Contrepreneur Bingo • Dan Peña


Ladies and gentlemen it’s Dan Pena!
you are c word you
are c word nobody
likes you cause you want me c
word you
to me you’re all [ __ ] great start from
uh down the 15 billion dollar man panna
welcome to entrepreneur bingo the
premise is simple we watch your favorite
entrepreneurs sales pitch or seminar
and see how many of the entrepreneur
formula tactics
they use during the talk if you want to
play along at home
don’t forget to download your bingo
cards via the link in the description
on this week’s entrepreneur bingo we’ve
got the man with more testosterone in
his little finger than you’ve got in
your ball sack
it’s penner i’ve had the privilege of
seal team six special forces
green berets you name it guys that
hand-to-hand combat
killed people and they’re emotionally
they’re no bigger or smaller [ __ ] than
you are you’re here
because your parents [ __ ] up your
parents are [ __ ] up is that on the
most people that attend this seminar
should have rolled down the inside of
fat mama’s leg and all you had big pigs
for mothers
we are programmed to be exactly where we
[ __ ] we’ll go with insult the audience
i’m glad you muppets have joined us
today on entrepreneur bingo and there’s
nothing i like bear
that insulting your intelligence your
bunch of idiots there’s nothing quite
like insulting your audience at the
beginning of a pitch
contrary to what people think i’m
approaching my 75th birthday
and haley’s comment comes every 75 years
the next time it’s expected is i believe
uh 20
uh 61 i’ll be 115 or about when i
thought i’ll check out
don’s gonna live to 115. in the history
of this 13.8 billion years of the planet
there’s only been one haley’s comet
and there’s only one in me 200 times
testosterone let’s hear it
my testosterone is 1800.
it’s gone there testosterone your
testosterone between three and seven
seven hundred if you can get it up dan
can get it up three times longer than
you can
fact a couple of years in the room four
five and you got
got a few shackles shackles meaning
money by accident
a couple of you i said what’s the most
high performance you ever did and one of
you said
nothing comes to mind where’s my [ __ ]
we used to have a live one we don’t do
that anymore he’s brought a gun to a
and when you do it do it right you know
don’t [ __ ] around
we’ve had people shoot their face off
trying to commit suicide from this
because they do ah it just blows your
[ __ ] jaw off
when you’re gonna do it do it [ __ ]
right metaphorically speaking as my
lawyers tell me metaphorically speaking
do it [ __ ] right
and if you want to know how to slash
yours i’ll show you how to [ __ ] slash
your wrist
jesus suicide tips from dan pena so a
few of you made a few shepherds by
i’ll bet my left testicle which produces
more sperm
and uh testosterone in this entire room
i produce more jizz than you
that’s wishful identification dan i like
it mr jizzy pants
usually wishful identification is you
want to live in a house that’s big or
drive an ice lambo but in dan’s world
it’s having a huge left testicle
full of more testosterone than the
average man
you’re hard done call their mom once a
send birthday cards mother’s day cards
just [ __ ] do it subscribe now do the
mike when it youtube channel
right because you’re good boys
but the program is not for everybody
it’s not for everybody and whether i
changed or not
or my dna was changed because of the
atomic bomb i have no [ __ ] idea
but i’ll be 75 pretty soon and i’ve
never met anybody
remotely like me i haven’t done i’ve
never seen anyone
ask their audience to commit suicide
properly some people say that i’ve
arrived when cambridge university has my
in their library this year they’ve
and it’s not clear what section it’s in
my book’s in cambridge university but i
don’t know what section
ah that’s establishing authority with a
fact that can’t be checked
has he really got a book in cambridge
university’s library
i don’t think so but i can equally claim
that my
amazon best-selling book is in oxford
bruce whipple and i
sitting at one of my seminars pixels are
[ __ ] up because
it’s a copy of a copy of a copy
real professionals use future presents
they make powerpoints
look nothing like powerpoint for more
information click the link in the
i told you last night we’ve only had one
nervous breakdown this year
no attempted suicides i believe last
year was a hot year though
last year we had four or five
attempted suicides three or four nervous
it was a good year now if that’s not a
testimonial i don’t know what is
because i know it was a good year
because you were pushing yourself
i don’t know what the hell i am watching
we’ve had how many people have tried to
commit suicide on his course without how
many people had a nervous breakdown on
his course
we’ve got 60 of you are gonna fail i
don’t know if i love or hate this guy so
i’m going to check out another one of
his webinars
why do you think i said by the way good
evening all that [ __ ] but that’s all
for [ __ ]
good evening don now i normally i would
have now if i was the previous dance
player i’d embarrass you
how many of you got boards how many of
you [ __ ] meatheads that got aboard
when i told you not to get but i’m not
going to do that because i’m kinder and
gentler now
oh this is the kind of dumb panorama
let’s see how different it is
virtually everybody is a [ __ ]
i used to think almost everybody was a
con now i’m positive everybody’s a
virtually everybody is a contrepaner
during world war ii britain day after
day london day after day and then
with the bombs that they didn’t dropped
in london they dropped in manchester
liverpool right as they went back to
right did you ever hear a brick
complaining i can’t take any [ __ ]
and i hear these [ __ ] on tv with tears
in their eyes
i lost 375 pounds because of my holiday
the sand
wherever the [ __ ] canary islands has
been canceled
[ __ ] you you [ __ ] [ __ ] i’m [ __ ]
but that’s why it’s easier for us
because everybody is a [ __ ]
[ __ ] look how small he is it’s like a
normal sized chair
you don’t know anybody that’s got any
[ __ ] balls
you know it’s the finger thing that he
does all the time so weird he does have
his fingers all the time
you go back and you look at the pictures
from the 1918 1990s and we were at war
where the british complaining about
their [ __ ] holidays
and from this day forward it’s gonna get
five times worse than it is now and
everybody in this room is gonna lose
somebody to corona
in fact i predict at least four or five
of you are gonna get corona
and that means somebody in this room is
gonna [ __ ] die big prediction that
dance someone in that room will [ __ ]
yeah when you turn on the news if i hear
one more [ __ ] sucker tell me
that they can’t go on their [ __ ]
holidays i’m gonna drive down there and
cut their [ __ ] throat with a knife
cut your [ __ ] throat with a knife is
that on the card
we are set up for corona one of the few
leisure travel entertainment whatever
you want to call us
they were able to do something like this
so i mean it’s like allah shined on us
and you should you [ __ ] [ __ ] you
and your [ __ ] turban well we’ll put
that down as something offensive dan
interesting tactics you weren’t
surprised with dan pena saying something
offensive were you
i’m not i follow him on social media and
he’s a shouty man that should never be
anywhere with wi-fi access now would be
the time for me to say and everything at
at the back of the stage in the back is
half price see some of your
entrepreneurs even dan penn has taken a
piss out of some of your sales tactics
okay um youtubers go [ __ ] yourself thank
so there we have it i don’t quite know
what we’re watching or what he’s doing
but that’s his pitch he’s hardly used
any of the entrepreneur formula
it got a bit weird you let us know what
you think
in the comments but as dan penner says
youtubers go [ __ ] yourself
he probably doesn’t even care anyway