Black LIES Matter Reality Check


Black lives matter? Or do
they just matter when a white person
kills a black person? Now I’m not racist,
and what happened to George Floyd – it’s a
complete tragedy just so everybody’s
clear here but I’m also a logical person
that sees through the bullshit of what’s
going on in America right now now now
I’m gonna stick to the facts in this
video I’m gonna try to keep my opinions
out of it because I think that’s what
America needs right now we need a little
bit of logic and if any of you liberal
fairies disagree with anything that I
say try commenting something with
substance instead of saying something
like fuck yeah you dumb hick daddy is so
mean God in America today 28 percent of
all black pregnancies and an abortion
abortions are the number one killer of
black lives in the United States now let
me let me read this so I don’t get it
wrong okay according to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention abortion
kills more people than HIV homicide
diabetes accidents cancer and heart
disease 10 bind
african-american women comprised of
13.3% of the US population but black
women had 36 percent of all abortions so
saying black lives matter and then
killing off 28 percent of all of your
black pregnancies kind of like being a
vegan because you hate when people kill
animals and eat them but then secretly
you have a cow butchering business in
your basement gotta love that logic
right no don’t you Bambi no don’t do it
and I got a spot on my wall that’s
vacant current we’ve got to make it
happen so explain that to me do those
lives not matter or is that just the
easy way out so you don’t have to get a
good job and take care of them so next
time Planned Parenthood is packed with
people ready to get abortion should we
go out there with signs that say black
lives matter because clearly that’s the
same issue is it not give you a quick
story and then I’m done me and my buddy
went out to this place just to get out
of the house for a little bit and there
was a line there because all of the bars
right now have 25 percent occupancy it’s
fucking stupid because they let 4,000
people go into Walmart but whatever you
got to love that logic again but we’re
sitting there and this guy cuts me in
line and the lines pretty long so I said
hey motherfucker get in the back of the
line we’ve all been waiting here and the
first thing that comes out of his mouth
is he says those because I’m black
I said no motherfuckers cuz you cut in
line it has nothing to do with your damn
skin color and then later on that night
I hear him tell one of his friends that
that white cracker over there told me to
get in the back of the line now what am
I supposed to do if he calls me a
cracker or honk you’re all this stuff am
I supposed to go over there and fight
him no I don’t give a fuck why am I
gonna let one person destroy my mindset
for the entire and I or maybe the entire
week and complain about it oh he’s being
racist why does it matter so much what
someone calls you oh you can’t say the
n-word because you’re not black oh you
can’t call him that
oh you can’t call him that their words
their words why are you gonna give so
much weight to words oh you’re that
prideful and you have that much of an
ego too where if somebody calls you an
n-word or whatever it is you’re gonna
take out your gun and shoot them okay
have fun in prison be better than that
if someone calls you that they’re a
piece of shit and you don’t want to be
around them anyways same goes for any
other race calling any other race a
derogatory racist term like cracker
honky or spic or any of that shit
in your car gas bitch start being
logical with your arguments and then I
will be the first one to be a part of
whatever it is but I’ll tell you right
now it’s not gonna be black lives matter
you’re taking America and you’re trying
to separate it if you’re a person who
says black lives matter you were saying
at one point that they didn’t matter
because if they did matter why the fuck
would you have to say black lives matter
if they already mattered that’s why I
don’t fucking say it because I never
thought that they didn’t matter I look
at a black person the same as I do a
white person if you’re a piece of shit
if you’re a fucking asshole if you don’t
treat me with respect it’s the same goes
for a black person a white person
whatever color out there I’m not gonna
fucking like you I’m not gonna want to
talk to you but has nothing to do with
your skin color if you’re not a good
person don’t expect to get nice people
around here to be treated with respect
or any of that shit it’s it’s fucking
common sense but I feel like the issue
is is it’s all fucking cop out when you
don’t get what you want or you get
treated with disrespect or if you cut
someone in line and yeah they stand up
for themselves you go straight to all
it’s a black issue maybe you’re just
being a dumbass and someone called you
out on it you know much racist shit I
get in my comments towards me all this
dumb hick all this fucking white trash
piece of shit all this fucking redneck
all this fucking honky all this shit you
think I fucking sit in the corner of my
room and cry all day long
fuck no I don’t give a shit none of that
shit puts me down one because I know
it’s coming I know there’s fairies out
there and little princesses who sit in
their room and say oh fuck this guy he
doesn’t agree with what we’re doing so I
guess I just gotta fucking talk shit and
trying to put him down come on come on
so make it about a real issue the issue
with George Floyd is about police
brutality and wrongful killings it’s not
about race you didn’t hear him call him
and n-word he wasn’t a part of a white
supremacist gang he wasn’t in the Ku
Klux Klan as far as we know he wasn’t a
racist and the media wants to take it
white cop killed a black man instead of
instead of saying this dumbass fucking
cop is a piece of shit who killed the
guy and yeah I should fuckin sit in
prison for the rest of his life but no
no no no we got to assume that he’s
racist because he was black if you’re a
logical person who can look at the media
and say you know what that sounds like
horseshit I’m gonna do my own research
then yeah you’re one of my people.