Civil War Is Coming – Conservative Twins


Welcome to 2020 in the start of our Civil War. The right is done watching the left destroy cities, they are done being silent. Those of you who think another civil war is a fantasy – wake up and smell the gunpowder!

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When you think of civil war what do you think of two
armed armies faced off in a field ready
to die for their beliefs
the battle of fort sumter the battle of
palmetto ranch well welcome to 2020
in the start of our civil war
don’t believe me what were the main
reasons why
the civil war started in 1861 and lasted
to 65.
simple it was the north and the south
on four simple points economic interests
cultural issues whether or not the
federal government can control
states and of course slavery does any of
that sound
familiar to y’all today it’s not north
versus south today it’s left versus
right economic interests for the left
are defunding the police
and funding presidential candidates that
have dementia
the right wants to lower taxes and free
up market capitalism
cultural values for the left are
movements like black lives matter and
anyone who disagrees with any of their
beliefs are considered
racist the right just wants you to act
like a true american with integrity
and being hard working no matter what
color you
are the left has a problem with their
controlling them so they decide to tear
down neighborhoods and create lawless
like chop the right is trying to protect
those cities and businesses so they’re
sending out
armed citizens to sit out front and
lastly the left
cannot get over that at one point in our
country we had slaves
and it has been talked about more in
2020 than it has been in the past 50
and the right is tired of being called
because they don’t support radical
movements now we are not to the point
where both sides have a big shootout but
it’ll come
I mean look at everything that has
happened in this country in the past
four months it all started from george
floyd’s death and riots surged the
because of it police stop receiving the
respect they deserve
so criminals like richard brooks think
it’s okay to fight them the coronavirus
numbers are completely botched to scare
citizens and also to cause in a mail-in
so those numbers are also going to be
botched antifa
and black lives matter destroy cities
and they’re applauded for it
people trying to defend their homes from
riots are arrested and charged with
innocent children like ken and hinnon
are shot
people are beating other people up in
the streets for no reason
due to blind rage with no core logic
militia groups are threatening law
enforcement and district attorneys
to have them make unjust decisions on
america is completely divided and social
is the heart and soul of this war let me
tell you the problem nowadays you can go
on social media talk all the smack you
and have little to no consequences my
parents didn’t allow me on social media
when I was a kid
so when someone had a problem there was
no let’s hash it out on myspace
no when someone was talking smack it was
okay billy badass put your hands up
but let me give everyone fair warning
and right if you’re currently one of
those people and I know you’re
out there that don’t truly believe in
either side and just want to be a part
of something
now is the time to bow out and dive into
a bush
because when the war becomes physical
instead of mental
you’re going to be more scared than a
long-tailed cat in a room full of
rocking chairs
the left has shown their true colors in
the past
four months and they are clearly not red
white and blue
they are pissed off and they are doing
and everything to prove a point and the
is done watching the left destroy
cities that took so long to build
and they are done being silent so for
those of you who are still
thinking that another civil war is a
fantasy wake up and smell the gunpowder.