side of chicago
people have a tendency to live
in areas with their own race it’s it’s
it was interesting for me on the south
side because it was a mixed pot
what ends up happening is that it’s
mostly about
for whatever reason people want to live
in their own communities I mean it’s
just a reality i’m not asserting why
that is
we’ve seen it in other countries i
covered this when I was in sweden the
somalI migrants
who would come to sweden the refugees
would choose to live in their own
communities with
people of the same race it’s true for
chicago is deeply segregated by race
there’s like literal streets where
you’re like you cross that street
all of the houses are owned by black
people you cross the street
all the houses are owned by latino
people across that street it’s all white
people i’m not even joking
the the areas are fairly large a few
square miles
but it is deeply deeply segregated so
what ends up happening now
as we see what the daily mail is calling
the great cove at exodus
americans are fleeing the nation’s great
cities and droves are moving to rural
vermont idaho and oregon due to fear of
living in dense urban centers
i’d imagine this is literal white flight
I I think it’s a fair assessment though
I could be wrong just my personal
opinion by all means I could be wrong
I think you’re going to see a lot of
white people fleeing these cities and
they’re probably going to be going to
white areas
for what reason I i’m not going to
assert that they’re racist
or whatever i’m just saying this is what
it’s a tendency we’ve seen
i’ve covered this in the only the past
few years and we see it reflected in
city demographics
as people start moving my concern is
you’ve got a left in this country that
is exacerbating the problems of racial
you’ve got california for instance that
is trying to repeal their civil rights
legislation not even kidding they voted
to do it already it’s going to
referendum in november
what do you think happens when you get
white flight
and people start moving into areas where
it’s basically their own just more
people like them more of their own race
and then you strip away these
protections muriel bowser may be correct
when she says this
she’s a democrat although I don’t
necessarily agree
simply based on the fact that ideology
is the driving component
if people are leaving and we do see
people start self-segregating not not
intentionally because they’re running
from certain races but because they’re
choosing to live
among people of the same race or at
least similar culture
then I think you might actually see
overtly race
uh race based uh conflict
simply because people are going to have
ideological lines drawn
between certain areas where one will be
dominated by one race or the other
I hope that’s not true how is that the
case and I hope my speculation is
completely incorrect
but based on my understanding of things
I mean it seems likely
look you need to look at a map of
chicago and the new york times did this
a while a few years ago the racial
demographics of chicago and it’s like
it’s it’s you can see lines you can see
like dividing lines
I never liked it the area I grew up in
was very mixed
the we had immigrants a lot of polish
immigrants we had latinos
we had asian immigrants uh we had people
of all different backgrounds
we had a lot of like uh white southern
you know like irish type and we had a
lot of black people
latino asian et cetera you get the point
so for me
I grew up in this mixed bag because it
was like moderately poor area but not
too poor so it was like a mix of kind of
but outside of where I was and it still
was fairly segregated where I was too
you can see all of these all the
and it worried me and it worries me to
this day and that’s one of the reasons i
think muriel bowser is bringing this up
I think it’s a fair point and we need to
make sure we don’t let that be the case
conflict in general is bad ideological
is typically what it tends to be I think
it’s all bad I think violence is bad and
I think law enforcement needs to get a
hold on what’s happening
but if people start racially segregating
and we’re seeing racialized conflict
already I really hope this isn’t true i
I i
I you know what I think I have a bias i
do I think my bias is that I re
I r I don’t want muriel bowser to be
but you know I have I have talked about
the possibility of this in the past
a year ago I was having a meeting with
talking to people and I said I think
this will
will happen at some point and it’s going
to create racial dividing lines
and then we saw the blm riots it may be
that it’s coming to that point but
there’s one thing that gives me hope
and this may be surprising but it’s
donald trump
the more I read about the black support
for trump the more I feel that there
actually is
more racial unity it’s true the left
doesn’t want to admit it
but the left can’t just go around
demanding you bend the knee
to their weird diversity quotas or
whatever donald trump has
has forced no one to support him in fact
it is a great risk to support trump
and there are now all these polls
showing 30 plus percent of the black
supporting trump that’s at risk to
that means a lot of people are standing
up and saying no to this and as long as
that’s true it says to me that it’s not
about race and it won’t be and I hope
it’s I hope it remains that way
it’s a superficial reason to fight
someone it’s a stupid reason to fight
someone it is not
something anybody should support in any
way so I hope
muriel bowser is wrong I look forward to
the great melting pot of america
that’s my that’s that’s where i’m at why
I mean look at my family
okay we we are an example of successful
melting pot america
people from different backgrounds from
around the world came together found
love had kids did it again
the next generation found love had kids
and here we are I love what this country
I hate the racism and I hate the racists
and I hope she’s wrong I hope it’s not
that’s all I can say it’s going to be
spicy come november
it’s going to be spicy come the next
several months i’ll leave it there
next segment’s coming up at 4 p.m over
at youtube.comtimcast it is a different
channel and I will see you all then