Bait & Switch: You Must KNOW This Before Getting Married


Let’s review this gentleman.

For the new people we call this, we call this the “Bait and Switch”.

For the new people to this channel, we’ve got several new people, shout out to everybody that’s in here, the “Bait and Switch” is a point of the marriage where she changes.

Guys we have to understand she is going to change – at all points! Whether you marry her at 40 at 42 she’s gonna change. If you marry her at 20, at 30 she’s going to change.

I know a lot of people don’t want to
hear that they don’t want to believe it
they think she’s still going to be 25
years old she’s going to change
now I made a video back in the day that
I always say is required learning
it is called the marriage wheel which
essentially what happens is
we go through these elements these
stages of relationship I put this in
both books the free agent lifestyle
and the evolution check out the links in
the description box
you go through the connection phase then
the phase of
investment the investment stage where
the houses
and the kids and the cars and the
activities and the field trips and the
family trips
that all comes in then phase number
three there on the left is the bait and
switch that’s when she changes she wants
her independence
she complains you’re not home enough or
you’re home too much
she wants to go to girls nights out
affairs are had on both sides there’s
less sex
everybody’s focused on the child i
talked about that in the marriage wheel
now if you guys want to go back and see
that video there’s probably two
renditions of that on my channel
or if you want to read it in the book i
go into detail she’s going to change
and when she gets to the bait and switch
area what happens is
you’ve already fully invested you’re
already fully invested there’s children
you’ve already bought houses you’re at
the peak of your income
and she will make things very dir uh the
basically is going to be very
detrimental to you
her new reality she’ll start claiming
she’ll cut her hair she might lose
weight after the baby weight she might
want to go back to work and go get a job
she might say i’m going to go back to
school in order for me to go back to
work and get a new job
she might you know she might gain weight
she might become
more uh less agreeable there’s things
that are gonna happen
once the investment is made now this is
where the people who disagree with me
say well women aren’t like that
well a lot of women do this okay
they get mouthy they get disagreeable
they complain about a lot of things they
talk about how
you they keep score i’m doing this and
you’re not doing that these are all
things that happen
at the investment stage not at the
not when you’re lovey-dovey not when
there’s puppy love
not after the honeymoon kids have to be
had money has to be spent you’re gonna
plunk down for a house
all of a sudden when those things come
begin to change go ahead and check that
out now this stock
culture and the the the pandemic has led
a lot of women
even housewives to lead
with where they bleed okay so right now
that peace leave is the one thing that’s
selling but it’s selling
at such a low rate that uh because the
market is flooded
the market is simply being flooded and
aisha curry has thrown her piece leave
right out there
go ahead and look at this goods and i’m
going to sell it to you give me some
attention in return
she don’t need the money she could have
taken the family brand to a higher level
again women in the and switch stage
start looking out for themselves
and of course they’ve had children they
put their body on the line
they’re tired of it the fantasy of what
a marriage is
is not exactly reality they’re not
getting that anymore
they’re not even getting the attention
that they were getting when they were
remember when you
get engaged to them and then you marry
and then when she starts having babies
she’s getting attention
attention attention everywhere she goes
they expect them babies to go every time
there’s a wedding a ceremony a
baby shower a merry shower or a
bachelorette party
attention attention attention she gets
an engagement ring attention
attention well when those kids turn four
and five that attention starts to go
and she starts to crave more attention
where’s the attention going nobody cares
about me all they care about are my
I need the attention and so instead of
being a family woman they go
into independence I want mine
okay that’s natural well you should have
told me that before i
married you you should have told me that
before I bought the house you should
have told me that
before I thought I was having a family
that’s my argument
I don’t care if you go independent i
don’t care if you chop off your hair
I don’t care if you go get a bullnose
ring the problem is
you told me we were going to have a
family see that’s why I married you
but now apparently we’re not having that
now we’re having you
joining the thought culture out there
with the rest of the only fan girls
see that is where my problem is instead
she decided to rebrand herself
in this new image now
what happens is i’m going to tell you a
story this is the story that i’m going
to tell you then we’re going to go into
the super chats in the next point
this is a story of a man who
was in a situation where he was trying
to preserve his relationship his
marriage and men typically get in this
they see it going downhill they see it
in a situation where they’re like uh you
I can’t I I see my wife wants attention
she wants
to go out girls nights out so what i’m
gonna do is she’s been a good faithful
she’s had my child she’s ruined her body
she wants to get it back what i’m gonna
do is i’m gonna reward her
for all of that good effort so this man
who traveled for work
and worked long hours he came home one
day and surprised
his wife his wife that you know was out
there staying at home for the kids
and he told her why don’t you go to a
i’m going to set up spa treatment
massages massages
massages what is it and i’m going to set
up all of this
spectacular view i’m going to set it all
up for you why don’t you go to the hotel
relax i’m going to take care of the kids
for the week
you go relax at your destination do go
get your group
not your whole group back you go get
some relax some quietness
dealing with these babies go ahead and
take care of it
and he pays he reserves the hotel and
all of that
now he gets pat’s on the head oh you’re
such a good father
oh look at you you really care about
your kids you’re doing the best thing
for your wife
and then he sends her off and he’s
taking care of the kids
he’s burping them he’s feeding them he’s
teaching them the abcs
he’s going crazy he’s pulling his hair
well what happens is when his wife gets
to the
hotel you think she goes and relax you
think she gets spot treatments nope
what does she do she calls the worst dot
in her book she calls the holish
friends in her rolodex in her phone book
it says hey girl i’mma be at the hotel
my husband’s staying home with the kids
all week
come meet me here bring the weed bring
the alcohol etc we gonna have it
it’s gonna be a girl’s weekend
so instead of her relaxing instead of
her putting her hair down instead of her
being wholesome
she goes into pottery at the first
she gets she goes down to the hotel bar
she goes down there with the guys
they’re telling her I can’t believe you
look so good I can’t believe you had
why is your husband letting you out here
she goes out there at the bar
they’re buying her drinks they’re giving
her accolades she’s collecting them
she’s patting herself on the back
and potentially she might be getting her
back blown out
she’s you know potentially trying to get
set up with her horror single friends
all of that stuff
they’re smoking weed doing drugs they’re
partying instead of her relaxing
they’re partying now listen if
that was what you wanted her to do you
could have paid for that you could have
paid hey go to las vegas go to miami
you probably didn’t pay for that as a
man who was trying to get pat’s on the
good job steph take a picture of your
wife i’m getting out of focus a little
take a picture of your wife good job
steph no you were giving her an
opportunity to get some peace and quiet
but what did she turn it into pottery
so when she comes back she’s not talking
about i’m getting out of focus on this
she’s not talking about I got so much
rest and relaxation
I got so much quiet thank you honey nope
she comes back and complains about the
accommodations you made
all right and she comes back and talks
about all the guys
that um was giving her accolades and
she got she’s talking about all the
weeds she didn’t smoke and all the time
she didn’t oh this guy was saying this
to me and he was saying and you’re like
wait a minute hold on
I thought I told you yeah I thought i
set it up for you to have a quiet time
why did you invite this dot
to your hotel room why y’all at the bar
kicking it see
this is what’s happening steph wanted
her to be in this mold
but the opportunity that he gave there
she opened the door to this mold
you see this is the parallel he didn’t
want her to go out there and be a thot
and hang out at the bar
he wanted her to get peace and quiet
steph didn’t want her to be a thought he
wanted her to be a wholesome wife
but she turned it into being a thot now
see that story happened to me
in my marriage okay I traveled a lot for
work I came home
why don’t you go over here and this is
what she turned it into
right listen if that’s what you’re going
to do in your marriage what
women should do in there is say this is
what i’m going to turn it into
be ready but that’s not what they lead
with oh I would never do that
see I would never do anything like that
to you i’m always going to be faithful
for i’m always going to be loyal to you
i’m never going to
see they always lead with that and later
on when it changes
then is because of you you failed
you didn’t work enough I wanted my
and look at the marriage wheel right
here take a look the marriage will we’ll
talk about this
go on the girl look at bait and switch
bait and switch husband works
too much he’s never around wife becomes
this is where uh what you call it is
this is where um alI shakurI is she’s
unhappy in 2019
in 2020 she stopped picturing picturing
the wife starts to want to go to girls
nights out affairs are happening
marriage counselors less sex
no blow jobs she becomes a feminist she
becomes independent et cetera et cetera
many men have got to this point in their
once you get there guys it’s hopeless
you’re hopeless
no amount of masculine frame no allow
amount of
i’m gonna stand up for myself no amount
of any of that is going to help you now
all that’s going to happen is you’re
going to get red pilled
some men don’t get red pill they stay
blue peeled and they try to save the
marriage going here but guys the
marriage is downhill by now
it’s going downhill and who has the
who has the most to lose she has the
he has the most to lose and what you’re
gonna see is that dynamics are going to
completely change
she has the power he doesn’t
he has no power left once the bait and
switch is initiated
done he has no leg to stand on
he can’t come in now and claim masculine
so this is why we tell you guys and most
of us are not alphas
most of us are not the guys that we
would like to be
uh you know now that with this red pill
knowledge and we know we would get
we would fall for this hook line and
sinker once the peace league is online
and i’m trying to tell you guys do what
you do
but understand guys at some point
at some point you’re going to have a
flip in the dynamics where
she has all the power and that’s where
they are right now
that’s the bait and switch and she has
basically initiated it
for on steph curry she’s initiated it
enacted the bait and switch