AOC Said.. A World Without Police Looks Like The Suburbs


I, I don’t have you know, I don’t have a
detail because I don’t want that
outside of my apartment door every day
that doesn’t make me feel safe that
doesn’t make me feel secure you know of
course there are instances when we have
our town halls etc
you know but I don’t I don’t want to
live my life that way
people ask me what does a world where we
defund the police
where you know defunding police looks
like I tell them it looks like a suburb
politically the most important thing
that the world revolves around
is school funding people will uproot
their entire lives
you will see people go nuts for school
funding a lot of wealthy areas
their ptas add millions of dollars to
school operating budgets
so these kids aren’t subject to a school
to prison pipeline when teenagers go
into high school in westchester county
they don’t get patted down they don’t
have to go through metal detectors
and they have school counselors they’ll
be five
six school counselors so of course this
doesn’t happen
um in suburbs I would say this isn’t
of the community it’s reflective of our
hey llc man I swear to god she thinks
she’s smarter than everybody
aoc thinks she’s socrates
she think whatever she says nothing
could go wrong
she knows everything keep in mind
everything she’s advocating for
it’s never worked anywhere I don’t even
think anybody has ever tried this
because it’s like common sense it won’t
it’s like common sense just advocating
for this stuff
but anyway if I was a politician i’m
sitting there thinking i’m working
in the house of representatives like you
know what i’m gonna get rid of all the
cops it’s gonna make everything better
you know what I would say to myself man
that is crazy
that’s insane what does a
court system look without cops I mean if
you’re gonna defund the cops
i’ll say right let’s say you do this you
get from the cops yeah
what the hell you need judges for ain’t
nobody getting arrested
they while you’re there get rid of all
the prisons
ain’t got no judge you ain’t got no cops
ain’t nobody
getting arrested ain’t nobody to watch
the inmates you gotta let them go you
think they just gonna walk around and
take care of each other a court system
with no cops
hell hey you get rid of all of them
yeah you got to get rid of the dmv yeah
you don’t need the dmv no more you need
driver’s license you don’t need
don’t have to worry about that it’s no
more cop that’s the only reason why i
have a driver’s license in registration
because if I get pulled over by the cops
if you don’t have that you’re going to
jail you know what else I even get rid
of my damn auto insurance
that’s just expensive you know what
they’ll see I think this is a good idea
you’re gonna save me all kinds of money
hey lc have you ever thought about the
at your city the revenue they would lose
from fines if you got rid of all the
have you ever thought about that let’s
concentrate on the most important thing
the crime
jiggy think about the crime rate
think about it there’s crimes going
unsolved rapes murders
that’s with the cops so I see what she’s
saying now
i get where she’s coming from yeah it’s
not the criminals it’s not the rapist
it’s not the robbers it’s not the
yeah it’s not the it’s not the criminals
it’s the cops instigating all this
it’s the cops fault aoc you supposed to
be a woman
if you get rid of all the cops who is
that going to affect
the most it’s going to affect women and
children the most vulnerable
people of our society no cops are you
kidding me
yeah y’all don’t believe in the second
amendment just the criminals go out of
your district is going to turn into that
uh that
chad’s top in seattle that’s what
happens when you have no cops
yeah that’s like what happened your
district is going to look like
somalia think about it your district is
going to be
a shithole well it’s already my shit
yeah it does hey you’ll see it’s going
to look like a shithole after
nuclear bomb has been dropped that is
will be a travesty that is a radical
idea to get rid of
cops okay so she’s gonna take the money
that they save from defunding
the police and they’re going to give it
to the schools
i believe in education for our kids yeah
our schools need to be funded better
they do
but not by defunding the cops are you
she’s got this idea that once you give
the schools more money
mm-hmm right the uh the
the kids in the inner cities yeah the
who don’t live in the suburbs now you
fund the schools and now you ain’t got
to go through these pat downs and
metal detectors look alc
the suburbs these kids actually have
yeah majority of them do have two
parents in the household their parents
from a system where they have held
themselves accountable
they’re educated they got married
they’re raising their kids right
in the inner cities a lot of them don’t
even have parents they got a brother
a sister maybe a grandma
you know why cause the mama is a crack
that daddy is locked up for it took off
oh yeah they locked up for selling drugs
or killing somebody look
i grew up with kids they had the same
opportunities I had
yeah black just like me the only
difference is they made
horrible decisions with their life and
they’re all locked up I remember I went
to spend the weekend with one of them
remember yeah he said hey man i’m gonna
order some pizza dominoes that’s all
great I love pizza he said when he get
here we’re gonna be in the bushes well i
said hold up come out the bushes
yeah I said you ain’t got no money when
the cop when they get here we’re gonna
come out the bushes I got this baseball
i’m gonna crack his damn head over you
take the two large pepperoni pizzas
i have one you take the other one I said
you know what
i’m going back home my parents raised me
better than this
aoc kids are not going to people don’t
want to do right you need
law enforcement yeah no cops you know
what i’m doing every weekend
i’m robbing a 7-eleven hell hey hell i’m
gonna go rob a bank
ain’t no cops now they got all the money
in there
look at all that money now i’m going i’m
gonna get me some mama rob the bank
aoc you assuming that everybody is good
heartedness is me or my brother or even
you everybody has that breaking point
we’re all good to an extent
yeah you’ll see there’s such thing as
evil in this world man
yeah you just think you get rid of the
cops everybody’s gonna start holding
themselves accountable
everybody’s gonna start making better
decisions no
no cops i’m gonna make more horrible
because that foundation that mindset is
messed up without
law and order you have anarchy look what
happened in seattle when the cops left
if there’s no law enforcement yeah if
there’s no
law and order yeah you have anarchy and
aoc last time I checked when i’m looking
on tv at these rides
i don’t see a bunch of men in blue
ripping down statues
burning down wendy’s and pulling people
out of that truck beating them up just
because they’re white
i see that from your ordinary citizens
not cops
i see it in your neighborhood from your
constituents but
since when is the cops the bad guy
because there’s
one bad cop all cops are bad
no you need to hold that cop that person
you responsible you don’t hold a whole
demographic or a group of people
yeah just because of one bad apple yeah
y’all y’all preach tolerance and
when y’all don’t even practice that you
judge each person
individually we’re talking about
defunding the cops because of
a few bad cops there’s hundreds of
thousands of cops
in this country having good interactions
with the public each and every day
hundreds of millions of interactions
throughout the year and we got like a
handful of situations
now you want to get rid of aoc this is
the typical mindset of
every liberal every progressive night
eggs I don’t even know why you call
yourself liberal you’re not
you’re leftist you’re crazy you just
something doesn’t work or something goes
wrong in a particular situation
you want to do away with everything yeah
when are y’all going to start banning
seat belts because they always don’t
save your life
yeah you always don’t get the right
medication when you go to the pharmacy
people die that way yeah you assuming
everything has to be perfect
that will never happen look this is why
this election is so important
trump 2020 yeah
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