BLM Organizer Claims LOOTING Is A Justified Form Of REPARATIONS


BLM rioters, protesters, and Antifa members stormed a Seattle suburb and began demanding that white homeowners give up their property. BLM organizer called looting in Chicago a form of reparations.

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Now the other day I covered this story, right here, where essentially a large gathering of BLM rioters, protesters, uh and also Antifa members, stormed a Seattle suburb and began demanding that white homeowners give up their property.

If you haven’t seen the video I encourage you to go and check that out for yourself.

Basically they shine flashlights in the upstairs rooms of these houses and they have megaphones and they’re yelling uh and demanding that they give up their property.

Well it gets even crazier than that because now we have a BLM organizer who has called the looting in chicago a form of reparations.

This article comes from the new york post: “Black Lives Matter” organizer calls Chicago looting reparation. A chicago black lives matter organizer defended the widespread weekend looting in the heart of the windy city calling it reparations.

Now there is a video but unfortunately I cannot play it here. I have ran into some problems with youtube in the past where if I play a video such as this uh my video might get a copyright infringement. Completely bogus. So if you guys want to look this up it’s not very hard to find, but here is the transcript anyways, so I can still tell you what she said.

So here is her quote regarding reparations and looting:

“I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a guccI or macy’s or a nike because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes.” Ariel Atkins said at a rally outside the south loop police station monday.

“That’s a reparation”, Atkins said, “anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance”.

She also went on to criticize reverend Jesse Jackson who took to twitter earlier monday to denounce the pillaging robbing and looting as humiliating embarrassing and morally wrong yet and so she says Jesse Jackson has nothing to do with black lives matter so again another defined stance.

And I guess her her support I suppose of looting as a form of a justifiable reparation she goes on to say Jesse Jackson was not there for the creation of black lives matter.

“Jesse Jackson can keep his opinions to himself so obviously a pretty radical statement I know that reparations have been something that many political personalities have talked about especially over the last few years but it has really gained a lot of attention ever since the death of George Floyd and now it seems to be something that we are likely going to see in some form or another but here we have someone making a very radical statement
calling the looting which of course is uh stealing private property

really you know at an intrinsic level they are
calling that justified uh reparations
now interest interestingly this
individual actually doubled down because
she was
asked to clarify her position
and she said that it is completely
acceptable so here we have another
blm organizer who called looting
reparations dismisses
peaceful protesting the chicago black
lives matter organizer
who justified looting his reparations
has doubled down
insisting this week that even calling
someone a criminal
is based on racism so
really trying to stack the deck of cards
in in her favorite scenes
if you say that somebody is a criminal
they broke into a private establishment
and stole
merchandise which of course constitutes
a crime
that person is now labeled a racist
just for making that observation
so really stacking the deck in their
so ariel atkins told wbe zed that her
100 supports the violent looters
who trust trashed chunks of the windy
city on monday
again repeating her claim that it is
she said the whole idea of criminality
is based on racism anyway
all right it’s a very interesting
statement I tend not to agree with that
because criminality is punishing people
for things that they have needed to do
to survive or just the way that society
has affected them
with white supremacist bs so there you
have it guys that is the latest
out of blm uh hopefully i
am representing their opinions correctly
if not let me know in the comment
section down below again
one of the other themes of my channel
that I have tried to
really hammer home for maybe people that
are new to the channel
is if you don’t agree with this
information if you think it’s biased if
you think it is
um selective uh in in any way
by all means don’t take my word for it
do your own research do your own
and really keep an open mind look at the
videos look at the evidence that’s out
and come to your own conclusions and if
you really do have a logical mind i
think you’re going to come
to a pretty interesting conclusion i’m
going to leave it off on that note i
don’t want to say anything
more about it let me know what you guys
think about this in the comment section
like the video share with as many people
as you can
I will see you in the next one.